The Minute After: University of Indianapolis

  • 11/05/2017 5:22 pm in

Thoughts on a 74-53 win over the Greyhounds:

I. After last weekend’s exhibition win against Marian, I noted freshmen Justin Smith’s and Clifton Moore’s continual improvement throughout the season might be key to Indiana establishing some frontcourt depth behind De’Ron Davis.

It still hold true as the freshmen again took their lumps today. Smith’s problems with turnovers continued as he had two in eight minutes of action. Moore was an afterthought in the rotation as he didn’t enter the contest until the final three minutes. But it’s also looking like an improved Freddie McSwain might start the season ahead of them in the rotation to add that needed depth, despite giving up several inches to each player. McSwain was a step behind the game a season ago, but that no longer appears to be the case as he enters his second season in the cream and crimson.

His spring and knack for the ball off the rim make him one to watch for offensive putbacks. Six of his nine rebounds came on the offensive end this afternoon. McSwain also had an athletic dunk in transition and looked very comfortable at the line (4-of-5) on his way to 12 points.

The senior has enough strength to play a little bigger than his size on defense as well.

Right now he just seems to know what he’s doing more than the freshman. And he’s deserving of a healthy dose of rotation minutes as a result.

II. The return of Collin Hartman was fruitful. The Cathedral product finished a perfect 3-of-3 from distance, looking comfortable and confident in his shot after sitting out all of last season due to injury. Hartman also snagged three rebounds in his 15 minutes of action. And he moved the ball on offense like old times.

Hartman doing Hartman things in a leadership role this season is going to be needed. Seeing him ready to go from the moment he stepped into the game was a positive sign, and hopefully something he can build on as he works into game shape.

III.  We are still in the midst of small sample size theater with Archie Miller’s Indiana Hoosiers. But the turnover trends were again pretty dang good. As Alex wrote in last weekend’s Five takeaways, Indiana’s turnover percentage of 13.8 against Marian would have been a season-low in 2016-17. Indiana was even better with the ball this afternoon, turning it over just eight times for a turnover percentage of 12.8.

As noted above, two of those eight turnovers came from an inexperienced Smith, while a third came from McSwain not being ready for a nifty dumpoff from Devonte Green.

Indiana still likes to be advantageous in transition. But so far, this version of the Hoosiers has avoided the head-scratching turnovers of the Crean era and seem to be a bit more deliberate and sound with the ball in the halfcourt.

The fundamentals are better and it’s showing.

IV. Robert Johnson looked better on offense, shooting an efficient 7-of-15 from the field on his way to a team-high 18 points. Josh Newkirk had some good looks, but had trouble converting (3-of-11). De’Ron Davis had some nice moves in the post for buckets on his way to 11 points in 24 minutes. He, along with Juwan Morgan, are also doing a nice job of finding open Indiana shooters on the perimeter when the defense is throwing an extra defender at them.

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  • Justin Beard

    Assist of the day has to go to Clifton Moore.

  • Benhyoung14

    If we average Tom Creans exhibition games gor the last three years and CAMs, what do we get? Its looking like, rather quickly CAM is fixing what CTC couldn’t.

  • Ole Man

    Which one was that?

  • Ole Man

    Ryan, watching on TV, it looked like CM was uncomfortable because he was being asked to play so much with his back to the basket–kinda awkward.
    He has stated that he prefers not to.
    TV doesn’t really show everything, so, what did it look like from court side?
    Really like CM’s potential. Like you I’m not sure how soon he will be “up to speed;” particularly if playing a lot with his back to the basket.
    Your thoughts?

  • StudentHoosier

    Bummed I had to miss this one. Grad school application stuff. Anyone know where I could watch this game?

  • Ms hoosier

    I think it will replay on btn tomorrow night

  • SCHoosier

    Lets just say the NBA draft service that said CM might be a potential draftee after his first season..may have to reconsider their projection. Love this kid’s potential..but that’s all it is right now..potential. Miller will get it out if its there to be gotten (and I think it is). By his own admission CM “wandered around the perimeter” looking for shots in HS. He’ll be fine after a little “welcome to the show maturing.”..and adapting to the role Coach Miller has in mind for him

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Hello Ole Man! Great observation because we couldn’t get the game here. I hope all is well with you and your family.

  • Tommy Morrsion

    How great is it to have IUBB back?! And to see Hartman back on the floor nailing threes?!

    Love watching the identity change this team has undergone under AM. Much better fundamentally and a more reigned in, possession valuing, of basketball being played.

    I’m encouraged with the direction of the team, many good habits being formed and we have an absolute winner in AM. But as I watched the game it is also clear this team has a long way to go. Help defense was lacking with too many straight lines to the basket from Indy dribblers, DD looked gassed at stretches, and old habits die hard with quick threes.

    I love the site and reading all the comments from extremely intelligent iubb fans (so refreshing as I live in Lexington), but it is my opinion there are many homer optimists for the season. It’s just the opinion of this observer that there are too many question marks to be overly optimistic right now.

    I can’t wait to see the improvement of this team over the year and the new identity of iubb.

  • Ole Man

    Excellent post.

  • Tommy Morrsion

    Thank you for bringing a dose of reality lately. I’m pumped for this team and this era of iubb, but I think many fans will end up being disappointed if they are expecting this team to do big things early in the season. I think this team is capable of doing some great things by the Big Ten Tournament, but it will be a long road with some frustrating play.

  • Justin Beard

    Pretty sure he was doubled in the post and made a great pass to Cujo for 3 towards the end.

  • Ole Man

    Thanks. I’ll go back and watch for that.

  • Guyton25

    We’re definitely not playing juvenile basketball anymore; fewer mistakes and more accountability. I can’t wait for Friday when we really kick things off. Before we can blink the Seton Hall game will be here and then we will get a real glimpse into what this season has in store for IUBB.

  • Tommy Morrsion

    At least your self aware!

    Expecting better than 10th this season. I’m definitely a homer in the sense that I think this team will consistently improve over this season. Small sample size but we’ve seen consistent improvement from HH, to Marion, and now with Indy.

  • AndyCapp

    I would like to believe that what happened last year would temper us normally rabid IUBB fans. Now that the season is about to begin it is right to be optimistic, even extremely optimistic (nod to you nick’s) but think we will have some growing pains now through the month of January. Right now I am less concerned about wins-losses than if we are playing good fundamental basketball. We are not there yet but all signs are clearly pointing in that direction, and in only a few months of instruction from AM.

    Great posts TM!

  • bleeding crimson

    This team is going to surprise a lot of folks. CAM is just getting started. He said something like 70/30% Def/Off in practice. And we can already see the results.

    It is said that his style is unique and not easy to put into motion. It will take some time for this team to be a smooth runnng machine but with the right players and time it will work. It will be nice to have a true identity and to be feared to play again.

    I love what CAM said about the game “I’m not sure three or four 3s in a row without ever getting the ball inside or turned a few times to make the defense work is a good thing. And that was frustrating tonight. I thought we would have been better in half-court movement, and we weren’t.”

  • dwdkc

    The draft projection you reference was for after his 2nd season. Still a reach but they are doing that kind of thing on purpose for fun.

  • Ole Man

    Cam Newton was at the game?
    I thought he was in Carolina playing against the Falcons.

  • millzy32

    Could be said about anyone that is 6’10” and plays on the perimeter. They want to be the first to say I told you he’d be like Durant. If they pick ten of these guys and one of them does something then they point back to their article and say that they were right. Forgetting the other 9 that are still behind schedule or average:)

  • millzy32

    In fairness to Crean he had no intention of fixing the turnovers. He saw them as a necessary nuisance if he was going to get the guys playing at the fastest possible level. He was all about speed on offense. Preached it and coached it and lived it. I’ve said this a million times but if he had ever gotten all 5 star talent it would have worked.

  • pbhuff

    While there are still some issues on defense, my sense there will still be significant improvement over the last several years. Now that improvement likely won’t offset the issues on offense at the moment, but it should be enough to eliminate some of the bad losses we have seen in recent years (Ft Wayne, Neb @home, Wake in Maui)

  • Lance76

    I agree that defensive improvement may not compensate. Here’s hoping that Hartman’s return and improvement in Sophomore class may compensate for some of the offense.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    Archie mentioned the defensive lacking in the postgame interview. I expect it to disappear…

  • Vernon Aldrich

    Which is EXACTLY what we want. I for one am damn tired of starting the year with a nationally ranked team that fades at the end of the season. There is no play more “frustrating” than that of a team that isn’t based on sound fundamentals and we have been dealing with that frustration for a long time. The “frustrating play” you describe is the welcome growing pains that we Hoosier faithful have been wanting for several years…

  • Tommy Morrsion

    Totally agree! These are “good” frustrations. I’ll take early season growing pains compared to losing in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament and not playing our best basketball in March.

  • Outoftheloop

    Since when does the IU head coach have to adjust to a freshman player? I am pretty sure that Archie will reward Clifton with playing time when he gets the the Coach’s messages!

  • Outoftheloop

    NOT against Archie with 4 star talent! Archie with some 5 star talent with 4 star talent, will produce a Banner!

  • Outoftheloop

    Me too!

  • CTC always preached bringing the other team to point of ‘fatigue’. Unfortunately the only fatigue seemed to be for IU players who expended all their energy on offense and had nothing in the tank for defense.

  • I agreed with everything that has been said, better defense, fundamentals, pace etc. But what has surprised me just a little, is the play of JM. He has looked good but not as dominate, I think he is very capable, as I though he would early in this season.

  • BKLock

    BIG Network messed up on programming. Thought the IU game was scheduled for tonight at 8EST and 7CST. Set my DVR and it showed that I was recording the IU v Indy game. When I got home tonight it had recorded the Minnesota game. What happened?
    I was hoping to watch the IU game. Very Disappointed.

  • TomJameson

    I know, that really ticked me off as well. What happened … two things could have happened. 1) An error at BTN putting the wrong Student U tape in the IU slot or 2) Student U not getting it done and BTN just putting in something to play.

    I looked and couldn’t find a “replay” of the Student U presentation of the IU game on BTN. Basically, if you don’t have BTN+, it looks like you’re screwed.

  • HoosierOne

    That sucked…..found it, recorded it, and went to watch it only to realize they pulled the bait and switch. BTN…get it together!