Film Session: Grand Canyon

  • 12/15/2014 7:46 am in

The Hoosiers pushed the pace in their win against Grand Canyon, getting a host of quick, easy looks in the process.

While he’s mostly been known to receive passes off the baseline for scores, sophomore Troy Williams is also starting to spread his wings a bit as a distributor instead of an overdribbler when he’s in the open court.

We’ll take a look at him setting his teammates up on the break in the latest edition of Film Session:

Off Grand Canyon’s first make of the game, Yogi Ferrell inbounds the ball to Robert Johnson. Williams is up ahead on the left side of the court:


Johnson makes the pass ahead to Williams:


It looks like Williams might have a bit of a lane to the hoop once he gets to the left wing, but he sees James Blackmon Jr. sliding down into the corner with no defender near:


Williams does come down the left side a bit, but opts for a one-handed whip pass to Blackmon Jr. once he attracts the defense:


Blackmon Jr. rises:


On an off shooting night for the Hoosiers, he misses the shot. But he picks up a rebound that bounced around and recovers for two points:



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  • GaHoosier

    It was a pleasure to see Troy play under control. He dribbled with his head up and that usually makes a difference!

    No offense to Troy, but Grand Canyon might have the worst defense IU has played against this year. IU dominated the offense glass, got to the rim with ease, had countless number of open threes, didn’t have to deal with ball pressure, and Grand Canyon did a poor job swithcing on every screen.

    The real question: “Can Troy still play under control, and not speed up his game, against BigTen teams…especially when the game is close or IU trails?”

    Actually, “Can the whole team play under control and minimize turnovers against a BigTen team?”

    IU has shooters, that is not the issue, but we lack defensive ………… (Fill-in-the-blank), and we are STILL VERY YOUNG. Minimizing mistakes when the game is on the line…is really want we all want to see!!!!

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  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    nice to see hmp have consecutive productive games. i was a bit surprised to not see JA get in the game. is he hurt? in CTC’s dog house? whatever the case, wasn’t he the only one who didn’t play?

  • ForeverIU

    I read that he was sick, flu or something.

  • SilentBob

    Nice to see Troy dribbling with his head up. Not sure how some of these passes would have flown against the big boys but…. playmaking is in his blood. As long as he continues to keep his head up and improve everyday he will be a GREAT player one day. So far this season and last he has reminded me of the basketball version of Mendoza from the Mighty Ducks movies lol. He ain’t got no brakes!

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    I hope that he doesn’t get “home” sick…

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Until he learns how to play better defense, he’ll remain a decent player at best. The D League is full of athletic wings who never quite became good on both ends of the court.

  • SilentBob

    Honestly I think his defense has improved quite substantially. Especially for someone who plays out of position so often. I know it’s not all in numbers but he is leading our team in steals per game. He has made small strides in all areas of his games. Which makes it a bit difficult to measure his improvement, because he hasn’t made big strides in one particular area and still has glaring holes. As far as his future career is concerned I think it’s just how hard he is willing to work that will make the difference.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    No question Troy is blessed w/a tremendous upside. In a preseason interview, I recall him saying that he had been working on a mid-range jumper–haven’t seen a trace of it yet. Not even a ball fake. Offensively, w/o that mid-range game, he’s basically a one-dimension player. Stop him in transition & shut off the baseline drives and he’s just another warm body with hops. His little episode over the Summer may indicate that he’s not quite as committed to being all he can be as you & I would like him to be. As for him playing out of position: where would you put a SF who can’t hit a “3” and lacks a mid-range game?

  • SilentBob

    I think everyone was a little too excited about him possibly adding a jumper this year. Vic worked on his jumper his first two years, but wasn’t comfortable with it until his junior season. Cody beat Jordy in a 3pt contest and he still doesn’t utilize, so confidence is key. The great Michael Jordan himself shot the 3 for well under 20% his first FOUR years in the NBA. What you do have to like is he getting 1.2 more free throws a game this year and making almost 5% more of them.

    Positioning, I’m talking solely about defense. He doesn’t belong as a 4 even in Michigan’s system. GR3 had a much stronger base than Troy does, and as a result could more adequately handle the bruisers of lets say a Montrezl Harrell.

    Also, I’ll be the first to admit when I see a player with a failed drug test I instantly question commitment. However, since I’ve struggled with similar issues in my past, and I’ve noticed a few things. First you never know what is going on in a kids head. People who use drugs can GENERALLY be broken down in to 3 categories IMO. The first is people doing it for socialization, peer pressure, etc. Second, and most scary, is the people who don’t care about success and just want thrills. Thirdly, people who care TOO MUCH and want to escape stress. Lebron James admitted to using marijuana in high school to cope with stress…. Troy has improved by leaps and bounds in the weight room and added FIVE inches to his vertical, so I feel pretty confident knocking out the second generalization. He continues on his path to an elite finisher, adds a new trick or 2, and continues improving with decision making, spacing, etc then he will be a GREAT player. It’s all about how much he willing to put in though. That much we can agree on I think.

  • Blair McKee

    Ahh. That is some great extra-pass offense.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Thanks Ryan for these instructive sessions. I really enjoy analyzing how our guys play ball and I’m very impressed with Troy, Robert and James (as well as others). They are improving and its obvious they are trying to improve. I admire that.

    I’ve expressed my opinion (unpopular) on these threads before. Namely, that Troy, Robert and James take over leadership of this team and yogi is the weak side support player (at best). To get there, Troy, Robert and James need to gain confidence and skill handling the ball and each improve their defense. All three are improving visibly game by game.

    The reason I’m down on Yogi can be seen by watching him in these sessions. I don’t understand this kid. So much potential yet so wasted. Watch the videos (not the screenshots). In session 1 in the video (again not the still shots) at the 0.00 mark yogi is completely out of position. No one has screened him, he’s just been tooled (again). If it hadn’t been GCU the play would never have favored IU. After recovering, he doesn’t block out. Then its 4 on 5 with yogi watching from half court (out of position to help his teammates or rebound a long miss). In session 2 yogi again doesn’t block out and then stands out of the play watching (next to CTC). He’s in no position to act as an outlet to help his teammates, make a play or defend against a fast break. In session 3 Troy wisely ignores yogi and passes to a better 3 point shooter. And then yogi gives up on the play, completely gives up on the play, as the shot goes up. So its 4 on 5 again. Is yogi setting up defensively? No, not that either. Yogi is a junior, not a freshman. Given his efforts I think TW, JBJ and RJ need to run the show for this team to reach its potential. Sad to say, but honest to say, watching Troy ignore Yogi was the highlight of the film sessions for me.