Film Session: Morehead State

  • 12/07/2015 9:16 am in

Here’s a fun one. On a baseline out of bounds play, you can hear Bielfeldt say to Hartman “ball up top” and gesture out to the perimeter. He then puts an arm bar out:


And here it is. Hartman’s got his arm on Lyonell Gaines just as Bielfeldt instructed:


As the pass comes up top, Hartman jumps in for the steal:


He gives it up to Blackmon Jr. and he takes it in for a shot:


It misses, but Bielfeldt is there for the rebound:


He puts it back home for two points:


Great communication by Indiana here from Bielfeldt to Hartman. As Shon Morris said on the call: “How about Collin Hartman honoring the scouting report on the out of bounds play? He knew exactly what Morehead State wanted to accomplish and jumped the route.”


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  • Lance76

    I remember #1 when Yogi pointed out positioning on pick and said “yes”, they finally stopped one of the “blow by’s” to the rim.
    Max Bielfeldt can not be underestimated for contribution. I hope he burns UM.