Film Session: UC Davis

  • 11/24/2018 3:37 pm in

The Aggies swing the ball around the perimeter as Shorts heads back to the right wing. Phinisee moves with him:

The ball comes to Shorts. Garrison again heads to put a screen on Phinisee:

Garrison screens for Shorts on the opposite side this time, and so Morgan again busts through that space. But Shorts decides to go baseline again regardless:

Phinisee hangs with him alright, but with the Aggies spread out, there’s no easy help defense to stop Shorts from getting into the paint:

From there, Shorts seals Phinisee at the rim:

And wraps around to the other side for the bucket:

A little bit of a different attack from the Aggies this time, but the result was the same — a bucket.


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