Indiana ranked preseason No. 4 by Lindy’s Sports

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We’re still a few weeks away from the arrival of many of the preseason college basketball magazines.

But┬áLindy’s Sports has released regional covers for its annual college basketball preview magazine, which displays its preseason top 10 teams.

Indiana was ranked No. 14 in’s most recent preseason top 25, but comes in at No. 4 in the Lindy’s Sports preview.

The complete top 10 is as follows:

1. Maryland
2. North Carolina
3. Kentucky
4. Indiana
5. Virginia
6. Kansas
7. Wichita State
8. Villanova
9. Duke
10. Iowa State

Indiana’s Yogi Ferrell is also featured on one of the regional covers along with Butler’s Kellen Dunham and Purdue’s A.J. Hammons.


Once the yearbook officially hits newsstands, we’ll have another post with some Big Ten and IU-centric notes.

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  • SilentBob

    They’re poor statistics and our eyes only remember certain events. If we don’t like something then our eyes will look for things to confirm our previously held opinions.I by no means think Yogi is a good defender but he is a heck of lot better than you are saying.


    And stats and game film back my view up. He was the worst defender on a terrible defensive team.

  • SilentBob

    And both are dependent on minutes played. Of course Z is a piss poor defender. Every time he is on the court they go right at him. But when you play as many minutes as Yogi does on a bad defensive team then he is going to post bad in the category. Especially since a lot of the time Z was on the court they were going 4 guards deep


    That’s no excuse for Yogi. Every player he guarded might as well been Moses cause he just let them pass. I’d rather him be Gandalf.

  • SilentBob

    No no he wasnt. Nick, James, Max, were in a totally different league of bad defenders on ball. And everyone not named Collin or Emmitt were light years worse off ball

  • SilentBob

    Your right it is based off minutes. And when you play more minutes you play in both the best and worst defensive units. He was also tasked with the insane task of guarding big men sometimes.


    Everyone on the team had to guard big men. Stan had to more than Yogi and had better numbers. The 100 possessions isn’t about minutes. That’s possessions.

  • SilentBob

    No. He tried to take away the jumper, and due to his short limbs and poor help defense it often resulted in points at the bucket

  • SilentBob

    Which is directly correlated to minutes. And no Yogi was primarily used for this. Stan got 11 minutes a game. But comparing Yogi to Stan should happen as Dtan was our only defender worth much


    That’s being a… poor defender.

  • SilentBob

    That’s being someone who was tasked to stay at the hip of the teams best offensive guard and then had a very very poor defender behind him


    Yogi is the first line of defense. He was awful. Which then makes everyone else awful. Plus he is a poor leader as it is.


    It’s major denial to not think he was a terrible defender. Everyone in the team was terrible. He was just the worst.

  • SilentBob

    No he was often not guarding the point guard. And a last line of defense makes the front line better not the other way around. For example Chris Paul has always been a good defensive player, but didn’t start getting universal acclaim as the best PG defender until he had Jordan in behind him.

  • SilentBob

    That’s just obnoxious to think.

  • SilentBob

    But btw Yogi was 2 in defensive win charges last year and 4th in ’12-’13. His individual defensive rating was much higher those two years. It was still one of the worst amongst the heavy rotation players on those teams. But that’s also because yes steals, blocks, and defensive rebounds are factored in to both statistics. And rating assumes all players are equal in forcing misses and non steal turnovers. Which leads to bigger men having higher defensive ratings as it’s harder to force a miss with a good big man on the floor. Which we never had period, but Yogi had to play the most minutes without Hanner. And one has to wonder whether playing seven more minutes a game than the second leading minutes getter in conference play has a significant impact upon ones legs and therefore defense. My guess would be yes

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    Wichita State is considered top ten in about every poll and I thought we were as good as them last year but now we strengthened our biggest weakness and lost no one. We will get pushed around by a few big teams like Purdue but we will definitely beat teams that they will lose to. We shouldn’t be ahead of duke and Virginia though.


    Well… everyone back from a team that wasn’t even Top 35 last year.

  • oldiugymnast

    They are not allowed to do that per NCAA rules right now.

  • ScoopGeoff

    Why not ahead of Duke? Pretty sure they lost their 4 best players… actually 5 if you count the transfer of Sulaimon.

  • Bon

    How does Kentucky lose their whole team, and end up ranked third?

  • Bon

    I understand that. They really were missing an inside presence. Having one, plus I believe Troy williams will make another huge jump this year.



  • Senor

    “This is your team”….N Dale

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Yogi, to me, is an average defender. He’s had a few inspired moments, no doubt, but many minutes of below average defensive effort too. And I think the evidence is overwhelming that he is average. I cited a number of examples here on ITH last year during the film sessions. Last year’s team was poor defensively as we know. And JBJ and RJ were really poor. If yogi is so good defensively, teams would avoid him when running their offense. But I didn’t see much of that last year. Did you?

    If yogi is going to have any chance to play in the NBA he’ll need to improve his game quite a bit. Here are some defensive aspects of his game that I’m interested in watching for this coming year.

    1. Does he reliably block out?
    2. Does he stay in defensive position, ready to defend?
    3. Does he shuffle his legs or cross his legs when defending?
    4. Does he play help defense?
    5. Does he actively use his arms, or are they down at his side?
    6. Does he get back on defense or trail the play?
    7. Can he get over the top of a pick to avoid switching on a pick and roll (to avoid having to switch to a big man)?
    8. Does he defend while keeping both the ball and his man in his eyesight?

    It will be fun to watch.

  • Bill Graham

    So no article to really comment on…but I’ll slip this in: we have an in-home scheduled with Leaf…

  • Barancy Peloma

    Coaching can play a part no doubt but, in iu’s case, clappy is a negative factor.

  • Eljay

    So instead being ranked #4 in this poll (with CTC being a “negative factor”), what would they be ranked if the team wasn’t being dragged down by the albatross otherwise known as CTC? 3rd? 2nd? Top of the national rankings?