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Thoughts on an 82-73 win over the Bulldogs:

As IU’s lead stretched to 11 with just over three minutes remaining in the first half, it looked like its athletes were just too much for Butler. The Bulldogs couldn’t guard Troy Williams. And the disadvantage the Hoosiers were supposed to have on the boards simply wasn’t there as the gang rebounding was in full force.

But, as they do, the Bulldogs mounted a comeback. They ended the half on a 11-1 run with Kellen Dunham scoring nine of those. Indiana was unable to get the momentum it had built in the first half going in the second. The Hoosiers trailed by six with 13:48 to go and it felt like it might be slipping away.

Enter Yogi Ferrell.

The junior point guard didn’t score a point in the first half and sat due to two early fouls. But when his team needed him to crawl back into this one there he was. Ferrell’s first bucket of the game was a triple to cut that six-point Butler lead in half. He kept going, muscling his way to the bucket for scores at the rim and points at the line. He moved well off the ball for another 3-ball. He stopped on a dime on the break, launched a 3-pointer, hit it and placed his elbows at his side with the 3-salute going with both hands. Williams popped his jersey at the IU bench.

That one put the Hoosiers up 10 and just about sealed the deal, save for some late full-court press from the Bulldogs that made you hold your breath a bit.

Ferrell scored 20 second half points and willed his team to a comeback win. That’s what leaders do.

Put last year’s squad in this second half position, and it’s hard to imagine them coming back. But this is a different year with a different team and a different roster. When the Hoosiers are at their best on the break, it’s a beautiful game of pace and space. With so many different ballhandlers and shooters the mix-and-match can be endless and hard to stop. As we chronicled in Monday’s Film Session, Williams was again up to his tricks on the break, throwing his whip passes to open 3-point shooters like Max Hoeztel and Nick Zeisloft. The sophomore was also on the receiving end on the break, throwing down a dunk off a Ferrell pass in the second half.

Williams was also unstoppable at times in the half court and he knew it, as Butler really had no one to match his length and athleticism. He even hit a 3-pointer for his first bucket of the game. The sophomore led all Hoosiers with 22 points (9-of-17) to go along with 11 boards, three assists, two blocks, two steals and two turnovers. That’s a line right there.

There are still some shaky moments now and again, but this was his best game as a Hoosier. The athlete is starting to become a basketball player and the ceiling remains high for the sophomore.

This wasn’t quite a must-win, but hell: Indiana and its fans needed this one against an in-state rival that clipped them in this event two years ago. Just did. It was a victory over a ranked good defensive squad in a fun, back-and-forth affair. Save for a lot of missed bunnies on both side of the ball, the game was played a a high level in a great atmosphere.

These kids are a confident bunch. Today’s win makes them stronger with conference play nearing in just a week and a half.

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  • Brklynhoosier

    From your keyboard to God’s ear…

  • Mark Hinton

    Don’t overlook New Orleans. Michigan St. just lost to Mike Davis’s team that was 1 and 8 before the game.

  • Bk39

    I was that way too, but the last two games have been a marked improvement.

  • Hoosier4life67

    Congrats to the Coaches and players. CTC did a great job and had a great game plan ready for Butler. The Hoosiers played a great game. HMP played a great game but still needs to get his hands up more. Stan was improved but still needs to pass the ball more. All and all with JBJ having an off night everyone else stepped up and did a fantastic job. Look forward to seeing the Georgetown game.

    The zone was much more effective tonight and it looks like the players are starting to understand how the zone works when you have long arm spans. As the year goes on I’m excited knowing that this team can only get better. Sure they’ll have the occasional off night but overall this is an exciting team and I believe they have a legit chance to dance come March as long as they don’t fall apart. Steady progress and this team can look forward to a punched ticket come March.

  • ForeverIU

    Butler is a very respectable school, and if you consider what they’ve done in proportion to the resources and fan base they have, they have done and will continue to do a phenomenal job. In fact better than we have done (in proportional terms). We win by nine points in a close game, and we start getting cocky? We have a long way to go.

  • ForeverIU

    And thanks for the pre-game report! Were you at the game? Were our fans loud?

  • Hoosier Hall

    10? I’m hoping for a few more than that.

  • ILive4IUBball

    Crean should’ve had Yogi on Dunham the entire game. I always think back to IU/UM game last year where Yogi played lockdown defense on Stauskas and he only ended up with 5 pts.

  • TorontoHoosierFan
  • dwdkc

    By the way Stan’s best game. After Dunham’s last 3 CTC put Stan on him and while he made a nice bucket on a drive, otherwise he shut him down. Then Yogi rotated on him and also did a great job. But Stan was playing lights out defense all game, which I think is why he stayed on the floor as long as he did. By far their best defensive effort of the year.

  • dwdkc

    If they had to fill out the field today, I think IU gets in. Of course that is ridiculous in December, but the point is that they’ve positioned themselves just fine so far and if they can keep developing they are going to be a factor in the B1G. The defense and rebounding today were a revelation and shows that this team really does have a high ceiling. And I don’t think you’ll see many more games where JBJ shoots like that.

  • Mr. Mitchell

    Game ball to the little guy. Both ends of the court. Scoring and defending

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan


    “If you want to have some fun with your 40 minutes, the Hoosiers’ weird combination of pace, efficiency and lackluster defense is the best value proposition this sport has to offer. Win or lose, they are not to be missed.”

    While it’s generally a positive article, part of the compliment is delivered with the back of his hand. :-S

  • Zach

    Huge win! Once this became a grind it out game like I knew it would eventually become, I was scared to death because we don’t usually fare well in those. But thanks to a monster game from Troy, great game from Perea, and a heck of a second half effort on both ends from Yogi, we came out on top. Defensive intensity and rebounding effort was night and day from previous games. Kudos to the staff for getting the guys to buy in to the strategy and getting them ready to play.

  • Zach

    Also, I’m not sure how I feel about all the B1G teams getting upset now. Obviously hate for it to happen to us (now we know EWU is a solid squad) and I was loving Michigan doing terrible, but it’s starting to get a little out of hand. Looks pretty bad on the B1G to me at least. Every team other than Wisky has some positives but also some glaring negatives that can be exploited on any given night. It’s going to be a bloodbath with everyone beating each other up.

  • Dave Carnes

    Agree We “can” beat any team other than Wisc at least once

  • Dave Carnes

    My wife and I have been hard on Stan but we both noticed. He was giving every ounce of his energy on defense.

  • Dave Carnes

    Hartman becomes more important with each game.

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    The wild card rebounder is Blackmon; you have to expect Hanner and Troy to get theirs but JB’s ability to gather the long rebounds and to help out is key. Go Hoosiers!

  • Wheatster

    First of all I’m so proud of the way this team is coming together. And congratulations CTC for your 300th victory. It’s amazing what shooters can do for your team! So much better than last year and I knew it would be different this year with the personnel we have. HMP needs to play with that effort every time out. TW has figured it out and freshman will have games like this. Great that we can win without a great game from Blackmon and Johnson. GO HOOSIERS!

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    And South Texas beat MSU. 🙂

  • Lisa Wiggins Osmon

    I have followed Butler since 1993. They are not some fluke. They recruited great talent and upheld a very high standard of academia and personal accountability. I am also a IU fan. Yes, I’m guilty of making rude comments against teams I’m not fond of but the reference of being less of a creditable college was rude and extremely disrespectful.

  • Shawn Congo

    Well, he kinda was until he got in foul trouble.

  • Andrew

    I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find this morning as I perused YTD stats to find Hartman leads the Hoosiers (and its not really even close) in offensive rebounds with 23. Hanner trailing behind at 19. Hartman is everything I think of when I think of what a Hoosier basketball player is and he has quickly become not only the glue that keeps this team together but easily my favorite player! I LOVE watching this kid play basketball. he does all the little things the right way.

  • SCHoosier

    Congrats to players and coaches..everybody hung tough. Frankly I was so upset with the player and coaching decisions in the last 4 minutes of the first half that I turned off the set..and taped the second half for later viewing. Maybe I ought to do that more often?? Being tied at half with Blackmon( who really played like a frosh yesterday) and Ferrell not having a bucket between them..put IU in pretty good position. I thought the second half pace wore the Dogs down…Jones had 2 critical TO’s in the late second half..and my many layups did he miss? Hoosiers rebounding (especially O boards first half) was outstanding. Troy had an in control career game..and Yogi came back strong. Kudo’s to Hartman and Max for some really good minutes. Like our chances against Gtown if our bigs play like they did against Butler. TC win 301 Monday night!

  • Bruce

    And rightly so. Obviosly worked on his drug habit more than bb

  • ForeverIU

    I want him to take the 3s. He will start making those around the same time he starts making the free throws, and you know he will.

  • Alan

    How about showing a little love for the coaching job crean has done this season? We love to jump on him when things are bad but when we’re playing nicely, we seem to forget about him.

  • sean

    Very, very pleased with a lot of things from this game. One in particular is that Perea showed much-improved shot-blocking technique. I’ve always felt that he doesn’t quite have the shot-blocking instincts to match the obvious athletic ability and underperformed a little in that regard.

    But how about the play in the post today (against Chrabacsz, I think)? Kept good position with the lower body, didn’t bite on the fake towards the inside, stayed on his feet until the last minute, then smothered the shot, corralled the ball, and got it out to a guard. I’ll admit it: I swooned.

  • Outoftheloop

    Twice in their entire history!


    Well put, certainly no reason to run around pounding the chest after this game and adopt a line of thinking where just because we beat them this year, that they have been ” put back in their place “.


    Number 3, very true and something that he does not enough credit for by the media and, unfortunately, some IU fans. Number four, KenPom has him rated something like fourth in the nation in offensive efficiency. A couple of his baskets came at a really crucial time and were big ones.


    where do I go to see YTD stats ?


    If I’m thinking of the same drive by Dunham as you are talking about SR shares the blame on that one with CH. Stan was playing D with respect to the fact that CH had came over and helped to stop that drive, then CH abandoned that help too early allowing Dunham to recognize that and resume the drive and with Stan out of position due to thinking he still had defensive help from CH. Not trying to dog CH or his overall game, cause it has been a very pleasant surprise this year, but IMHO the blame for IU allowing that drive falls, as much or more on him.


    I know exactly what you’re saying, me too, but at the risk of jinxing him, he seems to have gotten a lot closer to having gotten it more under control.


    And is less minutes than normal. Encouraging.


    The situation that you describe also has to make one think that we will have to finish higher than maybe we thought to get our ticket punched. When it comes to final conference standings, the more games like that that are losses, by what is considered the upper part of the B1G, the less number of teams that the committee probably takes out of it.

  • Outoftheloop

    I never said that it was. I did ask the question “can IU men’s BB 2014-15 season survive?” the injury to Devin and the 4 suspensions. The answer to that question will not be known unti April 2015.

  • I’d say we have a chance at beating everyone at least once. I think that applies to just about every team in CBB conference play.

  • I think he made sure to wrap his compliments in insults to make the point of the article abundantly clear…that we are the most entertaining team but not the best team. People on ESPN still seem to be misinterpreting that article, unfortunately. I’m not saying you are, but I think he qualified all of his compliments so that the masses wouldn’t call for his head.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I was not at the game (although it would have been a blast to see us win followed by Purdue getting dismantled!) but it seemed like IU fans were in fine voice throughout the game. Hope my pregame write-up was somewhat accurate (I think I actually got the final margin of IU +9 correct…every dog has his day).

  • CreamandCrimson

    I know that has a YTD box score available (go to the IU men’s basketball page, click on stats).

  • crimson_chas

    3 losses in the B1G wins it out right…4 losses typically ties for B1G title, not to be too negative, but neither will happen this year.


    Thanks C & C !