• IUBizmark

    After what went down at Louisville with the recruiting and the strippers, how could you ever send your son there? Even for a visit?

  • inLinE6

    Somehow they still manage to secure commitment. Bizarrest ever.

  • Man, I know it’s unrealistic and we’re going to be feeling some disappointment that Archie wasn’t hired a few years earlier (just for this reason), but: Romeo and Garland would make for a nice 1-2 punch in 2018. I know Romeo’s only going to play for a year, but he’ll be a competitor for that one season. And I don’t know if Garland’s a 2-year guy or what. But these are two players I’d love to see Archie pull in. No pressure, though, because again, he’s in the game very late.

  • “Yes, that assistant was doing some bad things. But he’s gone, and we’ve put in place some very strict rules to make sure it never happens again. Your son is safer at Louisville than he is at any other school right now because we’re so aware of what can go wrong. So trust us.”

  • Missing Moye

    Those two would be great for the scholarship balance as well, since they very likely would only take 1 year and would allow a larger 2019 class.

  • IUBizmark

    Yea, what a joke. I’d never let my kids near that place.

  • I’d like to think that the kids with better characters would avoid going there. Otherwise, honestly, I just can’t imagine what’s the attraction. Other programs have good coaches, a history of success, good professional prospects, etc. Even setting aside IU while Archie proves himself a bit and gets in a groove, there are other schools that don’t have this patina of nastiness hanging over them.

  • Agreed. I’ll admit that I’ll feel some pangs of disappointment if either or both of them announce for somewhere else. Hopefully not Duke or UK (or UL!) if it’s not IU. Anybody but them.

  • John D Murphy

    247sports has Duke, UL, UK, and IU as the only 4 for Romeo. They list IU with a 10% chance.

  • John D Murphy

    Right. I mean if you are after strippers and hookers, why have that happen in a dorm room when you could go to the University of Miami and get the strippers and hookers on a yacht. Now that is high class vs low rent.

  • Maybe UL will drop and IU will rise. I’d love to think so. Romeo seems like a high-character kid, this UL stuff has to have an impact.

  • Arch Puddington

    Happily, they have Louisville in the lead with a 50% chance. With UL now under sanction and IU with a new coach, there is at least a chance that things will shake up.

    Less happily, Darius Garland is listed at 92% Duke, 8% Vanderbilt (huh?). Their list is ostensibly updated as of 7/1, but as with Langford, the situation has perhaps changed more than they can yet account for.

    And then again maybe not. I am, as the cliche goes, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst (at least for 2018).

  • N71

    There are 10 predictions so far, the last 4 in May and all for Louisville. This latest news has got to shake things up a little, layer in IU being about a 2 hour drive away with a new, hotter than a firecracker young coach and remodeled AH and man, I’d think IU would be pretty appealing and well over a “10% change”. My wild a$$ guess as of today, Duke 30%, IU 30%, UL 20%, and UK 10%. Duke maintains and we benefit at the expense of a 64 year old, hooker loving coach that no longer has the energy to monitor a large program.

  • IUBizmark

    Duke is the safe bet/mainstay for Langford. I think he’d prefer to stay closer to home, which was the appeal of UL. UK being the primary backup. Now though, I think IU has a better chance, but I still think he’ll head east to Duke. It’s so safe. Unless he’s really passionate about IU, which I believe he grew up a UL fan, I don’t see him coming here.

    Garland is a guy I’d love to have more than anything and I think we have a better chance with. Not expecting anything, but that would be a great win.

  • John D Murphy

    I grew up in New Albany and the folks back home tell me his mom held him out of a game because she wasn’t pleased with the quality of an assignment due the next day so he could improve it. As we used to say “he was raised right”.

  • Don’t worry, Romeo will be a Hoosier. Count on it.

  • Love the confidence, for sure.

  • That would seem to argue against UL then. Man, this whole process is going to get nerve-wracking at a certain point.

  • John Mathias

    Hes going to Duke for the millionth time. When will you guys listen to people that know

  • John Mathias

    Hes going to Duke so calm down

  • John Mathias

    IU had numerous players get busted for weed and arrested for underage drinkin over the last 5 years. How could you send them to IU?

  • John Mathias

    Im sure you wont have to worry about that

  • John Mathias

    Probably because it happens at every school but for some reason IU fans like to pretend that it doesn’t happen at our school. Once we get rid of fans that live in the clouds that 1. IU is still a powerhouse and 2. That IU doesn’t commit any violations then MAYBE we can move forward as a program. Until then we are Notre Dame football

  • After Sampson, when did IU commit violations? Some players got busted and IU kicked them off. What are the IU violations you speak of?

  • marcusgresham

    You keep saying that like you know something. Do you, or are you just acting like you do?
    I don’t have great inside information but I have heard indications that he would like to be close enough to home that his parents can see him play, which would seem to eliminate Duke.
    The thing that worries me the most is that he’s spending his summer on this U-19 team with Calipari coaching him.

  • marcusgresham

    How? Well, somewhere there’s a LaVar Ball-live-through-your-kids type of dude who is thinking “if they want my son they’re going to have to provide us both with some booty!”

  • IU track Alumni

    I was at the Nike hoop summit this year and seen Dort. He looked like a running back out there. I know our current list people are overlooking him but trust me he will be match-up nightmare at the college level and probably a 4 year guy. The only knock I could notice while watching is his motor which can de fixed with the right coach but again it was an all star game.

  • VOXAC30

    OMG… IU got busted for phone calls which is a far distance from getting a minor a bj so he will commit. I have always liked U of L and in my view Patino should resign and for him to expect us to believe he had no clue is classless!