Film Session: Giving up the 3-ball

  • 02/03/2014 2:24 pm in

In last Thursday evening’s 60-55 loss to Nebraska, Indiana allowed the Cornhuskers a 6-of-11 mark from distance after halftime. It was just one of many reasons why Nebraska was able to trim a 13-point halftime deficit, take the lead and eventually win the game.

A look at how the Hoosiers gave up four of Nebraska’s six makes in the latest edition of Film Session:

Noah Vonleh scores in the paint for the Hoosiers. Troy Williams has followed the shot looking for a tip-in dunk, but the ball is through the hoop as he grabs the rim:


Williams falls to the floor and Nebraska takes over possession and inbounds the ball:


With Williams behind the action because of the fall, Nebraska swings the ball in semi-transition to a wide open Ray Gallegos, Williams’ man:


It’s a simple catch, shoot and score from there as Williams has finally made his way across half court:


Williams’ decision-making is questionable at times, and this was certainly a Troy being Troy moment: Going for the home run play and getting burned on the other end because of it.


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  • Gregory J. Haggard

    Stellar job once again.
    This really brings home our youth, and how far we have to go.
    I agree with you on Williams questionable decisions, and he certainly didn’t hustle back down court, but I would have thought someone else would’ve helped a bit sooner.
    As has been mentioned previously, lack of communication.

  • IUJeff

    Althought a nice job as always on these film sessions, I was surprised to see a film session of this disappointing game, instead of one where we just beat up on a top 10 ranked Michigan.
    Not sure why, but I don’t think there is enough buzz or props to IU for the most recent game.

  • iuoiu

    While watching the game, I thought example 1 where Troy went for the put back then fell, allowing Neb. to convert an open 3 was a huge momentum swing. They definitely came out with a new energy at the start of the 2nd half and this play kind of gave them the confidence boost they needed to continue on.

    The big thing here though is that you can’t go and beat Troy over the head with this. You WANT aggressive kids who can do the athletic things that he can do. You just need to accept that every once and a while this will bite you in the butt as it did here. The good thing though is that as he gains experience, he’ll be able to identify better the times when it’s OK to go all space-Troy on them, and when it’s better to lock it down. He’s going to be great.

  • iuoiu

    I agree to an extent. I definitely thought that before the Michigan game there was a doom and gloom feeling from way too many of the posters, and that it actually held on even after beating Michigan (many of them downplaying it because Yogi had a great game sigh). I believe some people just gave up after Nebraska, which is a shame because these are the things that happen to a young team in the BIG. Ups and downs are part of their growth and we’ll see more this year.

    The moral here is that you can’t get so down on them after games like Nebraska, and you can’t get crazy excited after games like Michigan.