An updated look at who’s coming and going in the Big Ten

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With the spring signing period winding down and NBA Draft early entry deadline in the rearview mirror, it’s time for an updated look at who’s coming and going in the Big Ten for the 2014-2015 season.

(Editor’s note: If you missed it, here’s our early look at who’s coming and going in the Big Ten.)

Illinois (20-15, 8th place tie, NIT second round)

· Arriving: Aaron Cosby (Seton Hall), Ahmad Starks (Oregon State), LeRon Black (247Composite Top 100), Michael Finke

· Departing: Jon Ekey (graduation), Joseph Bertrand (graduation)

Notes: The Illini took a hit this week when John Groce announced a season-long suspension for Darius Paul, a transfer from Western Michigan who was expected to help in the frountcourt this winter.

Indiana (17-15, 8th place tie)

· Arriving: James Blackmon Jr. (247Composite Top 100), Jeremiah April, Max Hoetzel, Robert Johnson (247Composite Top 100), Tim Priller

· Departing: Austin Etherington (transfer), Evan Gordon (graduation), Jeff Howard (graduation), Jeremy Hollowell (transfer), Noah Vonleh (NBA), Will Sheehey (graduation)

Notes: Indiana added two players to its 2014 class since our first update in Richland Hills (Tex.) forward Tim Priller and Westwind Prep (Ariz.) center Jeremiah April.

Iowa (20-13, 6th place, NCAA First Four)

· Arriving: Brady Ellingson, Dominique Uhl, Trey Dickerson

· Departing: Darius Stokes (transfer), Devyn Marble (graduation), Kyle Meyer (transfer), Melsahn Basabe (graduation), Zach McCabe (graduation)

Notes: Aside from Peter Jok’s arrest for operating while intoxicated on a moped last month, things have remained relatively quiet in Iowa City.

Maryland (17-15, 7th place tie in ACC)

· Arriving: Dion Wiley (247Composite Top 100), Jared Nickens (247Composite Top 100), Melo Trimble (247Composite Top 100), Michael Cekovsky, Trayvon Reed (247Composite Top 100)

· Departing: Nick Faust (transfer), Roddy Peters (transfer), Seth Allen (transfer), Shaquille Cleare (transfer)

Notes: Things have become turbulent in College Park as Allen, who averaged averaged 9.8 points, 2.5 assists and 2.1 rebounds in two seasons, became the program’s fourth transfer this offseason.

Michigan State (29-9, 2nd place tie, NCAA Elite Eight)

· Arriving: LouRawls Nairn (247Composite Top 100), Javon Bess, Marvin Clark

· Departing: Adreian Payne (graduation), Gary Harris (NBA), Keith Appling (graduation)

Notes: After another offseason of rumored interest from the NBA, Tom Izzo announced in late April that he will remain in East Lansing.

Michigan (28-9, 1st place, NCAA Elite Eight)

· Arriving: Aubrey Dawkins, Austin Hatch, D.J. Wilson, Kameron Chatman (247Composite Top 100), Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman, Ricky Doyle

· Departing: Glenn Robinson III (NBA), Jordan Morgan (graduation), Jon Horford (transfer), Mitch McGary (NBA), Nik Stauskas (NBA)

Notes: The Wolverines lost a third player to early entry to the NBA in late April as McGary announced his decision to depart Ann Arbor after failing a NCAA drug test. The Wolverines also added a pair of spring signees in Dawkins, the son of Stanford coach Johnny Dawkins, and Abdur-Rahkman. Caris LeVert, Michigan’s leading returning scorer, recently underwent surgery for a stress fracture in his foot.

Minnesota (25-13, 7th place, NIT Champion)

· Arriving: Bakary Konate, Carlos Morris, Gaston Diedhiou, Josh Martin, Nate Mason Jr., Zach Lofton (Illinois State)

· Departing: Austin Hollins (graduation), Malik Smith (graduation), Maverick Ahanmisi (graduation), Oto Osenieks (medical), Wally Ellenson (transfer)

Notes: The Gophers added a fifth recruit this spring in Konate, a 6-foot-11 center who played at Sunrise Christian in Kansas. Lofton, a transfer from Illinois State, will sit out next season and become eligible for the 2015-2016 campaign.

Nebraska (19-13, 4th place, NCAA round of 64)

· Arriving: Jacob Hammond, Moses Ayegba (Georgetown), Tarin Smith

· Departing: Deverell Biggs (transfer), Nathan Hawkins (transfer), Ray Gallegos (graduation), Sergej Vucetic (transfer)

Notes: Nebraska added frontcourt depth with the signing of Ayegba, a graduate transfer from Georgetown who will be eligible immediately.

Northwestern (14-19, 10th place tie)

· Arriving: Bryant McIntosh, Gavin Skelly, Jeremiah Kreisberg (Yale), Johnnie Vassar, Scott Lindsey, Victor Law (247Composite Top 100)

· Departing: Drew Crawford (graduation), Kale Abrahamson (transfer), Nikola Cerina (graduation)

Notes: Chris Collins added some frontcourt depth in Kreisberg, a 6-foot-10 graduate transfer from Yale with immediate eligibility.

Ohio State (25-10, 5th place, NCAA round of 64)

· Arriving: Anthony Lee (Temple), Dave Bell, D’Angelo Russell (247Composite Top 100), Jae’Sean Tate (247Composite Top 100), Keita Bates-Diop (247Composite Top 100), Trevor Thompson (Virginia Tech)

· Departing: Aaron Craft (graduation), Amedeo Della Valle (Europe), LaQuinton Ross (NBA), Lenzelle Smith Jr. (graduation)

Notes: Things have been quiet in Columbus over the past month with the Buckeyes, who may have the best incoming class in the conference.

Penn State (16-18, 10th place tie, CBI quarterfinals)

· Arriving: Devin Foster, Shep Garner, Isaiah Washington

· Departing: Graham Woodward (transfer), Tim Frazier (graduation)

Notes: The Nittany Lions added Foster, a second team JUCO All-American guard from Vincennes College, in mid-April.

Purdue (15-17, 12th place)

· Arriving: Dakota Mathias, Isaac Haas (247Composite Top 100), Jacquil Taylor, P.J. Thompson, Vince Edwards

· Departing: Errick Peck (graduation), Jay Simpson (medical), Ronnie Johnson (transfer), Sterling Carter (graduation), Terone Johnson (graduation), Travis Carroll (graduation)

Notes: The most important news of the spring for the Boilermakers came in late April when A.J. Hammons announced that he would return for his junior season.

Rutgers (12-21, 7th place in AAC)

· Arriving: Bishop Daniels (Miami), D.J. Foreman, Ibrihima Diallo, Mike Williams

· Departing: Craig Brown (transfer), D’Von Campbell (transfer), Jerome Seagears (transfer), J.J. Moore (graduation), Wally Judge (graduation)

Notes: The Scarlet Knights added a spring signee in Diallo, a 6-10 center originally from the Senegal.

Wisconsin (30-8, 2nd place tie, NCAA Final Four)

· Arriving: Ethan Happ, T.J. Schlundt (preferred walk-on)

· Departing: Ben Brust (graduation)

Notes: The Badgers got a boost of depth with the addition of Schlundt, a former AAU teammate of Bronson Koenig and Luke Fischer, who chose to walk-on in Madison over offers from St. Joseph’s, UW-Green Bay, UW-Milwaukee, Drake, Wofford and Northern Kentucky.

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  • Kyl470

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed that Maryland had four players transfer and some of them were key players. So it proves that it’s not just IU that has guys leave like some people believe. I’m not saying that losing Hollowell and Austin won’t hurt, but it’s not as if either one of them play center which is what the current roster is going to lack.

  • OhioHoosier

    Gotta love the Yale to NW transfer

  • vanpastorman

    Great Point. A lot of teams have transfers.

  • SCHoosier

    Re: Wisconsin..was that “Luke Fischer” a mis-print. Thought he was at Marq. Can’t be two of them?? Lot of IU fans had themselves in an up-roar when the team had a couple of transfers…seem to be a lot of “company” on that issue thru out the conference.

  • CreamandCrimson

    “A former AAU teammate of Bronson Koenig and Luke Fischer”….the three played AAU ball together. You are correct, Luke is at Marquette.

  • marcusgresham

    No, it’s just saying the kid coming into Wisconsin was Fischer’s former teammate.

  • Bled4IU

    they are saying that Schlundt is a former AAU teammate of Luke Fischer

  • Hoosier Hall

    There is a reasonable chance that Wisconsin could sweep the Big 10 conference this year. That being said, I hope if they lose at least one conference game that it’s due to a JBJ 3 pointer at the buzzer!

  • FinEndNow

    I watched Devin Foster play at VU a few times last year. Played with him in the rec center a bit too. Kid can shoot the ball and is a lefty. Pretty cool to see that he’s going to Penn State.

  • MillaRed

    It seems like the people criticizing this have moved on, and the people that were defending it bring it up regularly. Just my opinion.

  • calbert40

    I hope you’re joking, Milla. That’s funny.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I think the B1G is too deep to sweep. It probably won’t be as strong as last year, but aside from Rutgers and Penn State, there aren’t any doormats, and there are too many road environments that pose problems (the Barn, Assembly Hall, Breslin Center, and even Devaney and sMackey … although the Kohl Center is obviously one of those).

    That being said, there’s certainly a chance.

  • skotchie

    Your absolutly right Milla. Kyl ya think the rest of us don’t know kids transfer from other schools when there are between 350 & 400 each year? Guess what we don’t care about other schools kids transferring. We care about the revolving door of (mostly upper classmen) evolving into leadership roles, instead they’re walking out the door. IU won’t win championships so long as they’re one of the youngest teams in the B1G unless the incoming class is all 4 & 5 star talent.

  • Outoftheloop

    I, for one, don’t think that the loss of Jeremy and Austin will hurt IU at all, and it should be good for each player. I would much rather watch Max, Tim and Jeremiah play and develop than watch Austin and Jeremy try to squeeze out a few good plays when we have seen that each just can’t contribute what Indiana needs. Austin will have fun and be loved at Butler. He is a hustle/team guy. Jeremy will have a real second chance to realize his potential at GA St. Neither Austin nor Jeremy could hit the 3. Max and Tim will get a real chance to prove that they can hit the 3. When coupled with the arrival of James and Robert, Indiana goes from one of the worst 3-point shooting teams in the land, to one of the very best. That will change everything for Indiana basketball! Let’s agree NOT to say anything negative about either Max or Tim for the first two years that they play for IU! Give the kids a chance.

  • Outoftheloop

    I wonder what graduate program he is pursuing. It is hard to do law school or medical school and play college basketball!

  • calbert40

    The last few years, the B1G has enjoyed some of the most competitive seasons in a long time. There have been great players coming, and not a lot of players leaving. While there are still a number of very talented incoming players this season, that overall trend will change rather drastically.

    If you just look at the top flight players leaving the conference (in other words, not role players), the exodus of talent this season is pretty amazing: Vonleh, Sheehey, Marble, Payne, Harris, GRobinson, McGary, Stauskus, Crawford, Craft, Ross, Smith, Frazier, Brust, etc.

    Players will step into many of those roles, but those are some big roles to fill.

  • calbert40

    So, we don’t care when kids transfer from other schools. It is understandable, because it happens all the time, so it isn’t a big deal at all. However, when they leave IU, it is a huge deal, because we struggle to find continuity.

    This is a comment that any fan from any school in America can make. It is only a big deal when it happens to you. It is like how a recession is when your neighbor loses his job, but a depression is when you lose yours. It’s all about perspective.

  • calbert40

    Is he a graduate transfer? I thought that in order to receive a graduate transfer and play immediately, you had to be pursuing a graduate degree that was unavailable at the institution you currently attended. Am I wrong on that?

    If I’m not, I find it hard to believe that Yale doesn’t offer a program that NW does.

  • skotchie

    Yes, very well put. As far as understandable, whats to understand because I don’t care. If my neighbor loses his job I’d do anything I could to get him hooked up with people in or near in his industry to help him get another job.

  • calbert40

    The point isn’t about people losing their jobs and what you’d do to help your neighbor if it happened to him. The point is one’s perspective changes his response to the problem. It matters more when it happens to you, or in the case of IU basketball players transferring, to us.

    We all hate that the little girl associated with the MSU team died recently, but it affected the MSU players and coaches much more than the rest of us. They are closer to the situation, so it matters more. I have a little girl the same age, and it hit me in a way it may not have hit some of the younger people on this board who don’t have children. Our individual and/or collective perspective is the reason.

    It really doesn’t matter if this point is understandable or if anyone cares about it or not. It is what it is. The sheer number of our comments (supporting or otherwise) about the recent transfer situation prove it also. We care, because it is happening to us. We don’t care about the players transferring from Maryland…other than how it may affect their performance against IU and the rest of the B1G.

  • MillaRed

    Personally I have moved on. Maybe others haven’t. But the unprovoked “See, See things are awesome” posts months later really don’t help either side IMO.

  • skotchie

    Wow, your deep.
    Lacey Holsworth, brought tears to my eyes every time I saw her with Adreian Payne. I managed to get a personal message to A P expressing my sorrow for his and the family’s loss.

  • MillaRed

    The transfer situation was magnified by the numerous late and post season events that were hard for everyone to digest. We can write all day long and that will not change opinions at this juncture. What we can do is try to move on. The air has been nice to breathe ITH for a good month.

  • Outoftheloop

    You forgot Appling at MSU; the Johnsons at Purdue (#2 and 3 on their team); Hollins at MN; just to name a few more. After WI the B1G field is wide open. No one else has a “team” coming back, except perhaps NE, and I am not a true believer that NE is a top 25 caliber team.

  • Outoftheloop

    Yes, he is immediately available. You can always find one if you have to. For instance Yale has no MBA program.

  • calbert40

    It’s been a slow day at work! Looking for things to pass the time. 🙂

  • calbert40

    Fair point. It is what it is. I’m perfectly okay with moving on from the subject as well.

  • calbert40

    I meant to add Appling. I tried to cut if off at All conference type players, but Ronnie and Terone are very big losses for PU. Even Nebraska lost Gallegos, and he was a solid player for them. Next year should be interesting. I’m guessing it will be fairly unpredictable in slots 3-9.

  • Outoftheloop

    I actually loved this post-season, except for Louisville buying Kenny Johnson for twice his IU salary! I liked the transfers, for the reasons that I stated above. I liked the two new recruits that IU got. I think that we have much more upside in the future and immediate use in 2014-15 than say OSU got with Lee and Thompson: 7’0 is better than 6’9, 2 players for 2 years is better than 1 player each year for 2 years, etc. I don’t think that Lee is that good. I don’t think that Thompson will be significantly better than April in 2015-16. I think Tim may ROCK!

  • Gregory Spera

    “After another offseason of rumored interest from the NBA, Tom Izzo announced in late April that he will remain in East Lansing.”

    Has anybody else heard anything about the Warriors now going hard after Izzo?

  • Ole Man

    Don’t sleep on Neb. I’d rate them second in the conference right now, particularly with their coach.

  • calbert40

    Look, I like Tim Miles, and I think he is a fine coach, but if you think that they are a sleeper team “particularly with [Miles],” I think you are overrating him.

    He has never won an NCAA tourney game. He has only won a conference tourney game three times in seven years. Two of those three wins happened in the round before the Quarterfinals, aka, the play in round. Only ONE TIME has he ever coached a team to the Semifinals of his league tourney, and he lost that game.

    Again, I like him, and I thought he did a great job last year, but he doesn’t have a great track record of winning big games at Nebraska or Colorado St. If they are going to be the 2nd best team in the B1G next year, he is going to have to win games AND deal with the pressure of getting everyone’s best shot. It is one thing to surprise people, but it is another thing completely to go into a place like Breslin and win a game when you are the “better” team. It will be really tough for him, IMO.

  • Outoftheloop

    Whom do you put at #2? I feel that WI is the only team with separation as #1. The rest are up for grabs. I know nothing about MD and Rutgers. I see PSU, NW and Purdue struggling.

  • Outoftheloop

    I don’t see anyone sweeping the B1G, but the luck of the schedule, with no home and away for each team with each team, creates the possibility.

  • SCHoosier speed reading isn’t what it use to be): aAsecond read put it in perspective.

  • Ole Man

    Very good points, Cal. Well- taken.
    Just MHO, but Miles seems to be growing as a coach.
    And he returns every starter, I believe.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Warriors hired Kerr

  • hagster

    We won’t miss either one of them.

  • hagster

    Long as Purdue can beat Indiana they will be satisfied.

  • calbert40

    I’m actually with you on Nebraska. I think they are going to be good again. They return just about everyone other than Gallegos, while the rest of the conference is losing tons of talent. It could be a good year to be a Husker. And I agree that Miles is a very good coach, but I also think that EVERY coach in the B1G is a good coach. Give Pat Chambers some talent, and I think he’d win a lot of games.

    My issue was that I read your comment as Nebraska will be good because of Miles. However, when we look at Miles’ coaching record, we don’t see a lot of postseason success (or regular season except a couple years). On this board, when people regularly rip Crean for “only” making the Sweet 16 in back to back years and winning a B1G regular season title, I think that holding up Miles’ coaching record as a reason a team will be good is a little off for me. Call it cognitive dissonance.

  • calbert40

    Nebraska was a great story last season. They were projected to finish last in the conference, but ended up finishing 4th. Miles won a share of the COY award, and he deserved to win it.

    It is one thing to win games when you aren’t supposed to win them. You can surprise teams. It is another thing to win those games when you are expected to win them. Before I say Nebraska is the 2nd best team in the B1G, I want to see them prove that they can win tough road games when they are expected to win them.

    On paper, they are probably going to be projected as a top 4 team, which means they will be expected to win games on the road in traditionally difficult environments this year: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, OSU, UM, Minny, etc.

    As of right now, I have my questions about teams like MSU and OSU, but they have shown they can win those games. I’d still put MSU and OSU above NU.

  • Ole Man

    Even though they should be doing a rebuild, I would never leave MI out of the conversation as long as Beilein is their coach.

  • calbert40

    Beilein is an excellent coach, but I think UM is on the same path we are on, but just one year delayed. They were really good for two years, and finally everyone left. His incoming class is just okay. I think they are a middle of the pack team next year.

    Any returning player of consequence is a perimeter player: Lavert, Irvin, Walton and Spike. They lost all of their post players. They are going to be relying on Donnal and Wilson to make significant impacts just like we are with HMP and Davis. They may have a slight edge on us in the post, but I think we’ve got them on the perimeter. It will be interesting to see if Lavert and Walton can have duplicate seasons next year as the #1 and #2 options instead of the #3 and #4 options.

    Truthfully, I see Wisky as the clear favorite, and I also see Rutgers, NW, PSU and Purdue as clear doormats. All other teams from 2 to 10 could be interchangeable.

  • MillaRed

    ” I think that we have much more upside in the future and immediate use in 2014-15 than say OSU got with Lee and Thompson”

    Loop, I love ya, but that comment is a lil crazy. Time will tell I guess.

  • kaponya44

    Nebraska aside,I would guess Illinois or Minnesota at this stage .The Gophers lost a few key back court components in Hollins ,Ahanmisi ,and Malik Smith..However I go with them since they not only won the NIT after playing a rugged 2013-14 schedule,but they had also lost Trevor MBakwe ,Joe Coleman,and Rodney Williams in the off season prior and that was a much bigger void to fill.Collectively ,Minnesota returns experience and an identity from the jump of the 2014-15 campaign,while most other B1G teams will have to re-establish their identities due to the critical roles their departures played..

    The Illini return much of their core and add veterans who bring their game experience in with them..Can they mesh ?

    Iowa is another team which lost a couple of key players but retained enough of it’s core to be a strong choice on paper.

  • calbert40

    I could see Minny finishing up near the top, but I could also see them finishing in the 8-10 range too. Same with Illinois.

    That’s the issue in the B1G next season. Outside of Wisky at the top and Rutgers, NW, PSU and Purdue at the bottom, I think we could make fairly convincing arguments for any of the other teams as a contender for the 2-4 spots in the conference. But they each have a fairly glaring weakness too.

    Illinois – returns nearly everyone + LeRon Black, but Black is probably only newcomer who will contribute for a team that finished 9th last year.

    IU – best recruit in the B1G teams up with best PG to form best starting backcourt in the B1G, but who will play in the post?

    Iowa – returns most of last year’s starting lineup, but they lose Marble.

    MD – Four top 100 recruits, but can they handle the physical nature of the B1G?

    MSU – they are MSU, so you know they’ll be good, but they lost a TON of talent and didn’t replace most of it. They have a very pedestrian class for their standards.

    UM – Lost a TON of talent also, but probably better positioned on paper to succeed compared to MSU, but still…it will be nearly impossible to replace Stauskus, GRob3, McGary, etc without some dropoff.

    Minny – you outlined them pretty well, but this group has never finished in the top half of the B1G. They may have the talent to do it, but do they have the mental strength to do it?

    Nebraska – returns nearly everyone, but last year they surprised people. This year, they will get everyone’s best shot. How will they handle the spotlight?

    OSU – Best recruiting class in the B1G, but also lost their 3 best players, including their heart and soul in Craft.

    I’m not ready to make my predictions, but each of these teams has the ability to have a solid season, but they all have question marks too.

  • kaponya44

    I agree with your point there as Minnesota has not closed a regular season in strong fashion for several years now . I am of similar opinion on them and Illinois ,and we all saw Iowa collapse at the seasons end …Those 3 schools are arguably the biggest “folding chair” acts in B1G basketball over the past 3-4 years.. I think that is what initially had me making a list summary similar to your reply to me .I went with the short version although it is hard to tell with my long wind.Lol

    You know something else Calbert ..Given how you put your brief assessment of IU, to me it makes us look even stronger than we appear on paper…I am already in the camp suggesting IU as a possible darkhorse contender and despite being a rather harsh critic of Crean’s utilization of the interior ,I feel my own argument against his style is an argument in favor of the roster make up .I just had a “cant win them all/have my cake and eat it too ” feeling..

    Crean critics may be uneasy about perceived lack of inside/outside balance ,but I see him reverting to early 2013-14 strategy of dictating and maintaining a blistering pace with a lot of drive and kick plays..If the turnover issue is ironed out it should work well since I perceive dramatically stronger shooting with this team….

    Small ball appears suitable for IU when considering strengths vs deficiencies .And our Coach has a taste for it -which is why I cant stick by a prediction for long at this point ..Too early ….I still feel too much small ball hurts the development up front long term especially come tournament time…Also feel CTC should be cautious despite likely doing whatever it takes to retain his job..If he wins playing small ball and we have a roster of underdeveloped bigs going forward it holds the team back ultimately..But with the overall youth and inexperience in the post one thing that should be agreed upon widely is the need to develop the interior capable players we know we have into a competitive group for the sake of recruiting more proven talents in the future.

    With nurture and time I see one of our 5 guys over 6-7 being that respectable inside presence and even the possibility of a committee style rotation of 2-3 guys getting 5-15 minutes each as a “stretch 4″or “5” ,esp when Williams rests ..

    Offense from the post is helpful and makes for a more difficult match up but , I am most concerned with interior defense as the hurdle for this upcoming season ..

    For all of Hanner’s offensive struggles his defense stands a good chance to be the breakout part of his game.The question is – will it ? I cant imagine a lot of B1G players easily pushing him around after 3 years in Coach Jackson’s strength program..But will his footwork and positioning be any better than in the past 2 years? I see Hanner not changing so much on offense yet learning to use his rare physical gifts to blossom on D.

    Devin Davis ,despite being a Sophomore should only become more assertive due to getting stronger and having to become a leader by default in practice for Coach Crean….April being 7 feet tall offers even more hope…You cant teach height and he seems to have the instincts to work with and solid bball IQ as well..Priller will likely be the defensive “biggest project” but he could still be a headache on Offense right away since he can shoot and play the stretch. ..But can we get by with any combination that does not include the fundamentally stronger Davis out there..Can we thrive with any of the above getting more than 5-10 minutes while likely leaving a stronger component to a small lineup sitting ?

    I really like where you are coming from on your posts here.I read several.They make me think a bit harder ..A lot like Milla’s do but in a different way.

  • calbert40

    Right. I have a hard time trusting a team like Minnesota or Iowa to finish 2nd until they show they can finish that high (sounds like a Captain Obvious saying, but I think most get the gist of what I’m saying).

    I wasn’t trying to position IU ahead of the other schools with those blurbs, but I see what you are saying. Would you rather IU have a potential weakness in the post, or at PG like OSU may have? Some of those schools are losing their top 2 or 3 scoring options. How will they score? Those are tough questions to answer also. We just see our team’s issues as more glaring.

    It goes back to a conversation I was having about a week ago with some guys about perspective clouding our ability to view items objectively. In other words, I’m certain that MSU and UM fans are concerned about losing all that scoring and how it will be replaced; Iowa fans are concerned about losing Marble; OSU fans aren’t sure who will run the point….and IU fans are concerned about who will emerge in the post.