Film Session: Hanner’s lobs, Sheehey’s D

  • 03/04/2014 9:20 am in

Where they’ve failed earlier in the season, the Hoosiers made plays on both ends of the court in the closing minutes against the Buckeyes to seal the victory on Sunday.

A look at Hanner Mosquera-Perea’s two lobs and Will Sheehey’s D on Aaron Craft — with some help from Mosquera-Perea —  in the latest edition of Film Session:

With Indiana holding onto a five-point lead with just over three and half minutes left, Mosquera-Perea makes a pass to Yogi Ferrell on the perimeter:


Mosquera-Perea sets a ball screen on Craft for Ferrell:


On the roll, Ferrell shows no hesitation and immediately lobs it up to Mosquera-Perea:


LaQuinton Ross tries coming in off the backline to stop Mosquera-Perea at the rim, but he seems caught off  guard, takes a bit of a bad angle and ends up picking up his fifth foul and has to exit the contest:


Mosquera-Perea, despite his improvements this season, isn’t the most trust-worthy Hoosier with the ball in his hands or on the catch. But his point guard showed complete faith in him here, and it paid off for IU.


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  • Air Columbia was great against OSU. Looked like he knew where he was going, and that slip-screen alley-oop was drawn up well. Massive improvement from last year…and last week.

  • SCHoosier

    Biggest thing about one of HP’s bucket was that Ross fouled out with a lot of tie left. Q was eating IU’s lunch in the second half. HMP playing with more confidence. Just catch the ball…an please don’t let it touch the floor if you can help it.

  • Bama4iu

    The simple answer is that NV is a Lottery Pick and HMP is not at this point. They were giving HMP much more room. Had NV been the game, there would have been a different defensive look with man to man , double, triple teams. Basically, more awareness of a double-double guy and denial of the entry pass. I would bet that deep pass won’t be there for long if HMP keeps making defenses pay. just my thought on it. Great game by HMP. I am so happy for him to have had this game. I hope he can build on this and really springboard this into a strong offseason for next year.