Film Session: Ohio State

  • 03/05/2017 7:23 am in

After surrendering a 14-point halftime lead and trailing the Buckeyes at 62-61 with under 10 minutes to go in the second half, Indiana seized back control in a big way thanks to strong play from Zach McRoberts, Robert Johnson, James Blackmon Jr. and Juwan Morgan.

We’ll take a look at McRoberts’ hustle and Morgan’s offensive dominance during a 15-5 run that helped propel the Hoosiers to victory in the latest edition of Film Session:

Trailing for the first and only time of the contest, Josh Newkirk makes a move off the perimeter to the basket on C.J. Jackson:

Trevor Thompson brings help defense at the hoop and his length makes sure the shot doesn’t drop:

It looks as if Jae’Sean Tate is going to grab the rebound for an Ohio State possession. But McRoberts has other ideas:

Tate doesn’t firmly secure the ball and McRoberts gets a hand on it to knock it loose:

The ball is now up for grabs and Newkirk has a beat on it:

He gains possession and swings it to Johnson on the right wing. Blackmon Jr. is moving down to the right corner as Thompson begins to close out on Johnson:

On the close out, Johnson swings it down to the corner:

Blackmon Jr. drops in the 3-pointer as the Hoosiers regain the lead:

Huge play from McRoberts to help Indiana retain possession for the eventual 3-pointer from Blackmon Jr.

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  • Fifer39

    Another key factor for digging out the victory over those last 10 minutes (courtesy of Andy Bottoms on the Assembly Call)? Only 2 line-ups and 6 players used over the final 10:26 with JN, JBJ, JM and RJ playing the entire time. Sometimes coaching is about not making adjustments!

  • Lance76

    Morgan looks healthy. He plays smart and has potential for being a leader going forward.

  • TomJameson

    Hahaha … thinking about it, this might be the first time that all the players are in pretty good health. They all moved pretty well and shoed (for the most part) plenty of energy.

  • TomJameson

    Clip 1 – Zach closing out for the possible rebound on that JBJ shot. Young man brings a lot of hustle to the game, for sure.
    Clip 2 – Great set play out of a time out. Just saying.
    Clip 3 – Offense set up by good defense.
    Clip 4 – Don’t see enough of this version of Juwan Morgan. I think this is the first time he’s played healthy for quite a while.

  • IULore

    Morgan actually uses his body to draw fouls, TB and our guards should take note.

  • Injuries have been the story since OG hurt his ankle against UNC. Not the entire story, as we’ve all discussed to death, but it definitely lowered this team’s ceiling.