The Minute After: Marian University

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Thoughts on a 93-62 win against the Knights:

I. For two years running, Devonte Green’s lit up Hoosier Hysteria. Last year, he followed it up with an uneven rookie campaign, drawing the ire of his former coach for freshman mistakes. It’s early. The regular season has yet to begin. But it’s starting to feel like this year’s going to be decidedly different.

Green was sensational this evening inside Assembly Hall as he pulled out all the stops on offense. The sophomore splashed mid-range jumpers. He knocked down a couple triples (2-of-5). He drove to the rim and finished with strength. Green got his teammates involved too. He found them on the break and in the halfcourt. By night’s end, he tallied seven assists and pumped in 22 points on 9-of-14 shooting in 30 minutes of action.

Green’s super smooth. He’s probably the best pure passer on the team. He’s confident. And new coach Archie Miller seems more than willing to let him run the show, even with Josh Newkirk and Robert Johnson in the fold.

In a year the Hoosiers need somebody to fill the scoring void left by James Blackmon Jr. and Thomas Bryant, Green seems ready to step up to the plate.

II. Indiana began the contest playing from behind and turning the ball over at a 20 percent clip, both reminiscent of a season ago. But the Hoosiers eventually settled down and found better footing on both sides of the ball. It led to some encouraging numbers once the exhibition wrapped. Indiana’s turnover percentage was strong at just 13.8 percent, while the Hoosiers turned the Knights over on 22.8 percent of their possessions. Indiana scored 20 points off of Marian’s turnovers.

Newkirk and Johnson each played 26 minutes and neither had a turnover. Green had just two.

There weren’t many head-scratching plays on defense to speak of, and as Alex noted in At the Buzzer, team technique seems to be improved.

III. Freshmen Justin Smith and Clifton Moore had some nice moments, but each looked out of sorts at times, too. Smith had four of Indiana’s 10 turnovers and also had four personal fouls in just 14 minutes of action. But he also scored nine points including a 5-of-5 performance from the line, using his size to draw fouls and get to the charity stripe.

Moore didn’t enter the game until the 11:05 mark of the second half and had a bad pass for his only turnover of the night. But he made his time worthwhile with the game already pretty much in hand. He snagged five rebounds (a couple coming on his own misses) and pumped in five points. He also had a nice block.

Neither freshman seems mature enough to handle heavy rotation minutes at this juncture. But on a team that’s a bit devoid of size after De’Ron Davis, Indiana’s likely going to need them to keep at it and improve as the season goes along.

IV. We got a Tim Priller bucket. And an assist! Rejoice, people.

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  • Hoosier Hall

    Devonte Green has a lot of Allen Iverson in his game. Really like his development. The freshmen will improve and step up by Big 10 season, I’m confident. This team will be better than current predictions.

  • Speed

    It has begun and we can expect it will take time as the improvement will be gradual. It indeed is an exciting time for Hoosier basketball

  • Doug Wilson

    I stand by my 13-5 B1G prediction

  • bleeding crimson

    If your right, all the pundits, and there is a lot of them floating around, will have to eat a $h!t ton of crow. Bring it.
    What was your non-conf prediction?

  • Excellent article.

    On Smith: I think he’s going to be really good with time. Maybe like a more moderate Troy Williams. Give him a year. He’ll be dunking on people and hitting threes soon enough. I expect great things from him after some seasoning and development. (same for Moore, but we need him for defense and I don’t think it’s there yet…and he seems more offensively minded, which we don’t need from him now).

  • whoa big spender!

    I don’t know what to expect, too many variables and unanswered questions with the new regime. But I also am much more optimistic than the media chattering class on IU’s season. Maybe not so bullish as you, but they should be a tournament team.

  • “The pundits don’t mind eating crow as long as they all do it together.”

    Very true. Being an outlier who misses the mark can cost one his/her job. Conformists gotta conform!

  • Oldguyy

    I thought the help-and-recover was far better than last year, but the rotations on defense were frequently still too sluggish. Concerned about the front court play, particularly given their size advantage. But I’m confident Archie will know how to tune this team up.

  • TomJameson

    I’m not going to guess at our final record, but this one exhibition showed us some good and, not so good. Exactly what it is supposed to do. At least there will finally be some film to work off of, and some real game experience to maybe smooth some jitters.

    Devonte was by far the player of the game. Everybody else did okay but had some glaring “correction points” to focus on.
    Really enjoyed watching some IU basketball again.

  • Larry Brown

    DG is another fantastic Crean find . Wasn’t even a top 100 recruit. Looks like one of B10’s top guards to me .

  • PBzeer

    While I saw a lot of encouraging possibilities last night, what I didn’t see were any certainties.

    I think it will take both Rob and Juwan a few games to figure out how
    their roles in the offense mesh with their leadership roles.

    I think the offense will look better once Collin is playing. He just seems to have that effect.

    It was nice seeing that hallmark of olden days, more made FT’s than the
    other team attempted. Also nice to see us win the points off of TO’s

    Unless Rob has lost his 3pt stroke and Collin doesn’t get his back, I’m not worried about our outside shooting.

    As I said earlier, I’m not ramping up my optimism, but I do feel my expectations have more certain footing.

  • SCHoosier

    Re: Green..I think Coach was on target when he said that Green is more effective (in all areas) when he doesn’t think about scoring first. Hoosiers will need improvements in getting the ball to DD and JM..even Marian’s coach opined that IU didn’t hurt them down low. Most comments on defense pointed to improved play.. Only ten TO’s in an exhibition opener is darn good.

  • VOXAC30

    Who misses those acrobatic slams dunks by TW! I am very happy for TW living his dream @clyde_escope:disqus thanks for bringing up Troy.

    I was volunteered to help my brother-in-law out (i’m still a little salty) and could not watch the game. Is there going to be a replay BIG network?

  • Mark Bando

    Not to toot my own horn, but i said on this forum last week that Green will be our best player this year. Love seeing lower turnovers and better defense right from the start. We have 7 guys capable of scoring in double digits on any given night. Exciting.

  • IU Cal 1809

    Tuesday morning 7am or 8am I think.

  • Dialogos68

    With DDs foul issues last season and our lack of depth in the post, I’ve assumed that this might be Priller’s season to finally make a contribution. So far, Miller doesn’t seem to agree… Moore, like so many bigs these days, is not as interested in playing in the post. So when DD gets in foul trouble this year, where will we turn?

  • Dialogos68

    To play it conservative after a major injury, I can see Miller using the versatile Hartman as pure shooter this season. Kind of like a bigger SF version of Steve Alford…

  • TomJameson

    I shouldn’t have said “glaring” because it sounds like a real problem. I just think they were, as a team, out of sync. RJ and JM (to me) were a little more so than the rest. DG was a little less so than the rest.

    As far as JN, he actually had the best +factor of them all (he was a +27). He was very efficient scoring, and had zero turnovers. I would like to have seen him get more assists (he had 1), although he did get the ball to shooters, but they didn’t score (shot and missed), so no assist. So, while I would say he needs to get more assists, that’s really saying that the others need to start hitting their shots too! lol But I’d like to see him get to the basket more as well, and draw fouls at the same time.

    I definitely don’t want to see him clunk a free-throw off of the front of the rim again.

  • TomJameson

    I used to drink scotch (whisky, tequila, etc…) and I understand about the time-warp part. lol

    I knew glaring was the wrong word when I wrote it, just in a hurry I guess.

  • John D Murphy

    CM doesn’t have to interested in the post to defend it. Fact of the matter is there are only a hand full of post players in the B1G that JM or FM or CH just can’t defend. I just don’t know who these amazing offensive centers are in the B1G everyone is so worried about. IMO the list begins and ends with Happ.

  • John D Murphy

    I think I was a ithin a game of that. I am so much more bullish on this team than most people. Nice to have a fellow believer. I’ve also posted that I think we’ll be very close to Duke and have a reasonable chance at winning

  • PBzeer

    That would be an almost complete waste of what Collin does best, and as we saw last season without him, what it adds to the on court product.

  • Supposedly there will be. See the latest article, I think somebody mentioned a date/time. Also, the game was on BTNPlus, which isn’t on regular tv/cable. If you paid for that, you can watch it anytime online, along with HH and the upcoming few games. It’s like $10 total, or about $2/event. Well worth it, in my opinion. Especially for those eager for the season to start.

  • VOXAC30

    Thank you I really appreciate it!