Indiana picked to finish sixth in Big Ten by Lindy’s Sports

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We recently shared preseason projections from the Athlon Sports college basketball preview, which was bullish on Indiana for the 2016-2017.

The second preseason college magazine preview magazine out this fall, published by Lindy’s Sports, is not as high on the Hoosiers. (Last year, Lindy’s ranked Indiana No. 4 in the preseason.)

Here are some notes on Indiana and the Big Ten at-large from the annual publication.

· Lindy’s ranks the top 25 players at all five positions nationally and two IU players are featured. James Blackmon Jr. is ranked the third best shooting guard and Thomas Bryant is the nation’s No. 2 center.

· In terms of frontcourts nationally, Indiana is ranked the eighth best behind Duke, Wisconsin, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, Purdue and Kansas.

· Lindy’s ranks its top 40 teams nationally and Indiana is the lowest ranked of the six Big Ten teams mentioned. Wisconsin is No. 6, Michigan State is No. 11, Purdue is No. 12, Ohio State is No. 29, Maryland is No. 37 and Indiana is No. 38.

· Here’s the brief blurb explaining IU’s national ranking: “There’s talent on hand, but good luck replacing Yogi.”

· The publication predicts the order of finish in the Big Ten as follows: Wisconsin, Michigan State, Purdue, Ohio State, Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Northwestern, Iowa, Penn State, Nebraska, Minnesota and Rutgers.

· On its preseason all-conference team, both Blackmon Jr. and Bryant are first team. The other first team members are Maryland’s Melo Trimble, Iowa’s Peter Jok and Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes.

· De’Ron Davis is regarded as the best incoming rebounder and the league’s best “signing coup.” Grant Gelon and Curtis Jones are mentioned in the recruiting/newcomers section as the best incoming shooters.

· 2016 NCAA tournament predictions for Big Ten teams are as follows: Wisconsin (Elite Eight), Michigan State (Sweet Sixteen), Purdue (Sweet Sixteen), Ohio State (Round of 32), Maryland (Round of 32) and Indiana (one and done).

· Indiana’s incoming recruiting class is regarded as the 13th best nationally.

· The Big Ten is ranked as the third best conference in the country behind the ACC and Pac 12.

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  • sdpolley


    None of this makes sense to me

    Good luck replacing yogi with two guys we have on our first team all conference list

    Behind Ohio at who is at 29


  • Chi-Town Hoosier


  • Oldguyy

    They apparently didn’t learn anything from their low ranking of I.U. last year. Typical of scribblers.

  • Ole Man

    Can’t really take seriously anyone who rates the PAC 12 as the second best conference in anything.

  • Zach

    I think I’m even more baffled by them saying the Pac 12 is the second best conference and having Ohio State finishing 4th than us finishing 6th. All three predictions are laughable though, don’t get me wrong.

    Seriously have no idea what they’re trying to say here. If TB plays like the nation’s second best center and JBJ plays like the nation’s third best shooting guard, I think the only way we finish 6th is if those are the only two players on the court for us. Makes zero sense.

  • IU track Alumni

    This is pure comedy! Ohio State? One and done? 6th place? I literally laughed out loud in the middle of my office.

  • I only posted this for one reason: Ole Man’s reaction.

  • Gregory Spera

    SIXTH?!? **** Lindy’s Sports.

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    Team played better without JBJ last season.. can he complete entire season?? Also lots of hype and pressure placed on OG.. and CTC is still CTC… 6th place maybe about right.

  • dwdkc

    Picking IU 4th last year was ridiculous; not even the most extreme homers here would go along with that. I think Lindy’s topped themselves this time around. IU 6th in the Big and 38th in the country? OSU 4th? OSU??? The Pac 12? Okie Dokie

  • IULaw10

    Lindy’s can rank IU wherever it wants, but this info is so self-contradictory!

    Lindy’s 38th best team and 6th place Big Ten team has TWO players on its First Team All B1G? Ooookay.

    In a year in which MSU brings in a once-in-a-generation recruiting class full of 5 stars, De’Ron Davis is the league’s best signing coup? Whuuuhh?

    The PAC12 is the 2nd best conference? Of what? Basketball? Maannnnnn. C’mon, Lindy’s.

    On another note, not sure either Athlon or Lindy’s glossies mean much anymore. Go into your local CVS, Walgreen’s, etc. and try to find a college football preview or college basketball preview. I tried recently and couldn’t.

    Print is dead. Guess we’re not missing much insight.

  • Michael Shawn Bryant

    Can’t wait to prove the “educated guessers” wrong… A lot of I.U.’s success last year had a lot to do with players going above and beyond… O.G., Bryant, Hartman, Johnson… the TEAM UNDER CREAN! Yogi can’t be replaced. We got a transfer in Newkirk that lit us up in his only game in our house with Pitt. He isn’t Yogi and doesn’t want to be IMO. He’s a smart player that can shoot and run the offense. That’s what we have and we need to embrace Johnson and Newkirk at the point. Its not about replacing; it’s about moving forward with this team and growing!

  • sarge

    Is this real? This is trolling at its finest, right? Huh.

  • Michael McColly

    Yeah, wow. Really questionable reporting.

  • SCHoosier

    There goes Lindy’s credibility! I’ll take a $100 wager with their editor that IU finishes better than 6th.

  • banarish

    Impressive! Maybe next year Lindy the Typing Monkey will be trained in math, too!

  • Banner6

    Lindy’s and Athlon have always been a joke! They have pretty pictures for those that read picture books, but offer little value to those of us with an IQ greater than our shoe size.

  • FKIM01

    Those are some of the dumbest predictions I’ve read in a long time. If I were the IU staff, I’d make sure the team got a good gander at that display of disrespect.

    Lindys must be staffed with a bunch of Purdue grads.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    No wonder hardly anyone buys these magazines.

  • And that sounds just about perfectly correct.

  • Methinks TB isn’t going to be very impressed with this prediction.

  • sdpolley

    Am I wrong that this is all a** backwards

  • I am Baby Cakes

    They have to be expecting big years from Arizona, Oregon and UCLA along with a drop off from the Big 12. So I can see where they say the Pac-12 as the 2nd best. ACC should be first by a long shot but very top heavy. The Big Ten will be sort of in the middle. Strong top, weak bottom and a middle that could go anywhere. No reason to go full homer because of some predictions. They are just predictions. How about actually trying to get out of your box and looking around at the talent and teams around the nation.

  • IUBizmark

    Did…did they just imply that we’ll be in the play in game?

    “2016 NCAA tournament predictions for Big Ten teams are as follows: Wisconsin (Elite Eight), Michigan State (Sweet Sixteen), Purdue (Sweet Sixteen), Ohio State (Round of 32), Maryland (Round of 32) and Indiana (one and done).”

  • That’s one way for a moribund magazine thing to get attention for itself. Overt idiocy seems like all the rage in 2016.

  • Published in Alabama. Literally.

  • Bruce Clark

    Admit to not being fully versed in all other teams’ personnel, but I don’t see this projection as realistic. We have a very strong duo up front in Bryant and Davis. We are deep at the 3/4, with OG, Hartman, Morgan and McSwain. (People forget that Morgan was ranked higher than OG coming out of college: this year we have a 4-star player with a year of college experience. I think Morgan is going to be a stud!)

    I look at Blackmon, Johnson, Newkirk, Green and Jones and can’t imagine many other teams being as deep with quality guards – and they are big and strong. Blackmon was averaging a bit over 15 pts/game before his injury, so I imagine he will add a few points to that and expect strong D from him.

    I love the paper makeup of this team: TC has many lineup options and, with Bryant being the vocal leader and Johnson/Newkirk the floor generals, I expect great things from this team.

  • RDD#76

    I agree what team finishes sixth and has two players on the first team All Big Ten? unless the other 3 starters are Coppock, Spera and Mr. Escape!!

  • Old_Time_Hoosier

    Hey, we got Hillary and Donald. We must like idiocy.

  • Vernon Aldrich


  • sarge

    Haha, you work for Lindy right?

  • Bill Graham

    Ya 6th makes sense. Two likely NBA lottery picks a guard that averages 16 points a game, two top 50 freshman, and two transfers, and nearly 7 returning rotation players….ya 6th makes sense.

  • TomJameson

    JBJ injury was NOT why IU started playing better last year. May have been a catalyst, but not the cause. That is a long dead and fully beaten horse. No mention of OG, so really not a factor in these predictions at all. I’m pretty glad OG wasn’t mentioned because I don’t like all the hype surrounding him in the preseason … but again, he’s not mentioned so he is not a factor in their placing us 6th in the B1G, 38th in the nation, and a one-and-done in the big dance.

    Total and complete BS!! lol

  • TomJameson

    Clyde, you and IULaw10 are both right about this. Print media really is going by the wayside, and they have to get “creative” to expand or keep their subscriber base. That translates to stories that are mainly “click-bait” that to me, is just a little shy of all the other “rags” that practice sensationalism journalism (Journalism being the word that really doesn’t belong). They don’t care about reality, they just want people to buy their rag-mag.

  • N71

    I stopped reading Lindy’s Sports when the internet was invented by Al Gore.

  • IUJeff

    Definitely a slap at our coach if nothing else.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    And ranked 38th? Give me a break. I had a lengthy discussion with a couple of buddies who graduated from MSU and Michigan, and after all joking and such, we all agreed that MSU, IU, Wisconsin would likely be the 3 teams in the mix for the B1G Champs. We agreed that if Spike is healthy, Purdue had a shot at it. We didn’t talk about OSU, but we universally can’t stand OSU so why would we?

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Alex, what did Lindy’s pick IU to finish last year? I’m guessing not 1st.

  • TomJameson

    Not Alex, but the story says 4th in B1G

  • IUJeff

    Tom, Tom, Tom.
    There is a very direct correlation between the two. So he is right, you are wrong. We were so much better defensively after JBJ was out, it is not debatable. You are correct in that there is no need to debate this further though. .

  • IUJeff

    Agree. And if we don’t someone will be on the hot seat again this year.

  • sarge

    In Greenbo? That’s in the county of Greenbo.

  • I am Baby Cakes

    I’m just not a big baby and can actually look at things from different perspectives. You should try it some time.

  • TomJameson

    I think I am right and YOU are wrong. If you agree the debate should expire, why did you even respond to a comment that wasn’t even made to you??

  • Fourth in the country last year was IU’s preseason ranking by Lindy’s.

  • sarge

    Ha! What about the Pac-12 makes them the second best conference, in anything? Those three teams you listed are the best the Pac-12 has without a doubt. Arizona lost in the first round of the tournament, UCLA didn’t even make the tournament. Oregon made it to the elite eight, but it was in the West bracket, so that doesn’t really say much. I am having a very hard time making any sense out of what they are projecting, and based off of the rest of the comments, so are everyone else. It has little to do with being upset at where they rank us, or seeing things from other perspectives. It just makes no sense. It is clearly not published by basketball fans or anyone with much sense. I love how you load your comment with “homer” and insinuate that the people on this thread don’t know about other teams around the country and their rosters. You aren’t pro-IU, I get it. But you look as stupid as these predictions if you think any of their material was worth while.

  • sarge

    Do they pick team names out of a hat for these predictions Alex?

  • pcantidote

    I get that we might be underestimating the impact of losing Yogi, but look at what all of the other teams they are putting ahead of lost, except Wisconsin. Michigan St. and Maryland’s rosters were wiped out (and don’t bother me with unproven freshmen). Purdue lost Hammons. Ohio State ahead of us? LOL.

    The really funny thing is that our great unknown going into this year in my mind is JBJ. If you think he is a top 3 shooting guard in the country, then in my mind we are a top 10 team nationally.

  • pcantidote

    I think you must have accidentally picked up the 2013-14 issue Alex.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    6th in the BIG? Ha i needed a good laugh today!!