Film Session: Maryland

  • 02/13/2015 9:30 am in

Just over a minute later, here’s Indiana in a similar set with Ferrell again working off the ball. Mosquera-Perea sets the ball screen for Blackmon Jr. with Ferrell down in the right corner:


Blackmon Jr. makes the pass to Johnson as Ferrell begins to come through again:


This time he fakes up and it gets Trimble leaning just a little:


When Ferrell heads around Robinson this time, Trimble tries making up for lost time by splitting through the middle of Robinson and Mosquera-Perea:


But this runs him right into Mosquera-Perea as Johnson finds Ferrell:


This allows Ferrell space for the 3-point attempt and he banks it home to tie up the ball game:



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  • NCHoosier82

    Great piece as usual, Ryan.

    Yogi does it all for this team. A winner that adjusts his game as the team needs it. We will really miss him when he is gone (please, I’m begging) in 2016!!!

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    That was my absolute favorite play of that game.
    The crowd was on him for a few plays before this, even though his shot was blocked, so I loved him shutting the crowd up with that move.

  • INexpat2001

    These pictures of off-ball screens and movement must be faked. I have been told repeatedly by experts in these very comments that IU does not run an offense–we just dribble in a 3-man weave until someone shoots the ball.


  • Indiana_Banners

    I’ve noticed for years now that most of our armchair coaches avoid this feature religiously for the very reason you mentioned. They can’t confront evidence that they aren’t quite as observant as they think they are. And I’m not blaming someone for failing to notice an off-ball screen as a viewer, just the ones that pretend that they do.

    IU has had an EXCELLENT offense for years now. That has never been the issue with our team.

  • Indiana_Banners

    Another great feature, Ryan! Nice job seeing the floor, illustrating the stills, pulling the video, and getting it all done so quickly after the game! This is far and away my favorite feature on the site – excellent!

  • SilentBob

    You win the comments today lol

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    Did anyone notice on the replay of Yogi’s last 3 point attempt that Troy was watching and did not go after the rebound or tip? Could have been a NC State moment! Troy played great but was watching that last shot!

  • just a fan

    Let’s do a count here–four (4) white jerseys in the paint, one more slightly off the paint, and Yogi threads through traffic to score. If that isn’t respect shown by Maryland, what is? A nice cut by Troy, by the way, in case Yogi dished it at the last second–that’s team ball. Kudos to the whole team for the best overall job against a consistently top twenty rated team (at home) we could have asked for. A game played inside an eight point total spread, well, for those who want to diss IU this season, means they never let up. Shooting will come.

  • I wish I was half as good at something as Yogi is at basketball.