Film Session: Hanner’s lobs, Sheehey’s D

  • 03/04/2014 9:20 am in

Evan Gordon dribbles out the shot clock up top:


He makes a move left toward the top of the key. With eight seconds remaining on the shot clock, Mosquera-Perea slips a screen for him:


As they did on the first highlighted play, Ohio State sends the big (McDonald) at the ballhandler, which frees Mosquera-Perea and he calls for it:


Gordon throws it later than Ferrell did, so the pass is on more of a sharp, straight line. Mosquera-Perea again is able to catch and score against the approaching backline defense from the left block (Sam Thompson):


With Noah Vonleh out, Mosquera-Perea came up huge on both sides of the ball late in what was probably his best performance as a Hoosier.


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