Film Session: Wisconsin

  • 01/07/2016 9:16 am in

Freshman OG Anunoby was strong on both sides of the ball in Indiana’s win against Wisconsin on Tuesday night. He matched a career-high with 11 points and played strong defense against Nigel Hayes.

We’ll take a look at his performance in the latest edition of Film Session:

Upon entering the game for the first time, Anunoby is tasked with guarding Hayes. As Ethan Happ rotates the ball to the left wing, Alex Illikainen sets a screen for Hayes and he cuts to the left block:


Anunoby and Hayes tangle up a bit and the freshman hits the deck as the pass is about to come from Jordan Hill:


But Anunoby is able to pop up immediately and meets Hayes on the left block and gets a body on him:


Hayes turns in towards the paint:


But he ends up spinning back to his left. Anunoby is not fooled. He uses his length to block the shot:


Nice recovery from Anunoby after his fall to challenge Hayes on the block.


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  • Trevor Howenstine

    Didn’t Ananoby win the 3 point contest at Hoosier Hysteria??

  • pcantidote

    The first picture illustrates very well to me the issues that they are still having on defense. Look at Thomas Bryant. His body should never be positioned this way. If the Wisconsin player had decided to take RJ off the dribble to the hoop, TB would not have seen him and helped until it was too late. This is why we keep giving up layups. I admit this has gotten better in the last two games, but how much of that is because Wisconsin was stubbornly dedicated to running their offense? Something to keep an eye on.

  • Milton Brackmann

    On a high screen Bryant needs to be closer and take ONE step to deter Nigel. (When Bryant
    takes two he gets fouls and the screener is often uncovered.)

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    I predict Indiana will be ferocious on the front line next year.
    TB may go pro, but I think there is an equal chance he stays another year.
    If he stays, we will have him, OG, and JM, and then add in De’Ron Davis and that’s a rebounding nightmare for most teams.
    Forgive me for meandering into the future!
    I have no prediction whatsoever for the back court.

  • Jrod

    Ball you man he is not even looking head on a swivel.

  • Lance76

    Great observation. I think earlier in season that TB may not even have taken a step and one reason for some of the blow bys to the rim.

  • inLinE6

    I thought OG was more of small forward so next year, you will probably see a starting lineup of Bryant/Davis/Anunoby/Blackmon/Johnson.

  • inLinE6

    Given what we see so far, Bryant won’t be a 1st rounder so you have a good chance seeing him next year.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    toughest challenge for OG right now is to not get too content with 3 good games. he needs to keep improving for when the competition ramps up. speaking of, with the refs calling the games as tightly as they are (which i absolutely hate), how the heck are we gonna stay outta foul trouble when we play PUke?

  • BL

    Agree Davis will probably bump JM from the lineup I proposed for this year. Not certain about the backcourt. Wonder if JBJ will be back and whether it’s possible we could still land a new recruit (Alkins would be awesome but probably not likely). Also, TC seems to be high on Josh Newkirk.

  • BL

    Run them to death as Iowa did. Paid off in second half.

  • inLinE6

    Josh Newkirk is pretty good. But I don’t see him starting ahead of RJ. And JBJ almost certainly comes back unless he decides to transfer. But if he’s back, I guess we stand no chance with Alkins. Either way, we still have a pretty good roster next year. OG has slight edge over JM right now, but I can’t imagine CTC not starting a senior Collin Hartman at 3. OG will carve out a much bigger role next year even not starting.

  • Looks good. Also, Colin and Newkirk and Juwan probably battling for it. I imagine Davis will have a tough time getting himself a starting spot, actually.

  • BL

    If CH starts over OG I’ll be disappointed because in my view, OG is already a superior player and athlete, and he’s only just getting started. I can see OG coming off the bench for a few more games this year (maybe) but at some point the class shouldn’t matter. Play your best players.

  • InTheMtns

    Love these film sessions, Ryan. As always – excellent job! I always see/learn something new. Thanks for each of these four.

  • Jtime

    Don’t forget Troy Williams. At this point it’s hard to envision a scenario where he is a 1st round prospect based on his play this year.

  • inLinE6

    If TW, JBJ and TB all come back next year, this season is almost certainly a failure. I’m not sure about that….

  • Josh O’Brien

    Better athlete yes, but overall I’m not convinced he’s a better player at this point. He just happens to be coming on while CH is in a slump. But his ceiling is higher.

  • Jtime

    The only one that is being projected by any service in the 1st rd is TB. JBJ is not going pro. TW is a long shot at this point. If he starts playing well in B10 play, and that’s a big IF, he could maybe sneak into the late 1st rd. I personally think there is a very real possibility that they all return if there isn’t a coaching change. CTC is the wildcard.

  • John D Murphy


  • My pleasure. I learn something, too.