Film Session: Arkansas

  • 11/20/2018 8:57 am in

Indiana’s second half turnovers were indicative of a team bothered by the Arkansas full-court pressure and one that was just a bit off on the afternoon.

There’s an alley-oop opportunity for Juwan Morgan that sails too far over his head from Al Durham Jr. There’s a near turnover on an inbounds as Fitzner doesn’t come to the ball, followed by a Langford pass that gets picked off and then is followed up by Durham dribbling the ball away for a steal and score by the Razorbacks. A rough sequence from the Hoosiers.

Durham later has Morgan on the right block, but doesn’t use the best technique on the entry pass and it fumbles away out of bounds on Morgan. There’s a frustrating five-second call during a full-court press. Langford then isn’t strong with the ball in the left corner and Gafford swipes it away. Gafford later picks up a steal in Arkansas full-court pressure leading to a score. Two travels in the post — one by Morgan, one by Davis — and an offensive foul on the break by Durham round out the turnovers.

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