Film Session: Digging into Syracuse

  • 12/05/2013 9:19 am in

III. Ferrell tries throwing a pass in the air with his left hand through the lane to Will Sheehey on the right wing:


It doesn’t work. Trevor Cooney gets a hand on the ball in the passing lane and the steal:


Cooney passes it off to Tyler Ennis and he brings it up court. Troy Williams and Hollowell are both looking to pick up C.J. Fair. There’s no communication here at all with Cooney going unmarked:


He simply slides down, gets a pass and hits as Hollowell and Williams barely notice:


Williams had been guarding Cooney during this stretch, but it’s on one of these Hoosiers to call out a switch in semi-transition and recognize Cooney was going unguarded.


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