Film Session: Arkansas

  • 11/20/2018 8:57 am in

Gafford’s dominance in the second half (19 points, 9-of-10 shooting) got going when he dunks it home on the break off an IU turnover. He later scores in the paint off a Desi Sills drive. Gafford then shows range by hitting a long 2 from the right corner. When he gets an entry pass on the right block, Davis comes to double, but it’s a little too late and doesn’t really impact Gafford. Gafford then receives an inbounds pass on a baseline out of bounds play and the Hoosiers fail to get any body in front of him as he sails to the hoop.

There’s another drive where the Hoosiers fail to stop Mason Jones, Morgan has to show him attention and it allows Gafford an opening for a score. Another double-team try, this one from Fitzner, also comes a bit late and doesn’t really move the needle. Later, no one puts a body on Gafford and he dunks it home on an offensive rebound. Gafford then scores as a roll man and is fouled with under two minutes to go on the break, converting one of two at the line.

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