Tom Crean talks North Carolina

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Indiana coach Tom Crean was a guest on the Dan Dakich Show on 1070 The Fan earlier this afternoon and was asked for his thoughts on Friday’s opponent, North Carolina.

Here’s a full transcript of what Crean had to say about the top-seeded Tar Heels when asked about the challenges they’ll present for the Hoosiers:

“The length and the glass, there’s no question. Watching them the way we have, their transition is … we always, in our mind, the best transition in our league is Iowa and Michigan. I know ours is good, but I always think Iowa and Michigan. And a lot of times, Michigan State’s transition especially when they run after a made basket.

“North Carolina is at another level from that because they have so many forwards that can run. They’re five to six deep at the four and five positions and they can all get out and run. There’s a quickness level there. We can’t get caught up in matchups in this game, we’ve got to get caught up in making sure that the ball is in front of us.

“I don’t think we can get caught up in trying to stop that ball in the backcourt, I think we’ve got to get up the court like we do against Iowa. You’ve got to get to the corners, you’ve got to definitely cover the rim because you’ve got to be able to be there to take away the layup or the dunk because then they’ve got the six or seven things they can do off of their secondary break that they’ve been doing for 40 years. They’ve been doing that since Dean Smith and are so well versed in that. You guarded the same things we’re going to guard or we have to attempt to guard.

“And then the rebounding in transition and the rebounding off the missed shots. And now you watch them, they shoot it better than people give them credit for. Marcus Paige, they’ve got some really good numbers when they’re playing well. We’ve got to do a great job of challenging their shots. The guy who surprises me a little bit at how well he shoots it even though his numbers don’t say this is Justin Jackson. He’d fit great at the way we try to play. He can hit 3s but he can cut and really move without the ball. Their team speed and quickness to the glass and on the break is going to be the biggest things.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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  • vicbert caladipo

    I smell Troll. All the “yalls” typing alot, not a lot, not using capitals. He or she is filling the dumbazz southern backwoods stereotype too well.

  • cbags05

    I know buddy. It ended in 2011. Calm down. UNC is full of integrity today. And they may very well win a legitimate title this year.

    But you cannot honestly tell me you expect to have a cheating university spanning about 20 years, while winning 3 titles, and not have to take cheap shots from opposing fans on their own website. THREE TITLES. C’mon man.

  • robmac10

    I’ve never understood the bashing of other fans. You just turn out looking like an idiot if your team ends up losing.

    Agreed, reason I keep coming back to these boards is people actually provide good stats and thoughts. Glad you’ve enjoyed it! Good luck Friday (but not too much)!

  • MFBomb

    I expect cheap shots. I’m only human. The major under its original manifestation existed that long (it’s still around, actually–lots of schools offer AfAm), but the “bad” classes were a subset within that larger time span. Every single Af-Am class offered wasn’t bad just because a few were. No one on the 2009 team majored in AfAm.

  • cbags05

    So you concede that 2 of the 3 are possibly illegitimate? Why spend time defending this fraud?

    Also, just because they didn’t major in afam doesn’t mean they did not take a class to help get by. Don’t assume that 2009 was not affected.

  • MFBomb

    Not really, and I work in academia and hold a PhD. But the case is pretty complex and I’m not going to clutter this space with it any further. I was mainly put off by how the case was used to dismiss a reasonable basketball point.

  • Yes, this.

  • Fifer39

    Please. Actually the comment was only half tongue in cheek. There have genuinely been times where I have not had a clue what he’s saying. Now that’s quite probably as much about my lack of basketball knowledge but you will be aware there have, in the past, been stories about similar sentiments expressed by people MUCH closer to the programme so it’s not completely daft.

    Another poster talked about how he had seemed to calm down and simplify things a bit. Maybe that’s what coming through more in the pressers too – it’s certainly helping me keep up! I’m no Crean basher – and as for wisecracking, I’m no Richard Pryor either!

  • Fifer39

    Yes, agree with both those points. Someone else commented he seems to have calmed down and simplified things. If that’s true it certainly seems to be working. – and it’s helping me, with my limited basketball knowledge, keep up!

  • Fifer39

    You do realise you’re going to have to change your profile name in a couple of weeks?

  • 47250HoosierFan

    and you wont be relevant at all once the NCAA comes down on you and you lose a ton of wins and wont be able to go to the NCAA’s for a few years… IU 85 unc77

  • PalmettoHoosier

    So which are you a broken hearted PU or disgruntled pUKe fan? Either way you need just start worrying about next year, while we take care of the rest of this season.

  • E-ball

    Cool story bro. Don’t let some reasonable basketball discussion get in the way of your ignorance. Good luck Friday.

  • SCHoosier

    They are deadly in transition..and NC can run all game they way their bigs control the boards. Tough assignment Friday!

  • 3AM Burrito

    Their best 3pt shooter shoots it at 37%, as a team only 31%. As much as I dislike it, 2-3 zone may be good at times to help get defense back in transition as well as protect the paint. Have to get back and make their guards beat us in half court shooting 3’s and long 2’s and then everyone is gonna have to rebound.
    On offense, Bryant will need to play a little like Purdue game, get Brice Johnson away from the basket, open lane up for cutting and driving, knock down a jumper. I think our offense will be able to get good looks, just got to knock them down.
    I take for granted that Yogi will get his 18pts and 5 assists and play well, so as much as any game Troy will be the X factor. He will really need to rebound the ball on both ends and hopefully when he takes it up, he learned he can pass it off and not always do a circus shot. I know he and Rojo will be pumped to play UNC which is around their hometowns.

  • 3AM Burrito

    I agree, not sure if it is just because IU has been winning more that it is better, but his interviews are a lot more concise and share good information. He absolutely, no question, has done a phenomenal job coaching this year. Lots of tremendous after time out plays, great substitutions, defensive and offensive adjustments. He just seems really in sync with this group of players and it is fun to watch.

  • Hardwood83

    Yes, I am very mad that I didn’t know those stats. Thank you for refocusing me on what’s important.
    Also, I apologize for unfairly smearing a terrific school like UNC, ok well technically it’s not a ‘school’ since that involves educating students and enriching lives, not defrauding the public and other institutions through a systemic deception for the purpose of financial gain and athletic esteem. Unlike real centers of learning, like Duke or Ga Tech, whose players actually are students.
    Miami, Kentucky, Louisville even SMU just paid players (or provided hookers, apparently) but didn’t completely debase themselves (and invalidate their very existence) by creating an entire academic façade.
    I hope none of those researchers in the triangle were UNC athletes.
    Don’t worry, I’m sure the Heels will bounce right back after that death penalty!

  • robmac10

    I would actually argue that NZ will be the X-factor this game. With his improved D, if that shows up again, and he isn’t shooting cold like last game feel like he could build that lead up quite quickly. Troy at this point, I’m expecting an out of control start, followed but being benched, followed by a big 2nd half.

  • 3AM Burrito

    Agree NZ can be huge here, I just think with Troy’s activity and athleticism, he can create a lot and has the ball alot. NZ is more of a benefactor of others activity with his shooting, not a creator. Troy can change the game – good or bad – with his energy and activity, so if it is positive, like Purdue, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska games – that takes this team to another level, not just offense but also steals and blocked shots.

  • robmac10

    Very, very true. Let’s hope it’s good Troy from the tip off and just gives them a hell of a time to defend.

    Someone on these boards mentioned it a while ago but I really noticed it for the first time against UK. Lyonel Anderson’s conditioning of these kids really makes them able to go full speed for the full 40 mins and the opposing team shows the exhaustion in the last 5 minutes. Hope UNC falls the same way with an active Troy.

  • Koko

    We aren’t underestimating any player on your team. We are looking out. That should be the main concern for your team.

  • Koko

    Y’all forgot to put Northern Iowa on that list of butt-munchers.

  • MFBomb

    You’re welcome! Those stats are important since, you know, the initial discussion was basketball/scouting UNC. I’m sorry your education taught you to resort to red herrings and straw men when you can’t stick to the topic. For instance, it was only after someone challenged your assessment of UNC that you suddenly decided to become self-righteous about the academic situation. Your first post is measured, fair, and reasonable. It was when your precious ego was bruised by a similarly fair comment-rebuttal that you switched tunes out of nowhere and pretended to care about “learning.” Now, I laugh as you mention how Duke players are “actually students” even though K recruits a ton of OAD’s like Cal. But I’m sure the practice of relying on OAD’s every single year doesn’t debase the intent of the university at all. Right. Academically, those guys barely do anything–esp. in the spring–since they are only on campus for a year. You’re like a lot of intellectually lazy people who want to use UNC as an easy pinata or baby seal to express displeasure at a system rotten to its core.

  • E-ball

    Yep, any matchup of two “bluebloods” will always draw a lot of interest. It seems to me that if both teams are playing to their maximum potential Carolina should come out on top. That’s no slight to Indiana, just a nod to the overall talent level for the Heels.

  • QuestFor6

    that’s the goal 😉

  • Robert mac donald

    i said creaned,not creamed,if not a pun certainly a play on words,hoser,uh sorry,i meant hoosier.

  • Robert mac donald

    preach on it MFBomb,they only hear what they want to believe,just like moo-techers,and dook wanna-be’s.i should say only a few on here are like that.most that iv’e seen are reasonable,intelligent,bball fan’s.those (fans) that believe the HEELS are getting anything more than a slap on the wrist are gonna be awfully butt-hurt.just like the wolpfack and the dookies.GO HEELS!!!!

  • Robert mac donald

    your season is already over .you just dont know it yet.offical results come in friday night about midnight.get ready for the pumpkin.

  • Fifer39

    Ha, ha. Hope you do. I’m going to know you as ‘QuestFor7’!

  • that’s not a very good pun

  • coachj

    fairly decent analysis. Although, we have actually played almost every seed, because their are currently 6 acc teams still in it, and we beat Maryland. We are battle tested, but that may not matter. That is why you play the games. Good luck friday. it should be a teeth grinder.

  • BL

    Appears we’ll be without Robert Johnson; equivalent of your Heels without Berry. Notwithstanding, expect a really good one. Enjoy.