Film Session: Kentucky

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During Indiana’s run in the second half with Ferrell off the floor, Williams gets a back pick set on him and Ulis begins to come through the paint. Nick Zeisloft is tasked with picking him up:


Zeisloft is then faced with a Lee screen on the other side of the court as Dominique Hawkins makes the pass to Ulis:


And now Zeisloft has to fight around another screen from Lee as Ulis now has the ball. Bryant hedges:


As he recovers back to Lee, Zeisloft is able to have a body in front of Ulis:


Ulis comes into the the paint and as Williams helps, he finds Derek Willis on the right wing. Anunoby sees it:


Anunoby has a great closeout on Willis and the 3-point attempt doesn’t drop:


Burton would grab the rebound for IU and find Williams. Williams drove and kicked to Anunoby for a 3-pointer to put Indiana up six, leading to a timeout from UK.


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  • HooshWin

    Is it even allowed at this point to take issue with any part of OG’s game? It may not be, but if it is I have one recent minor issue: free-throw shooting. He’s missed a high percentage lately. Take an extra moment and knock them down. Every single one is big going forward.

  • Yes, this 1000X. There’s no reason to think JBJ wouldn’t have improved his defense when he sees the entire team improving. And he had hints of decent defense last year in a couple of games. Peer pressure can be a real motivator, and I don’t doubt that a health JBJ would have been pressured to improve. Toss in his offensive skills and rebounding, and… yowch.

  • TomJameson

    Sorry, but I just have to say something. His name is James Blackmon Junior (JBJ .. not LBJ)


    I think TW goes regardless. Another year, with him concentrating on the right things and he could very possibly become a lottery pick, but I think he has already made up his mind that he is making the jump after this year ends regardless.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Ulis and Murray were the only ones on that team that impressed me. Their whole front court was laughable and Briscoe didn’t show me anything.

  • 3AM Burrito

    I think OG weaknesses right now are: 1)Free Throws 2)His dribble drive typically results in turnover, not his game yet and he has forced a couple 3)Can tend to gamble too much jumping passing lane, getting a foul far out from basket or getting burned backdoor. But for a freshman, he has made some unbelievable plays. His upside is as high as anyone on this team.

  • Ivy Walls

    Damn autocorrect sorry

  • Ivy Walls

    Williams has the basic athleticism to play an impact or contributory role at the next level and this year he has developed a jumper off the dribble both mid range and 20 feet but not perfected and his ball handling and decision making prowess is very inconsistent what is decribed as Bad Troy so to be a lottery pick all that has to go away and his game dominant game in game out and not here and there.


    Agree with what you say, but I don’t see that all of a sudden changing between now and whenever the end of the season is, plus like I say I think he leaves regardless of where his game is right now and anything short of an injury will not change his mind. Hell, depending on the type of injury I could see him still going. I think he feels like that if he can just make it onto a team that his game will fare much better than it has in the college games. I personally think he is dead wrong but he is the one making the decision and playing bball at a high level school, I’m just an old, at one time a coach, watching the TV person, so what do I know, he might be right….but everything in me says he’s not, hope I’m wrong if he makes the jump.