Film Session: Iowa

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Here Gabriel Olaseni flashes to the top of the key:


He receives the pass as White establishes inside position on Ferrell:


From there it’s a pass over the top:


Ferrell tries sticking with it as he catches:


Both Williams and Emmitt Holt challenge the shot, but White is able to put it in for two at the rim:



Due to Iowa’s starting lineup length,¬†Indiana was giving up size. This sort of play wasn’t too dissimilar from what A.J. Hammons did to the Hoosiers in Assembly Hall a few weeks ago.

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  • David Mason

    These film sessions are very insightful articles. But, shouldn’t one of the next articles be about the controversial head coaching situation?

    Fred Glass felt compelled to clarify the contract buyout specifics. He also is publicly on record in full support of Coach Tom Crean, as he should be. But, it is time to change.

    IU is fortunate from the perspective that Tom Crean is clean. But there was some discussion at the time of his hire that he wasn’t an X’s and O’s guy. We wondered about the fit, too, with the run and gun and no defense and no bigs. Next year and the year after, Tom Crean will still have those issues.

    The parties will likely negotiate a reduced and fixed payment per year to replace the buyout. In part, this is because any buyout is paid over time and reduced by other basketball-related income of CTC. So the only thing left is to stick a fork in it.

    Of course the important issue then becomes who does Glass see as the next basketball coach? That person or other candidates would have indicated behind the scenes a willingness to consider an IU approach.

    How about an article about all of this? Thanks.

  • SCHoosier

    Re: defense. It speaks to IU’s totally inability to defend that Yogi has to even ATTEMPT to guard a 6-9 All-conference player in the paint. I suppose had Hartman been available..he might have drawn White. Yogi battled to no avail and Hoosiers were lucky he didn’t get in foul trouble trying. Nick was an example of the lack of court awareness by IU..several others examples in the game some of which were the subject of a replay and comment by the announce team. Just tunnel vision which is a Hoosier specialty this season.

    Re: offense..IU missed a number of shots around the rim. It happens..but it hurt against Iowa. Troy has never let common sense get in the way of a wild-ass drive. He made plenty of them against Iowa with disastrous results. Fact is the B-10’s better teams have figured out how easy it is to impede the dribble drive..have clogged up the lanes and turned the Hoosiers over.

  • Kyl470

    I don’t think it would be right for this site to do that until the season is over. I know it’s highly, highly, highly unlikely, but if this team goes on some crazy hot streak and wins the Big 10 tournament then Crean will be back for sure.

  • HoosierOz

    Not disagreeing on your points, but I think an article might be pre-mature. Let’s face it…Hartman is back on Saturday, MSU won their must win game last night, and I think even though Crean is just a mediocre basketball coach his players always seems to love him and they know what’s on the line Saturday. IU wins Saturday and they’re in the tournament which unfortunately probably brings Crean back for another season next year.

  • beer30

    Agreed. Now is not the time.

  • JacksonCounty

    Can Inside the Hall run a story regarding what Fred Glass considers merit and success at Indiana University? Thanks. I think this would be an illuminating article and discussion concerning leadership, goals and compensation for high level coaching positions.

  • KmanCRK

    I would count on it, but not until the season is over. Then it would be appropriate.

  • David Mason

    I understand that one needs to consider the appropriateness and sensitivity issues including timing. But, I don’t see how this would be inappropriate at this time. I understand that others may, though. There have been articles discussing lack of defense, recruiting issues, performance, and Fred Glass and Tom Crean. There are currently some ‘trending’ issues on the premie that focus on the AD’s latest related comments and a poll rating CTC’s performance. It is the single most important issue today relative to IU basketball. Whether we discuss the future of IU basketball here today or after we win or lose against MSU or in the B1G or in post season really doesn’t matter relatively. Do you mean that for ITH it would be inappropriate? To be topical? I find it hard to believe that CTC and AD Glass aren’t discussing this very thing. And as an IU fan, this is where we go for this kind of discussion.

  • beer30

    Believe me, I’m definitely ready for a coaching change @ IU. In my opinion, it’s just early for an article like that on this site. Especially since we still have a chance @ making the tournament.

  • Snookafly

    1) Money
    2) Public Perception
    3) Winning

  • IUBizmark

    I agreed with everything you said except his players loving him. WAY too much roster turnover for me to buy that.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Thanks ITH guys for posting these videos.

    To me, Yogi’s “defense” in video #1 (using the word defense as loosely as is humanly possible) was horrific. No attempt to deny the entry pass. No attempt to force White to receive the ball further from the basket. Can’t even raise his left arm to challenge the entry pass. Poor defensive positioning (leaning forward, minimal foot movement, using his upper body not lower body), utterly no challenge to ANY offensive player, let alone a good one. Given that yogi often guards on his tip toes, White could have spun for an uncontested layup EXCEPT that Hanner had Yogi’s back. Had White spun around Yogi, Yogi, would then have stood and watched while Hanner tried to cover him…which is basically yogi’s defensive calling card. Horrible.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    On these threads I’ve always described yogi as good (at best) as a point guard. He could be great, but time is working against him now.

    Here’s a hardcore critique of Yogi (sorry to all the yogi-lovers).
    Video #4 is another (of many) examples why Yogi is good but not yet great. He is the point guard so his job is to run the offense. Towards the end of the shot clock (15 seconds) Yogi can’t be bothered to move so Troy can pass him the ball. At 12 seconds Yogi has the ball dribbling out to the top of the key. From 12 to 6 seconds he just dribbles between his legs at the top of the key. This is not smart, although I’m sure Iowa was appreciative. At 5 seconds he drives with his head down. Of course there is no time to pass or cut or kick out for a 3 or anything other than for Yogi to play “hero ball.” At 4 or so seconds he shoves the ball at the rim with his right arm from his hip. No pull up bank shot. No hesitation move. No floater. He can’t even stop and jump straight up and down. The probability of making the shot he took is very low. He’s just out of control again. So its a wide open very poorly executed shot. He almost misses the rim it is so off track. Kudos to Holt for rebounding that mess.

    I waffle back and forth between feeling sympathy for Yogi some days and shaking my head at Yogi other days. Tons of raw ability, but then this always present lack of skill/fundamentals/discipline. …Maybe it is the coaching. Although I’m critical, I would like to see Yogi improve. The potential is there.