• bphoosier

    Good to hear Buckley say that Juwan is a “game time decision”, hopefully that indicates there were no broken bones and/or any long term injury.

  • BannerOrBust

    This is a must win game to get back on track. If JM can’t play, let’s hope DD gets more time on the court, as well as DG and CUJO. Cautiously Optimistic Hoosier fan!

  • Pianoroark

    Gotta love Coach Buckley. Clear, articulate, efficient speaker.

  • SCHoosier

    Exacly..no great flattering of the opponent or fan fare..just an honest assessment of how he sees things. Just wish the Hoosiers could do all the things TB mentioned need to be done against PSU. My fear is another slow start..and bad shooting night. It would not be easy to have to climb back into the game against these guys on road. Much more basic talent ont his PSU team..but they are young and do make mistakes. Have to take advantage of that.