Film Session: Good offense, bad defense

  • 03/07/2014 9:15 am in

Here’s Petteway getting a ball screen on the left wing again from David Rivers. Davis is way off Rivers and Sheehey is beginning to lean in away from Parker:


Rivers gets the ball from Petteway. Petteway heads to the right wing and gets the ball back:


Robinson has stayed with Petteway. But as Walter Pitchford sets another ball screen for Petteway … :


Robinson and Troy Williams switch. Robinson now has Pitchford with Williams on Petteway:


Pitchford again comes in for a ball screen, but quickly slips as both Williams and Robinson converge:


The Hoosiers were set up to switch everything. But Williams tries sticking with Petteway for a second, and then oddly spins out of the action and never really fully commit outs to Pitchford. Davis thinks about it, but he too doesn’t go out to get a hand up:


So Pritchford hits the uncontested 3-pointer, which just about sunk the Hoosiers:


“The mistake late of leaving Pitchford baffles my mind,” said Tom Crean after the game. “I don’t know how we can make a mistake there in a switch game.”

Williams, who had a nice game on offense but still has his freshman moments, appeared to be the culprit here.


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