Film Session: Michigan

  • 01/28/2017 11:06 am in

In the second half, the Hoosiers try a rarely used trap:

But as the Wolverines get the ball across the timeline on the right side of the court, Indiana’s defense is a mess. Both Irvin and Abdur-Rahkman are left unchecked on the weak side:

The ball is swung and now Blackmon Jr. and Newkirk are giving chase to Abdur-Rahkman:

He passes it back up top and now the Hoosiers are still trying to figure stuff out. Newkirk is back off Abdur-Rahkman and guarding the middle. Thomas Bryant is pointing to the right side. Blackmon Jr. is down in the left corner. All of a sudden, Abdur-Rahkman goes from being double-teamed to being open again:

So the pass comes back to him as Newkirk is left with no one:

He rises and hits with no Hoosier in front of him:

In a game filled with poor defense, this was one of Indiana’s worst possessions. It’s clear the Hoosiers were out of sorts — was this supposed to be a zone? — after the full-court defense.


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