Film Session: Digging into Syracuse

  • 12/05/2013 9:19 am in

II. Luke Fischer has tried to gain some position in the middle for much of this possession, and he finally gets the ball with 12 ticks left on a pass from Evan Gordon:


Fischer shovels it off to Hollowell and he has a lane to the hoop on the left side:


Hollwell takes it, but is met by two Orange defenders:


This gives the Hoosiers an advantage on a swing around the perimeter. Hollowell passes to Austin Etherington:


Who swings to Gordon:


Who swings to an open Ferrell who rises and fires for three points:


Fischer getting the ball in the middle created a bit of a seam for Hollowell. And some sharp passing resulted in one of the few times IU got a good look based on ball movement.


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