Film Session: Morehead State

  • 12/07/2015 9:16 am in

Ty’Quan Bitting sets a pick on Johnson and Bielfeldt and Johnson switch:


Both Johnson and Bielfeldt are able to recover back to their men:


Johnson continues to follow the ball to the right wing and it’s a handoff:


Ziesloft and Johnson switch men on the handoff and just two seconds remain on the shot clock:


Xaiver Moon actually puts a nice move on Johnson behind his back to get some space:


But his shot isn’t out of his hands before the shot clock expires. IU ball:


Again, just some nice switching and communication on both wings here to force the shot clock violation.


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  • Lance76

    I remember #1 when Yogi pointed out positioning on pick and said “yes”, they finally stopped one of the “blow by’s” to the rim.
    Max Bielfeldt can not be underestimated for contribution. I hope he burns UM.