Notebook: James Blackmon Jr. to visit IU this weekend

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2013 NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp

Former 2014 Indiana commit James Blackmon Jr. said he would take a final visit to Bloomington before making his second college decision.

Wednesday evening, he made it clear he was following through with his promise. Blackmon announced via his Twitter account that he will visit IU this weekend, only a week after his official visit to Kentucky.

“IU visit this weekend #IUBB,” he said.

The 6-foot-3 combo guard from Marion High School has also taken an official visit to Michigan (Sept. 27) and is considering Michigan State and Kansas, as well.

The 247Composite rates him as the No. 31 prospect and No. 12 shooting guard in the 2014 class.

Lyle might visit, as well

According to multiple media reports, 2014 guard JaQuan Lyle said there’s a “possibility” he will visit IU this weekend for its exhibition against Southern Indiana.

The long-time Indiana target has recently reappeared on the Hoosiers’ recruiting radar after he transferred from Evansville Bosse to Huntington Prep (W.Va.) and subsequently parted ways with Louisville.

Indiana coach Tom Crean visited Lyle in West Virginia on Tuesday, and the No. 22 prospect in the 2014 class has said he still has plenty of interest in the Hoosiers’ program.

“Coach Crean is a man who I feel like I can talk to at any time,” he told Inside the Hall recently. “We have a great relationship. I can call him at any time, he can call me at any time. He’s just a great guy.”

Mosquera-Perea in walking boot

An Indiana spokesman told Inside the Hall tonight that sophomore forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea has been walking around campus in a walking boot, though it is only for precautionary reasons.

Mosquera-Perea dealt with a foot injury before last season as well, though the spokesman said the move is only a “preventative measure” and that he “hasn’t been limited in practice in any way.”

He is expected to play in Indiana’s exhibition Saturday night.

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  • ADegenerate

    Seems more of a courtesy than anything else. I’d love to have him though.

  • Steve Fischer

    This is like when i go fishing -big fish swim by and make eyes at me but always get away and end up on someone else’s plate. Last I saw our 2014 recruiting class was ranked 62. We could cut that in more than half if we catch either Lyle or Blackmon and we are hungry!

  • Andrew Walker

    What makes you believe it’s a courtesy?

  • notfargj

    “…before making his second college decision.” for whatever reason, this line struck me as both funny and absurd. lyle, lyles, bluiett, mcintosh and blackmon have become trendsetters. feeling a bit cynical, i project that ten years from now the media will be penning lines like “before making his third college decision.” don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love hoosier basketball and the kids that come from our state but i can’t help but to feel disappointed by the reckless decisions that have been made by this class in particular. big props to former indiana h.s. players who made a college commitment and stood behind their word.


    Blackmon Jr. will make his college decision that he thinks the best for him. Who can blame him? I just hope that would be IU. Go Hoosiers!

  • Snookafly

    I hope we get them both.

  • BluegrassHoosier

    I respect JBJ for giving IU his last visit as promised.

  • Wet Vette

    Here comes the…” don’t hate me Indiana visit from JBJ” looking to persuade Hoosier fans that he really really does care BUT im moving on and thanks CTC for my dads job also supporting me through my injury(all of the sudden I feel like a tool ). Play on player and thanks for the free lesson’s of recruiting strategies .

  • Miamihoosier

    Yo James, Facility, development, schedule, and exposure-wise, there just isn’t going to be a big difference between Kansas, Indiana, UK,or either of the Michigans. Consider one thing the difference maker – existing talent and experience. As a 1 and done (or 2) you want to play as far into the tournament as possible. At the end of this season, Kentucky will send their entire starting 5, plus 2 or maybe even 3 to the draft. Kansas loses Wiggins and Selden minimum, and Michigan St loses Payne, Harris, and Appling, (maybe even Dawson). That leaves Michigan and Indiana. Indiana loses no one. Michigan probably loses McGary, and maybe Robinson III…. Wherever you go, nothing is guaranteed, but with so much on the line, Indiana gives you the best chance to make the final 4, talent and experience wise, hands down. Not to mention bro, you can’t control which NBA team you go to, but being from Indiana, if you go to your home school, you lock up an entire state’s love for the rest of your life. Eric Gordon and George Hill come back every year for a reason.

  • jsmoov

    What favors would he be doing us by just coming to visit? “At least we got see him one more time…” Not sure about that

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    Yep. I would say you’re probably right. Makes me wonder what the conversation is like between Coach and James when they meet over the weekend. Would like to be a fly on wall for that one…..

  • Jeremy Enright

    The guy I want the most is the guy that will love Indiana the way I do. The guy who is going to be as passionate as I am about the candy stripes, Assembly Hall, and all the amazing tradition of the IU program. I want the kid who knows exactly what Tom Crean meant when he said, “It’s Indiana.” I don’t care how tall he is, where he’s ranked, or where he’s from. I just want the kid who knows what IU basketball is all about and will love it the way we do. If JB, Lyle, and Robinson decide not to come to IU, I wish them the best of luck. I won’t verbally abuse them on Twitter or rationalize the jilted ex-girlfriend feeling with the trashing of a 17 year old kid. They’re all good kids. Crean wouldn’t recruit them if they weren’t. Hopefully they make the smartest decision for themselves and have no regrets 20 years down the road. Good luck to these young men on their decisions. I’ll be waiting with open arms for the next young man that picks Indians because, “It’s Indiana.”

  • CreamandCrimson

    Well…George Hill is employed in Indiana so it’d be kind of hard for him to stay away. I get your point though. That being said, I tend to think Indiana and Michigan are the best fits for him. I’m obviously biased though and I wish Blackmon Jr. the best of luck in whatever decision he makes. One piece of advice to him though, do everything possible to make this decision your final commitment.

  • SCHoosier

    Agree..and the decommit apparently has been good for him..he’s grown 2 inches according to this article:)

  • Daburns0

    I actually like how Blackmon has handled this part of his recruitment. They haven’t done a bunch of talking, and the speculation about who the leader is, is just that. I think having been at IU as a verbal commit for 3 years counts for something. He was there for some big games and knows the passion IU fans have. I can’t fault him with whatever choice he makes. Obviously, in hindsight, the family would agree that the early commitment was not a good idea. I don’t feel like he is dragging this out or making a hasty decision. I wish him luck.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    so is it the generally accepted theory that he’s doing this as a courtesy to CTC? to help him save face, so to speak? in other words, it’s like him saying ‘IU is an amazing program, so amazing that i just had to take one more visit. after that visit, i was on the verge of recommitting, but i’m instead taking my talents to pUKe. at the end of the day, i felt that was my best opportunity’ ?

    i’m not so sure i believe that, and i’m not sure CTC would even allow that if he knew that’s what was going on. and i would guess he’s got a fairly good grasp on the situation at this point. who knows!

  • Daburns0

    You stated what I have always felt. I think the problems this program had in the past is in getting the wrong guys, not missing on the ones who didn’t want to come here. Players who came and didn’t respect what IUBB means, were very detrimental to the culture. We are getting away from that more and more.

  • Andrew Walker

    Because nothing say’s courtesy like wasting someone’s time.

  • Andrew Walker

    Where’s the courtesy? Sheeeesh!

  • Andrew Walker

    My only question is what advantage would he have to do this? If he just said “I won’t be attending IU” all the IU talk would go away. There’s no need for him to say thanks. He would be wasting his time and IU’s. He’s visited IU many times. Nothing in this situation supports what you’re saying.

  • cdog

    Nobody but James knows the true purpose of his visit this weekend. I hope that it is because he still holds IU very high on his list and needs one final visit. It also could be to drum up more excitement and press at his announcement. Obviously, an announcement at Marion with IU still considered a finalist will draw a lot more attention than if everyone believes he is a lock for KY. There won’t be 500 Kentucky fans dressed in blue at his high school. IU fans have a passion unlike any fanbase. I remember going to a game at Rupp Arena when KY was on probation and they were losing a lot (right before Pitino got there) and the place was nowhere near capacity. When IU won 6 games in CTC’s first year, we were still among the top attendance in the NCAA. IU fans don’t become fickle when the team is not doing well. I wish Blackman all the best of luck.

  • Paul

    Given the amount of (1) pressure put on these kids and (2) attention given to them, I’m not surprised that they rush into decisions about where they’ll go to school and play basketball.

  • The_Bob_Michaels

    Unfortunately, it seems that the best players are more concerned with getting attention and enhancing their path to the NBA. They seem to see college ball as a showcase and maybe a chance to win something. Rare is the kid who appreciates the school, the dedication of the staff and fans, or the chance to represent his home state school.

    As much as RMK hated recruiting, it has to be so much worse now. Coaches have to coddle and kiss up to these players or risk alienating them.

  • Earl Scheib

    Great post, Jeremy! I feel the same way. The right players will find Indiana. Like Rojo. Let’s not sweat this stuff.

  • Outoftheloop

    James seems really torn between IU and KY. Why wouldn’t he be? Indiana fans love you (now) James, but we never love any UK player! That’s life. The more I listen to JaQuan the more I believe that he truly needs to be at IU under Coach Crean. I hope it works out!

  • MacDaddy

    According to the USA Today, August 14, 2013, (unfortunately) UK fans are as fickle as you think. See the excerpt below:

    “Indiana hadn’t reached the top five since 2002, but with Crean reviving the program, the Hoosiers played to capacity crowds in 16 of 19 home games. The previous best came in 2001-2002 when Indiana drew 17,148 per game.

    Sitting atop college basketball attendance figures is nothing new for UK, which has done so every year since 2006. Syracuse’s reign in 2005 was an outlier, as before that, the Wildcats held the top spot every year from 1996 onward.”

  • Dee McDonald

    The biggest problem with high school kids nowadays is that their word means nothing. The older generation made a commitment and stuck to it because their word meant something. You can call is “pressure” or whatever you want. Every kid out there nowadays is looking for the next best offer…these kids are a fart in the wind! I’m not attacking anyone in particular, but our Indiana kids are a bunch a pre-madonas (sp?). That’s what bugs me.

  • Weaz

    Guys here is the dealio… I live in FW where he played last 3 years at Bishop Luers. His dad is a UK alum. We all know that. His dad has been his coach. He is a great young man. But I have heard his dad is pushing UK and Mom is pushing IU… In some ways if correct, I can feel for JBJ. He has a great opportunity to play D1. So I dont feel sorry for him, but imagine being 17 and your mom says here and dad says here, Oh and your dad is your coach and a alum of the other school. Clearly close with his folks, must feel like he is going to let someone down a bit. Even though Im sure they are proud of JBJ either way. If it was me I would tell my parents that I am not going to either school and go to a 3rd school. Must be interesting at home this week and next… That all said, I am REALLY holding out hope that CTC and Johnson and Mom can sway him to stay home and be an in state bball god.

  • banarish

    His actions have shown that he doesn’t care whether he wastes IU’s time or not. If what Wet Vette said is true (and it sounds plausible to me) it’s about him, what he wants; his own image-crafting. It’s not about IU.

  • Outoftheloop

    What “reckless decisions”? A Sophomore in HS decides to decommit from his decision (for IU) made as a Freshman in HS and moves on-Not (Lyles). A Junior in HS decides to re-evaluate his decision (for IU) made as a Freshman in HS and look at the two best options for him in college basketball: IU and KY-Not (Blackmon). Bluiett kept 5 schools in mind and picked one of those 5-Not. JaQuan had really top tier talent, got lots of bad advice, seems now to have some stability in his life, and backed out of a commitment to Louisville that just felt “wrong” to him upon reflection-Not. I never heard of McIntosh, but he never committed to IU (did he even have an IU offer?). I do not know where he is going (has he even decided?)-Not. Nothing “reckless” in any of these examples. In fact these are examples of very sound strategy: in important decision making, keep your options open, constantly evaluate and re-evaluate the pros and cons, and make a binding decision when you feel sure of it’s soundness.

  • Ole Man

    UK has more seating capacity. So, why wouldn’t they lead in attendance?

  • Weaz

    I have heard locally that this was planned all along, to verbal early and gain national attention. May be true or false. Rumors are flying. But Loyalty is HUGE in my life, kind of a core value if you will. I am not perfect, none are, but I strive to keep my yes a yes and my no a no. I feel like CTC asked JBJ to prom as a freshman and the freshman was stoked to go, then that freshman grew up a bit, became really “attractive” to the Prom King and moved on. Okay that was weird. But you know what i mean… right? 🙂 U dont ask a girl to prom then dump her 3 weeks later when a hotter girl becomes available. And in this case, UK is not even the hotter girl anyway, just seems to be from the outside. Appears sexier, all of the popular kids are going there right? UK =It’s like the girl we all dated that was hot, but then drove you nuts, was an emotional wreck, spent all of your $ and that first time you saw her without makeup you wanted to run for the hills. lol

  • Andrew Walker

    How is his image benefited? If he chooses another school fans of that school could careless that he visited IU. Secondly, if he commits elsewhere IU fans will quickly forget about him.
    The only image he needs to craft is the one he produces on the basketball court. That’s the only image people really remember.

  • Dee McDonald

    haha…very vivid. I’m definitely in agreement.

  • Weaz

    But arent we looking at a student section of 15000 at Assembly? That is just unreal!

  • Weaz

    One more thing…I have heard locally that this was planned all along, to verbal early and gain national attention. May be true or false. Rumors are flying. But Loyalty is HUGE in my life, kind of a core value if you will. I am not perfect, none are, but I strive to keep my yes a yes and my no a no. I feel like CTC asked JBJ to prom as a freshman and the freshman was stoked to go, then that freshman grew up a bit, became really “attractive” to the Prom King and moved on. Okay that was weird. But you know what i mean… right? 🙂 U dont ask a girl to prom then dump her 3 weeks later when a hotter girl becomes available. And in this case, UK is not even the hotter girl anyway, just seems to be from the outside. Appears sexier, all of the popular kids are going there right? UK =It’s like the girl we all dated that was hot, but then drove you nuts, was an emotional wreck, spent all of your $ and that first time you saw her without makeup you wanted to run for the hills. lol

  • MacDaddy

    15,000 student season ticket buyers. Our student section is (only) 7,800. But that’s the best in the nation

  • MacDaddy

    Mom needs to make dad sleep on the couch until he smartens up !!!

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    I don’t believe that’s accurate. It costs recruits little to commit earlier and get other recruiters off their back (at least officially… under the table is something else entirely, but I don’t have the knowledge to speak to that). Whereas it is a fair time commitment (a day or so on the road, then time spent enduring sales pitches from the team, the coaching staff, various other personalities in a university, etc.) as well as a monetary one to travel. I don’t see a teenager making that sort of investment without at least being open to going to a college he’s visiting, regardless of the pressure a recruiting coach puts on him.

    Let’s also remember that JBJ’s already visited, committed, then decommitted once. To me, that argues for him staying away if he’s already completely eliminated IU from consideration. Not revisiting. I do think the decommit means he’s leaning away from IU towards somewhere else, but the point is that he hasn’t completely closed the door yet. Had he done so, he could’ve saved himself the bother.

    Is he a long shot to recommit? Yep, a very long one. Is it out of the question? Nope. It’s just unlikely, not impossible. I’d call his visit more than a courtesy; I’d say it’s genuine, albeit not first place consideration.

  • Weaz

    Again, I have just heard this locally… She also brings home some good bacon so you are probably right MacDaddy… Choose the Cats and welcome to the Doghouse…In JBSr defense, if you played at IU would you push your son to go to UK? No. Anywhere but. Reminds me of Sean May, him choosing UNC stung, but not as much as if he would have chosen UK. By the way, May now plays in Paris-Levallois Basketball in France. Back to JBJ, at some point it is HIS life, HIS path…hoping whatever he chooses, it is his choice to live or die with… I DO wish him the best…

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Well, if you’re going to make that comparison, keep in mind that UK’s the higher maintenance and slightly psycho girl who’s not really any more attractive than anyone else, just more popular.

    And on that note: Poor Northwestern. She’s really, really nice, got a great personality, but no one wants to dance with her. 😉

  • Weaz

    I put the ball on the tee for everyone to swing away…lol the hilarious analogies are plenty… “Once you go to UK you never go Back”… Literally, 1 and done.

  • HoosierBeaver

    Lyle misses home. That’s his interest in Indiana. And he wants an excuse to visit him this weekend. And get treated like a hot commod by the ladies of IU!

  • BornHoosier

    I disagree, 3 weeks later when the hot girl wants to go out with you.. You are young, so you roll with the hot chick! However, Look at what IU Basketball has accomplished over the last couple years and how much we have to offer. There is no reason we shouldn’t be the Hot Chick!

  • WhatsUpKnight

    i appreciate everybody’s sentiment that we only want players who want to wear the candy stripes and bring home banner #6 for their school, etc… but i’m not so sure that’s the cbb world we live in today, at least not when it comes to the top level recruits. in today’s world, choosing a school is more like a calculated business decision. and the recruiting roller coaster, the tweets, the early commits and late decommits, the final announcements, all that crap is part of the marketing aspect. hate to sound so cynical, but that’s the impression i get. and why not? considering the millions of $$ to be made or lost based on the decision. not the only factor, but an important one nonetheless!

  • Tucson Hoosier

    Exactly, I am not sure why I never see that mentioned. Pretty obvious.

  • IUBizmark

    Remember Blackmon has younger brothers that Crean is recruiting as well. He’ll be courteous to JBJ no matter what because he’s playing the long term strategy game.

  • Walton

    This process is taking these guys forever. I don’t think you can go too terribly wrong with any of the schools on their lists. All of schools should put them in positions to improve their games and succeed, if they are good enough and put in the effort. Just pick the one you feel best about — most excited about — can’t wait to attend! They should have an idea of this school by now and if not then its probably none of them.

  • HoosierTrav

    Thats what level headed parents are for.