Luke Fischer leaves Indiana, will transfer

  • 12/30/2013 3:16 pm in

Freshman center Luke Fischer is no longer enrolled at Indiana University, Indiana announced in a press release Monday afternoon.

“Luke has decided to withdraw from Indiana and pursue another educational and basketball opportunity,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said in the release. “He explained to us he is looking for a different fit for him. We hate to see a fine young man like Luke leave, but he has made his decision and we wish the entire Fischer family well.”

Fischer had played in all 13 of Indiana’s games this season and averaged 2.8 points, 2.1 rebounds and 0.8 blocks in 10 minutes per game.

In his most recent outing on Dec. 22 against Kennesaw State, Fischer recorded a career-high 10 points and also had three blocks.

When Crean spoke to the media later Monday afternoon, he said Fischer informed him of his desire to transfer at around 10 a.m. Monday morning.

As far as where Indiana goes from here, he said the team will simply “move on” from his departure.

“It is what it is, and you wish him the best,” Crean said. “We’ll miss his potential. We’ll miss him as a person. He did an outstanding job here, academically. He’s an outstanding young man. And we move right on. The team moves right on, practice moves right on, and we just go. That’s really what it was.”

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  • William Hagenmaier

    He will never replace Bob Knight The General

  • William Hagenmaier

    how to you look impressive playing 2 minute stretches with Iu running up and down the floor helter skelter style

  • yimyames

    I’m not convinced this had anything to do with playing time.

  • Travis

    If he transfers in conference hed have to sit out two years. Im surprised nobody has mentioned Marquette as a possible destination. Seems most likely to me.

  • William Hagenmaier

    Will someone please tell me why Hollowell is in starting line up and why we play with one guard?????

  • RG

    He is a pro, but he is an undisciplined pro.

  • Ole Man

    It has suffered a huge setback.
    You think CTC walks on water and can’t accept facts when they happen.
    Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge this is a setback is simply in denial.
    Even Alex, if you’d read the article instead of just posting, called this a setback.

  • JethroTroll

    No, the only thing I’ve learned here is that you cant admit that you were wrong, even when the facts, that you asked for, proved it.

  • Dick_Pepperfield

    Better yet, you explain how it isn’t Creans fault Dave

  • Goon

    It is against big 10 regs to transfer within the conference.

  • William Hagenmaier

    Iu might win 6 games in big ten

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    Damn……hate to lose him

  • Jason Berry

    yes recker ended up at iowa after he went to Arizona got into a terrible auto accident then ended up at iowa.. also former wisky player sam okey transferred from wisky to iowa

  • Steve Swafford

    Larry bird comes to mind

  • Smilinjay

    Just a game winner tonight at the buzzer and a 16 ppg avg so far. He really looks immobile to me… His basketball savvy and experience would have been a huge help on this team.

  • Sally

    I’m disappointed Fischer is leaving, but I’m more disappointed in our fan base. I love Bobby, but we had high recruits leave under him all the time…Funderburke and Jason Collier are two examples. I enjoy this website and its writing, but our fan base is so negative toward Crean that it makes it hard to read. Bobby won 3 championships in 30 years (1 every 10 years). By my math Crean still has time to produce….and by any measure the program is in a better position than it’s been in 10 years. Happy New Years all you Debbie Downers!!!

  • Sally

    Settle down Scooter…

  • Cutter83

    The concern with Crean is a pattern is forming. He doesn’t keep Mo Creek because he basically isn’t going to play him and wants to fill other roster spots, Mo is having a great year at GW. Remy and Crean get into an argument, rash decisions are made and Remy is gone. His star commits for next year Lyle and Blackmon re-open the college search, keeps Blackmon, probably lost Lyle, and now one of the potential star recruits of this class has decided to leave. The question has to be asked what exactly is happening in the locker room? The offense is designed to get fouled and shoot free throws, I’m sorry, but that is not a winning formula. He flat out says it after the Illinois game. IU is already in jeopardy of not making tournament, will probably need to win 10 in conference and have no good non-conference wins.

  • Ole Man

    So, basically, you’re right and the owner of ITH is wrong?

  • JethroTroll

    Yeah, I agree. It’s borderline psychotic the comments some of these board members make.

  • JethroTroll

    Nowhere in this article does ITH talk about ‘setbacks’. Guess that makes you 0-2 in this thread. Keep up the bad work.


    Oh, I understand whole heartily why you responded to him I would have done the same in this case. My comment was meant to be more a case of me equating a lot of his comments to the same intelligence level that an animal that throws their own poop possesses, rather than it was that you responded to him. Maybe it’s wrong of me to draw that comparison but after reading some of his other comments (Victrobear & Scooter seem to fall into this category as well) it just seemed like the comparison fit. lol

  • Corey M

    Look this transfer leaves our roster in bad shape for the remaining of the year when it comes to a front court rotation, and possibly next year with an incoming class of a PG, SG, and SF but lets not exaggerate Fischer’s talent and potential because of it… One of a kind player, he is not

  • Ole Man

    Not in this article. Is this all you read?
    Geez; you’re such a troll.

  • JethroTroll

    Fail. You cant refute the facts that I’ve presented that have proved you wrong, and all you’re capable of doing now is simply trying to discredit me.

  • Robert J Morgan

    Crean does develop big men. I:e: Cody. He is riding the bench in the NBA.
    Run and gun only creates turn overs. John Wooden always said hurry but do not rush. Calbert saw the light and now Fisher.

  • Robert J Morgan

    Yes, now he has to be taught how to play like a big man.

  • Robert J Morgan

    How true, and we will continue see 15 + turn overs each game!

  • Robert J Morgan

    If Crean did more coaching in practice, he would not have to be on the court screaming about each move he wanted them to make. A coach on the floor used to mean a smart player leading his team, now it is Crean standing on the court directing each move. Isn’t this 6 men on the court.

  • Bled4IU

    I can’t agree more, you can go look thru the comments on every article and there are a few people on here that have nothing but negative garbage that they post, every single time they post something. It is ridiculous and bothersome to see other Hoosier fans with such little class.

  • Kreigh Hook

    He couldn’t do anything with it. That’s the point. Who cares about how great a recruiting class is if he can’t win.

    The only 3 guys he recruited that were a damn was Jared Jeffries, Marshall Strickland and DJ White.

  • Kreigh Hook

    Brad Stevens the same way.

  • Kreigh Hook

    well since now he said out of respect to crean hes not going to another big 10 school (so that rules out wisconsin). He’ll probably end up at Marquette.

  • Kreigh Hook

    i’m still not sold that Jurkin will be here next year. I have a feeling that eitherington will transfer, hartman and Jurkin will go.

  • Kreigh Hook

    Germantown HS is a 4A school.. with i believe over 2,000 students. Larry Bird came from a HS with less than 400 and the town was much smaller than germantown. I imagine he was just home sick and wanted to be closer to his familly. I dont think the size of the school had anything to do with it… plus bird was also made fun of a lot for being poor (thanks kent benson)

  • Kreigh Hook

    they had that rule but it was changed i believe in in 2012. good thing he said out of respect for IU and coach crean he will not attend another big 10 school.

  • Kreigh Hook

    it stinks that luke is transferring but I hope he finds the school of his choice. You saw his potential even in the small time he played. We’ll hear about him once he is able to play.

    It stinks knowing that Remy Abell and Luke will be playing well at schools other than IU.

  • Dozdog

    Gonzaga here he comes. Big men get really, really.

  • Dozdog

    Gonzaga here he comes. Big men get really, really good.

  • mrstephe

    Sitting on the bench watching players who aren’t very good get more playing time had to play a part in his decision. Should have been starting and getting 30 min a game. Crean isnt a very good judge of talent. Remember Remy Able and all the playing time he got? He sucked. Now there is a group of forwards that suck getting playing time. He probably saw the writing on the wall.

  • that guy

    Crean is one of the worst in-game coaches I’ve ever seen. The Sweet 16 game was exhibit a, b, c, d, e, f….. and z. It was as if the team was shocked to see Syracuse in a 2-3 zone when, NEWSFLASH, that’s all the ‘Cuse EVER RUN. I figured Crean could make some halftime adjustments and they’d be better. NOPE.

    Good recruiter, but a bad in-game coach. And also a blowhard. Like, a major blowhard.