A look at some of the remaining 2014 recruiting options

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As of today, Indiana will add a trio of recruits, James Blackmon Jr., Max Hoetzel and Robert Johnson, to next season’s roster.

But with the recent decisions of Austin Etherington and Jeremy Hollowell to transfer, along with the departure of Noah Vonleh to the NBA and the midseason transfer of Luke Fischer, the Hoosiers still have three open scholarships for next season.

With the spring signing period beginning on Wednesday, here’s a look at some of the names that remain on the board. Please note that school lists aren’t necessarily all-inclusive, do not denote offers and that this list is in no particular order:

Josh Cunningham, Morgan Park (Ill.), 6-foot-7 forward

· Schools: Bradley, Creighton, DePaul, Indiana, Iowa State, Minnesota, South Carolina
· Notes: Cunningham took his fifth and final official visit to South Carolina over the weekend and is scheduled to announce his decision on Friday, April 18. Per a report over the weekend by Adam Zagoria, St. John’s has come in with a late scholarship offer to Cunningham.

Marial Shayok, Blair Academy (N.J.), 6-foot-7 wing

· Schools: Indiana, La Salle, Marquette, Michigan, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Rutgers, West Virginia
· Notes: Shayok, who was signed with Marquette, received his release from his National Letter of Intent and is back on the market. According to reports, Shayok was offered by Indiana after receiving his release from the Golden Eagles.

Deng Deng, Lee College (Tx.), 6-foot-8 forward

· Schools: Arizona State, Baylor, Gonzaga, Houston, Indiana, LSU, Nebraska, Texas Tech
· Notes: All we know at this point regarding IU’s interest in Deng is that the Hoosiers were reportedly in to visit him last week. Deng had surgery recently to repair a broken ankle, but is rated a four-star prospect and the fourth best junior college prospect by the 247Composite.

Ryan Anderson, Boston College transfer, 6-foot-9 forward

· Schools: Arizona, Indiana, Iowa State, New Mexico, San Diego State, Washington
· Notes: Anderson, who averaged 14.3 points and 7.3 rebounds, won’t be eligible until the 2015-2016 season due to NCAA transfer rules and is going to use the time off to have shoulder surgery. Indiana was mentioned as a school involved in this update from the Washington 247Sports site.

Moses Ayegba, Georgetown transfer, 6-foot-9 center

· Schools: Indiana, Indiana State, LIU, Nebraska, Pepperdine, Rhode Island, Towson, Wichita State.
· Notes: As a graduate transfer, Ayegba, will be eligible immediately. He averaged 1.9 points and 2.8 rebounds last season at Georgetown. Over the weekend, Ayegba took an official visit to Nebraska.

Link Kabadyundi, Alma Academy (Montreal Quebec, Canada), 7-foot-1 center

· Schools: Buffalo, Fresno State, Georgia, Indiana, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico State, SMU, TCU, UNLV
· Notes: There’s little out there on Kabadyundi, who was once committed to Albany. Hoops Hype Canada mentioned IU has expressed interest in a story last week.

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  • KmanCRK

    DD is absolutely a postplayer despite what others are saying. If he’s not a post player then what in the heck is he? I can count the # of jumpers he hit this year on 1 hand. Does he ever catch the ball on the perimeter and think anything other than pass? Nope… Post player.

  • FinEndNow

    DD was a SF/SG while in HS. He can play the perimeter. But he also knows that he is now 1 of 2 “big men” on the team. Hanner is the only real post player we have.

  • Shaggy_C

    It’s April of 2014 recruiting for Fall of 2014. Obviously we’re looking at bottom of the barrel – the big signing periods for the upcoming year are long in the past and all the top talent is already long gone. I don’t think the current situation (with the number of transfers and lack of oversigns in the last year) are really indicative of major trouble on the recruiting front.

    If this is the quality we’re looking at for 2015, then I might be inclined to agree with you. But, at this point, we’re just trying to get some bodies to plug in for a year or two, so expectations have to go down a notch.

  • Alford Bailey

    The current situation is upon us because of past recruiting issues. So it all ties together.

  • I don’t know what ypu were reading or watching, last year, but Crean did not try to turn JH into a post player. He tried to turn him into a point guard… But when he did so poorly early on, he did give him some minutes subbing for Noah.. But I would hardly call that “trying to turn him into a post player”. Jeremy just didn’t seem interested in anything on the floor, for most of the time I saw him.

  • Disco_Briscoe

    Did you see Anya play for NC St this year? I think you would retract this post if you did.

  • It all depend on how ‘you’ want to frame it.. I would asay Crean is investigating all possibilities in trying to find some productive players to add to next years team. As was pointed out below.. the very top possibilities are long gone by now. That doesn’t mean there isn’t some decent possibilities that can contribute to IU basketball next year. I like the fact that he is all over those possibilities to determine not only which are the best for us, but also, which ones really want to play for the Hoosiers. I do not see the downside in that.

  • Christopher Christophson

    He weighs 325 lbs and doesn’t play for NC State

  • Ryan Hill

    Didn’t CTC have JH running point early on? Not saying he was properly used either way, but I wouldn’t count out the possibility of DD becoming at minimum a slash forward here as long as CTC sees him putting in the work. Seems to me you have to be a 24 hr Jordy Hulls or Vic Oladipo to get the go ahead to let it fly.

  • dssnyder1

    seriously, what’s the point of even mentioning players who are not with the IU program?
    they made a choice. it’s over. move on

  • RMK

    I wouldn’t classify any of these guys with the exception of maybe Link and Ayegba as scrubs. I have not seen the first three play but they are all fairly well regarded by the scouting sites. Cunningham is actually one of the few players left in the ESPN top 100. Shayok (per rating and scouting report) seems to be a solid prospect, Deng is rated highly on the JC scene, and Anderson has put up legit numbers at a high level (though I’m not sure about taking him on since he will take a ’15 scholarship). I think the ideal situation with what is left is to grab Ayegba (holds a place for next year), Cunningham or Shayok, and Deng or keep a scholly.

  • CreanFaithful

    I’m not going to do the research, but I’d love to see ANY stat sheet from high school, recruiting profile or sports reporting authority that lists DD as a SG…

  • MPmike B

    Oh, no!!! No more 7-foot projects! How many of these players that IU has to go through before they learn? I rather have more deadly jump shooters that can pass and handle the ball well.

  • CreanFaithful

    Cue a flurry of comments from FinEndNow…

  • Michael Wade

    I find it hard to balance untested potential against current IU team
    members potential. I am always more committed to those at IU than those
    not yet committed; and, I am always more interested and more elated by a
    jump in ability between college years, even if between junior and
    senior year, than the possibility of high school to college. Frankly, I
    am just a fan and follow the stories of individuals–the longer the
    story and commitment to IU with increasing success year over year, the
    more I enjoy it.

  • dwdkc

    Re: Ayegba–a big body with a little experience, even if not very good, would still be helpful for a few minutes next year if Hanner gets in foul trouble or to give him some rest. HMP can’t realistically play 35 minutes every night. I’d like Deng or Anderson also so we have an experienced big for ’15-16 when we might have a really good team. Hard for bigs to adjust quickly to the college game so even if we have a freshman stud or two, having a lower-ceiling banger who’s been around awhile will still come in handy for depth.

  • drewheck

    I’d be fine with link and shayok if we could land Daniel giddens for 2015

  • SCHoosier

    Nah he would have been “one ton and done.”

  • jaywiz

    soooo pritch?

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I completely agree with you as well. DD has the strength and athleticism to compete as a strong PF at the collegiate level. I would like to see him develop more of a perimeter game though because he’s not big enough to play in the post at the next level!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    At least he’s past the “foreign born player who’ll have to sit out 9 games” stage!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    If Mark Few at Gonzaga is after Deng Deng then he seems like the only guy on this list worth taking besides Cunningham, but I have to admit that I’m not really excited about the near future. I’ve been a CTC supporter for the most part and though I have long said I didn’t think he was a “great” X’s and O’s coach I thought he was a very good recruiter and motivator. Unfortunately, the failure to improve over the course of the season and then the departures after it have probably set up another really tough year and unless he can turn the tide with a last second recruiting miracle he’s probably not going to last another season worse than this one. I’ve been wrong plenty of times before but it’s going to be really hard IMO for next year’s team to be better than this year’s when you remove two upperclassmen and a lottery pick!

    The fact that ITH has to report on these “last chance” recruits who aren’t even on recruiting boards (most of them) shows how far the program has fallen in the last year!

  • IUBizmark

    Exactly what Ryan said. I think the reason only three guys were ever allowed to shoot was because Crean told the team that they were the only ones allowed to shoot. It’s no secret we were horrible on offense and I believe Crean wasn’t willing to risk many possessions on shots from guys who weren’t quality shooters.

    Also, I agree we don’t need a “do everything” big, just someone to do the dirty work.

  • IUBizmark

    Saw someone on another board talking about Anya. They guy was like, “if he drops 50lbs. and works on his jumper he could be awesome!” 50lbs. is no small task to drop.

  • Snookafly

    If the coaches didn’t want 6’10” Noah Vonleh to get bigger than 240 (Je’ney actually said it) what makes you think DD will be allowed to bulk up that much?

  • recker

    Deng Deng is a stud Crean will land. Bank on it. How can you turn on a guy who brought us bank from the brink? He lost four 1000 point players last year and had a young young team. Next years team will be good with the shooters we have coming in and Hanner will be a beast. The future is bright and we have a special coach ladies and gents.

  • HoosierFan76

    I just researched Yahoo (Rivals), ESPN, and 247 and they all listed DD at SF in HS (none said SG). I think he could play PF in college, though, because of his build, rebounding instinct and tenacity. There’s a lot of Charles Barkley in his game. Sir Charles led the NBA in rebounding while being listed at 6’6″ (he states in his book that he’s really 6’4″).

    As far as recruiting bigs for this coming season is concerned, my philosophy is that IU should either get someone who can help immediately this season or be reasonably expected to be a major contributor in the following years. No more projects who may never see the court. The bigs available in the 2015 recruiting class are too good to pass up by locking scholarships in on guys who may never contribute.

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    There are less projects in Chicago than on this list…

  • KmanCRK

    Anyone not listed as a center is a longshot at this point in my opinion. 6-7 and 6-8 guys that want to be “wing” players only have to look at our roster to know that they’ll most likely be stuck playing down low. Heck, Stanford was stuck guarding CJ Fair for a good chunk of the Syracuse game last year. I’ve always said that with his faults, recruiting was an area I would never worry about under Crean…I’m starting to worry.

  • Ole Man

    Literal laugh out loud.

  • Ole Man

    Next year’s team will be younger.
    What will be the excuse then?