An early look at who’s coming and going in the Big Ten

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With the spring signing period underway and several key NBA Draft decisions out of the way, it’s time for our first look at who’s coming and going in the Big Ten for the 2014-2015 season.

Illinois (20-15, 8th place tie, NIT second round)

· Arriving: Aaron Cosby (Seton Hall), Ahmad Starks (Oregon State), Darius Paul (Western Michigan), LeRon Black (247Composite Top 100), Michael Finke

· Departing: Jon Ekey (graduation), Joseph Bertrand (graduation)

Notes: The Illini will return all five starters and also add a top 100 recruit in Black and three transfers who are capable of making an impact. If you’re looking for a sleeper team next season in the Big Ten, Illinois may fit the bill.

Indiana (17-15, 8th place tie)

· Arriving: James Blackmon Jr. (247Composite Top 100), Max Hoetzel, Robert Johnson (247Composite Top 100)

· Departing: Austin Etherington (transfer), Evan Gordon (graduation), Jeff Howard (graduation) Jeremy Hollowell (transfer), Noah Vonleh (NBA), Will Sheehey (graduation)

Notes: The Hoosiers were hit by a midseason transfer (Luke Fischer) and then had Etherington and Hollowell leave after the season. Throw in the early departure of Vonleh, a likely lottery pick and IU still has three open scholarships. Blackmon Jr.’s arrival means that IU has a McDonald’s All-American for four straight years.

Iowa (20-13, 6th place, NCAA First Four)

· Arriving: Brady Ellingson, Dominique Uhl, Trey Dickerson

· Departing: Darius Stokes (transfer), Devyn Marble (graduation), Kyle Meyer (transfer), Melsahn Basabe (graduation), Zach McCabe (graduation)

Notes: The loss of Marble is a big one, but Iowa still returns a solid chunk of its rotation from a team that finally broke through and made the NCAA tournament despite a near collapse to finish the season.

Maryland (17-15, 7th place tie in ACC)

· Arriving: Dion Wiley (247Composite Top 100), Jared Nickens (247Composite Top 100), Melo Trimble (247Composite Top 100), Michael Cekovsky, Trayvon Reed (247Composite Top 100)

· Departing: Nick Faust (transfer), Roddy Peters (transfer), Shaquille Cleare (transfer)

Notes: Despite losing three contributors via transfer, Maryland still returns its top four scorers and adds four top 100 recruits according to the 247Composite including McDonald’s All-American Melo Trimble.

Michigan State (29-9, 2nd place tie, NCAA Elite Eight)

· Arriving: LouRawls Nairn (247Composite Top 100), Javon Bess, Marvin Clark

· Departing: Adreian Payne (graduation), Gary Harris (NBA), Keith Appling (graduation)

Notes: The Spartans lose their three best players, but will return Branden Dawson and Denzel Valentine to pair with other role players who gained plenty of experience given the team’s injury woes last season.

Michigan (28-9, 1st place, NCAA Elite Eight)

· Arriving: D.J. Wilson, Kameron Chatman (247Composite Top 100), Ricky Doyle

· Departing: Glenn Robinson III (NBA), Jordan Morgan (graduation), Jon Horford (transfer), Nik Stauskas (NBA)

Notes: The losses of Stauskas and Robinson are obviously big and Horford’s decision to leave could also leave the Wolverines with a hole in the middle if Mitch McGary decides to enter the NBA draft.

Minnesota (25-13, 7th place, NIT Champion)

· Arriving: Carlos Morris, Gaston Diedhiou, Josh Martin, Nate Mason Jr.

· Departing: Austin Hollins (graduation), Malik Smith (graduation), Maverick Ahanmisi (graduation), Oto Osenieks (medical), Wally Ellenson (transfer)

Notes: The Gophers add four recruits, highlighted by Morris, a junior college guard who will likely fill in for Hollins. With DeAndre Mathieu and Andre Hollins back, along with Elliott Eliason and Maurice Walker up front, the Gophers should be solid once again.

Nebraska (19-13, 4th place, NCAA round of 64)

· Arriving: Jacob Hammond, Tarin Smith

· Departing: Deverell Biggs (transfer), Ray Gallegos (graduation), Sergej Vucetic (transfer)

Notes: With the Huskers, it’s more about who is coming back rather than who is coming in. After being picked to finish last in the Big Ten this past season, Nebraska returns its two most important players in Terran Petteway and Shavon Shields.

Northwestern (14-19, 10th place tie)

· Arriving: Bryant McIntosh, Gavin Skelly, Johnnie Vassar, Scott Lindsey, Victor Law (247Composite Top 100)

· Departing: Drew Crawford (graduation), Kale Abrahamson (transfer), Nikola Cerina (graduation)

Notes: After playing his rookie season as a head coach with a depleted roster, Chris Collins welcomes five recruits to Evanston, highlighted by Law, who is from Chicago and McIntosh, an Indiana All-Star.

Ohio State (25-10, 5th place, NCAA round of 64)

· Arriving: Anthony Lee (Temple), Dave Bell, D’Angelo Russell (247Composite Top 100), Jae’Sean Tate (247Composite Top 100), Keita Bates-Diop (247Composite Top 100), Trevor Thompson (Virginia Tech)

· Departing: Aaron Craft (graduation), Amedeo Della Valle (Europe), LaQuinton Ross (NBA), Lenzelle Smith Jr. (graduation)

Notes: The Buckeyes lose their top three scorers, but add a trip of 247Composite Top 100 recruits and Lee, a graduate transfer from Temple. Ohio State also added Trevor Thompson from Virginia Tech, who may apply for a waiver to become eligible immediately.

Penn State (16-18, 10th place tie, CBI quarterfinals)

· Arriving: Shep Garner, Isaiah Washington

· Departing: Graham Woodward (transfer), Tim Frazier (graduation)

Notes: Frazier is obviously a major loss and Pat Chambers continues to face an uphill battle to bring talent to Penn State as evidence by his 2014 group, which 247Sports ranks 11th best in the conference.

Purdue (15-17, 12th place)

· Arriving: Dakota Mathias, Isaac Haas (247Composite Top 100), Jacquil Taylor, P.J. Thompson, Vince Edwards

· Departing: Errick Peck (graduation), Jay Simpson (medical), Ronnie Johnson (transfer), Sterling Carter (graduation), Terone Johnson (graduation), Travis Carroll (graduation)

Notes: Like Indiana, Purdue has a good amount of roster turnover, but the biggest domino still out there to fall for the Boilermakers is A.J. Hammons and whether he’ll put his name in the NBA draft.

Rutgers (12-21, 7th place in AAC)

· Arriving: D.J. Foreman, Mike Williams

· Departing: Craig Brown (transfer), D’Von Campbell (transfer), Jerome Seagears (transfer), J.J. Moore (graduation), Wally Judge (graduation)

Notes: The Scarlet Knights couldn’t sniff the top half of the American Athletic Conference and their debut season in the Big Ten could be ugly.

Wisconsin (30-8, 2nd place tie, NCAA Final Four)

· Arriving: Ethan Happ

· Departing: Ben Brust (graduation)

Notes: Bo Ryan returns everyone from a Final Four team besides Brust, which makes the Badgers the early favorite to win the 2015 Big Ten championship.

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  • calbert40

    This is the type of reasonable discourse this site has been missing. It is high time someone had the courage to say what we’ve all been thinking: defending Crean and the IU basketball program is like defending a Fascist regime. A truly exceptional post.

    Well done.

  • dwdkc

    It was part of it, not all of it. I was very close to the action and it was pretty inexcusable. The problem was it was a momentum killer because there were no calls probably 4 or 5 straight times down the court when IU was making its early 2nd half run. Very frustrating, wish I didn’t rehash it again

  • calbert40

    I’m not trying to be difficult, but I seriously have no idea how suggesting Syracuse was a bad match-up is “cliche.” No idea. People can disagree with me (and the multitude of others suggesting the same) on this point, but my suggestion that it was a poor match-up is not “cliche.”

    The fact that Syracuse, a Final Four team that year btw, lost to some inferior teams doesn’t mean we should have beaten them DUE TO THAT. What another team does against a common opponent has no bearing due to a number of reasons…one being how a team matches up against another team.

  • Ole Man

    I’d bet today that MSU is in the top four in the conference.

  • Ole Man

    Never think you’re being difficult. I enjoy your posts, even when we disagree.

  • Academic participation is great. We all care about that but its easily forgotten when Indiana is a second rate basketball school. There’s no question that Crean should be gone if he misses the tournament next year. The excuses need to stop after this year. Period. And please stop using Kelvin Sampson as the yardstick for comparison. Everyone looks like a godsend compared to him.

  • My biggest fear is that we miss out on the 2017 class. It’s amazing how far and how fast this program is falling just 1 season removed from being favorites to win it all.

  • Yeah. OSU is going to be VERY good. D. Russell will be the B1G Freshman of the Year. Dude can fill it up against anyone guarding him.

  • We’re still using that excuse huh? The guy has had 4 McD’s AA’s and made 2 sweet 16’s. Break out the bubbly my friend. lol.

  • Who’s responsible for extending coaches into the next millenium without having proved anything other than a sweet 16 and preseason mythical #1 ranking? Knee jerk reactions could cost me my job. Why is he above this?

  • I cant be mad at you for this statement. It hurts bc I was really hoping (when we hired him) that he was the guy. But its looking more and more like we missed again. I respect the people who fully support him, for the sole reason that loyalty is an honorable virtue, in my eyes. I just feel like they make way too many excuses for a man who is paid like a top 5 coach and is barely performing like a top 50.

  • Lets be honest. NOBODY expected that team to sniff the final four and the championship game. He did coach them very well. His issues were the polar opposites of Crean’s.

  • Creans abilities looked atrocious even the year we won the B1G. He tried to lose us quite a few games. Blew huge leads with his horrendous sub patterns, lack of using crucial, well timed timeouts, so on and so forth. Would you like to know the number of times we were outscored by close to, double, or more than double, in the second half? Just make sure you’re ready to change your Avatar once you see this number.

  • Hammons has announced that he is returning to Purdue this year.

  • calbert40

    Back at you, Ole Man. I enjoy mixing it up with you too regardless of viewpoint.

  • trailrunner

    You are just a BS artist. Who pays you to post?

  • calbert40

    I really wish your comment wasn’t deleted, so everyone could see how ridiculous it was. The more you disagree with me, the better I feel about my viewpoint. Keep using the abusive language. It really helps.

  • trailrunner

    Quit crying little fella. Someone needs to call you on your propaganda.

  • calbert40

    In the past few posts, you have suggested of people who disagree with you that they are:
    * small-minded
    * crybabies
    * BS artists
    * members of the Crean family

    * Propagandists
    * similar to those who defended Fascism
    * paid to post their nonsense

    Seriously…that’s just in about four posts! And based on my memory, those posts aren’t unusual for you. Just say you disagree, and then back it up with reason and rationale as opposed to name calling and abusive language. There’s no need to respond the way you do. You may think it makes you seem tough and opinionated, but it does quite the opposite. Your opinions would be more respected if you were simply more respectful to others with whom you disagree.

  • EdgarAllenPoor

    I agree

  • EdgarAllenPoor

    My opinion agrees with your opinion.