Film Session: North Carolina

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Indiana’s 76-67 win over North Carolina on Wednesday night was highlighted by strong play on both sides of the ball from the Hoosiers.

We’ll take a look at a range of key plays from IU in the latest edition of Film Session:

On Indiana’s second possession of the game, the Hoosiers go into a little weave action out of the corner. OG Anunoby comes out of the right corner and gets the ball from Robert Johnson:


Anunoby takes the ball through the right wing as James Blackmon Jr. comes through off the left wing:


Blackmon Jr. sees space and begins a downhill drive to the rim:


Justin Jackson leaves Johnson to help on Blackmon Jr.’s drive. Johnson sets up on the right wing and Blackmon Jr. finds him with the pass:


Johnson knocks down the 3-pointer to put Indiana up 5-0:


In its previous two outings, Indiana had struggled to get quality looks from distance due to lack of ball movement and not enough dribble penetration. This early possession from the Hoosiers on Wednesday night was a good sign the offense had returned to form and Indiana was ready to rock against the Tar Heels.


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  • INexpat2001

    Can’t say enough how much I appreciate the ITH Film Session. Great work Ryan.

  • mars5123

    The video ads in the middle of the film session articles are really distracting and annoying. They screw with the pictures and videos loading and play sound on every page and makes reading my favorite pieces on this site a huge pain. I don’t use adblock on this site since I like your content so much, but if the ads start to interfere with the content I’m going to start using it. This has been a gripe with me for awhile but it just pushed me over the edge, I know you have to make money and ads=money but the ones on the side and at the bottom of articles do not interfere with enjoying the content; the ones directly below the banner and inside the articles do.

  • Great job as usual, ITH!

    Dickie V is a bother, but every now and then he makes an intelligent comment. This time, he pointed out how much confidence CTC must have in DD to have him on the floor this late in what was a close game at that point against that kind of opponent, and so early in the season. And it’s true–CTC is doing a great job of mixing in the new players and getting them quality time in tough games. CuJo against KU, DD against UNC are two great examples. That’ll pay dividends in March.

  • What specifically are you seeing that “screw with the picture and video loading and play sound on every page.”?

    None of the video ads play sound unless a user engages with them, which basically means, unless you hover over the ad, it doesn’t play sound.

    Can you please describe, in more detail, what specifically is occurring? Thanks.

  • sarge

    Great observation, I thought the same thing watching the video.

  • Fifer39

    Aw, do I have to watch that OG dunk AGAIN? Oh, go on then…


    Dude, did anyone hear that pregame on the radio with Don Fischer interviewing CTC???.. DF asked CTC about how long CTC thought OG would be out, and I swear CTC SAID: “HE WANTS TO PLAY THIS WEEKEND”… I’m guessing he’s talking about playing on Sunday. I’m NOT making this up! CTC sounded serious as ever. From what I just heard, I don’t think it’s as serious as we thought! I’m telling you right now, I just heard it again! OG plans to be back WITHIN A COUPLE GAMES!!!!

  • The commentators said in the game tonight that it’s expected to be a short absence. So, it’s definitely looking more positive–fingers crossed!

  • mars5123

    Thanks for responding to this. I meant that the pictures and videos have been loading slower with the ads within the text. Also that when the video ads load they do not load immediately; when they do load it makes the images and text jump around, making it hard to read. This is especially annoying in “Film Session” since im following a series of images and the ads will bump the image I’m looking at forward or backward when they load. Also the ad will play if any part of it is on the screen, even if it’s only a few lines of pixels. This means I end up toggling the mute button on my laptop so that I can listen during the videos, but not to the ads. Again thank you for responding.

  • Austin Alexander

    Oh nooooooo, not OG Wan-Kenobi…. 😛

  • Thanks for the feedback. What browser (and version) and operating system?