Film Session: Digging into Syracuse

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It wasn’t often, but the Hoosiers did find success on occasion against Syracuse’s 2-3 zone in their blowout 69-52 loss to the Orange. A look at two such occasions in the first half as well as two Trevor Cooney 3-pointers from the second half in the latest edition of Film Session:

I. With the Hoosiers starting to get things going in the first half, Jerami Grant is near Stanford Robinson on the opposite wing to Yogi Ferrell, who has the ball:


Jeremy Hollowell gets the ball near the right corner, as all five Syracuse defenders look his way:


Before Hollowell’s bounce pass gets into Ferrell’s hands, Robinson begins sneaking to the rim behind Grant:


It’s a lob and two points for the freshman:



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    Off topic thread wise, but I guess Izzo is now officially not a good coach anymore and should be fired. I mean there couldn’t possibly be any other reason when you have the #1 ranked team, lose by almost the same amount of points as IU did, lose to a team that was ranked way less than #4 and that had lost to Belmont at home and do all of that on your home court with a fairly experienced team that has a minimum of two future pros of which one is a probable lottery pick ! My god could Izzo not have taken time to watch any tape of NC this year, or at the very least he could have taken time to watch how Belmont beat them. Why he wouldn’t take time to do that I’ll never understand. How could any coach making as much money as Izzo does not come up with a game plan to win that kind of game. I say they oughta fire the bum and run him out of town cause he is obviously a horrible game planner and a horrible X’s & O’s guy. I mean what other possible reason is there for that kind of loss.

    Perspective people, perspective. Now, let the Crean haters start clicking the down arrow. Just remember you’re saying a lot about a lot of other coaches by doing it.

  • I was thinking the same thing as I watched that game last night. Crean would be ‘toast’.. if we had done that. AND, the announcers were all commenting at Sparty’s lack of energy and fight.. Gosh can’t believe it Izzo I think is 0-7, against UNC with their current regime. Only solution I can think of is, ‘fire Izzo’… He isn’t a good Xs and Os guy losing a game like that…hahaha. Anything else I missed out on?

  • PDXHoosier

    I totally agree with you, but Izzo has a championship under his belt. Once CTC gets one of those he’ll get the benefit of the doubt more often.

  • 5_Banners

    I don’t like the championship argument because of the amount of luck it takes to win in a single elimination tournament. Usually the best team doesn’t win the tournament.

    Having said that, Izzo is a great coach with or without the championship and shouldn’t take winning a championship for people to realize a coach is “great”.

    I do love the comments above though. And Izzo called out his team too in the press conference. I thought Crean only did that.

  • HoosierOz

    Thanks IUMIKE- thinking the exact same thing. A LOT of Crean hating last couple days on this site. Izzo loses AT HOME as the #1 ranked team in the country and IU loses to a great and perfected zone twice on neutral and away courts. Let’s hear from these Crean haters- your logic has to say fire Izzo after that performance. And I feel like I’m yet to hear what coach you’d like instead of Crean. IU is absolutely a great place to coach but sorry I’ll say it, it’s not the only great college to coach at. Eliminate even just the top 5 coaches right now and assume they aren’t just going to get up and leave for IU and tell me which coach you’d like to show Crean the door for?

  • Alford Bailey

    Im still in the pro-CTC camp but I dont think its wise to start comparing CTC with Izzo. That could get ugly quick.

  • ForeverIU

    Don’t worry about the down arrows so much IUMIKE1. It just means you moved someone enough to get him riled up, but he’s not man enough to reveal who he is. I’ve gave a few of those when I first joined ITH, but I’ve stopped doing it. I only did it in response to comments that demeaned particular players and named them.

  • ForeverIU

    I’ve said this on another thread: Izzo is not the one who gave his team the #1 ranking, and he’s been critical of his team even after a win.

  • PDXHoosier

    The 1-3-1 against Ennis and Cooney made me cringe. JH just sprinting back and forth for 10 seconds ball chasing, then they both drain open 3s.

  • ForeverIU

    He also calls his team out after wins when appropriate. Izzo is a class act.


    Same here, but I will have to admit sometimes I fall off that wagon and am weak. Still can’t help myself once in a while when I come across one that is so exceptionally stupid that it just screams down arrow. I must learn to do better and not give into such temptations. Maybe Milla can get me into the convent for a stretch so that I might work on that part. LOL

  • ForeverIU

    LOL. An “up-arrow” toast to this one.

  • Scooter

    I get your point and there is some validity to it.

    I am not sure Izzo would ever let his team not score a bucket in 12 minutes on the road without calling a TO.

    Izzo is also a master at running efficient OOB plays or sets off of a TO.

    When CTC shows X’s & O’s consistency, I think the “haters” will start to ease off and swing his way a bit more. I know I would have more peace of mind if CTC’s X&O abilities were close to as good as his recruiting efforts.

  • Scooter

    I agree. A 3-2 zone would have been better.

  • Oldguyy

    I’m sure it was Izzo’s substitution patterns that lost the game for them. After all, he took a guy out after he had just walked and chewed gum at the same time! Who else could have done that? Certainly not the bum he put in! I guess Izzo is “just too stubborn” to think like the geniuses on the message boards.

  • Oldguyy

    I know Yogi hit the three in the second sequence, but I wish Etherington would have shot the open three from the corner rather than passing on.

  • mk

    yeah but why do we want players shooting who dont have the confidence to shoot.

  • Guest

    Especially since CTC actually recruits kids based on character. MSU is very far from looking for that at the front. Not a knock on Izzo, but when your thugs get into a brawl at a hotel, with themselves, you might have a problem.

  • I agree with you. Izzo is a class act. I for one am glad we have Crean though. I believe he is also a class act, though few on here would post that. Yes, he has his downfalls, but, not preparing the team, not trying to generate energy and others mentioned above aren’t among them. Use of timeouts and substitution patterns may be open to question.. but all in all I think Crean is a great coach for us at this time.. and think he’ll only improve as time goes on.

  • ForeverIU

    By all means HoosierKen. I hope I did not suggest in any way that Izzo is a class act and that Crean is not quite there yet. I was simply making a statement about Izzo in isolation. For me it’s a given Crean is a class act. I would even go as far as giving him the benefit of the doubt on timeouts and substitutions, but that’s another thread 🙂

  • ForeverIU

    LOL, classic! I get a down arrow for my critique of the down arrow.

  • ILive4IUBball

    That 1-3-1 zone was what screwed us ultimately. We gave up 9 pts, including the fouled 3 pointer from troy. Idon’t know why Crean switched us when we were doing fine with man-to-man. The 1-3-1 is what’s bothering me the most from this game!

  • Ya, mon.

    IUMIKE, you are at the height of your game today.

    You are blending sarcasm and hyperbole masterfully.

  • InTheMtns

    Thanks for another excellent film session, Ryan. The turnover in scenario three, I think, might have been the turning point in the game. It was a really bad pass – across the body, slow and telegraphed. I think even slow-footed me might have been able to pick it off. Indiana had the chance to tie the game again with that possession. Instead we not only didn’t get two points, Syracuse turned the steal into a 3 point basket. Sudden five point swing. That was followed pretty quickly by another error and it seemed like it just all unraveled from there.

  • 5_Banners

    Yep. The next possession was quick, bad 3pter by Vonleh which led to Troy fouling Cooney on a 3pt shot.

    So in the span of couple possessions, it went from a tie game to an 8 point lead off bad turnovers and quick shots.

  • Ole Man

    Good post, Ken. Think that’s well said and IMHO true.

  • just a fan

    Roy Williams came to Bloomington with a team of newbies, what, just a year ago? His kids were humiliated. Does that make him a bad coach? Or one who doesn’t prepare his players? A newly recruited team playing an experienced club on that team’s home court, Hoosiers, we need to expect that the result won’t always be a win, or pretty ! But we’ll learn from it…and maybe, just maybe, set a screen for a shooter like CH. Anyone out there old enough to remember Steve Alford???

  • Dee McDonald

    Couldn’t agree more…up arrow.

  • IUED

    Did not think this was “on the job training” at what he is getting paid.

  • IUED

    Alford would of been an average player with Crean as coach. No screens, ect.

  • TomJameson

    LOL … I’m sorry, but I find the down arrows really funny. Then my psych background takes over and I try to figure out why, but you know, more often than not it comes down to (paraphrasing) WTF??? Hahaha

  • IU80

    Thugs? So you have some evidence of criminal behavior by these kids? Grow up

  • What does it matter what he’s getting paid? Sounds like you have something against that. Are you telling that once a major college coach get’s the job, he never has to learn anything else, whether it be by a book or just by experience? Think that is a very erroneous and short-sighted view of the coaches responsibility. So what you’re intimating is that a coach never experiences a kid with new emotions, new objectives. new work ethics, new personal problems… and he can just place a ‘cookie cutter’ on every situation and come up with a prescription for success.. That he is through learning on the job??? WRONG… That makes me laugh.