Offseason storylines: Expectations for next season

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042913edcWelcome to offseason storylines, a look into some of the biggest storylines surrounding the 2013-2014 Indiana Hoosiers. Next up, we tackle this question: What will expectations for next season’s team look like?

When Tom Crean took the Indiana job in April of 2008, there was an understanding from the school’s administration and from the fan base that he would need time to build the program back where it previously been.

In the last two seasons, those that patiently waited with Crean and his team through the dark days were rewarded with back-to-back trips to the Sweet Sixteen, a Big Ten title, and more than a few big wins.

The expectations grew to such an extreme level last year, however, that any time Indiana lost a single game, it was viewed as a letdown and a disappointment by some. Beat Michigan at home, and well, that’s what you were expected to do. But lose to Wisconsin and Ohio State, and suddenly, the sky was falling.

Now, with a roster full of freshmen and lacking most of the guys responsible for bringing the program back, where will those expectations go? Will they remain high because the program has been restored and the standards have been reestablished? Or will they lower a bit to match the team’s relative inexperience?

I asked Indiana Athletics Director Fred Glass that exact question a few weeks ago.

“Regardless of the program, you gotta take it year by year and calibrate your expectations,” Glass told Inside the Hall. “I tried real hard not to set any arbitrary expectations that ‘this season is gonna be a bust if we don’t win X number of games, don’t qualify for postseason play.’

“I’m looking for improvement with what we’ve got, not necessarily improvement from year to year but improvement from the team that comes in throughout the season.”

My guess is the expectation level will be more in line with the 2011-2012 rather than last season. Few people expected much from that team before it beat No. 1 Kentucky in December, and that could again be the case this season.

Truth be told, that’s probably the best thing for Indiana. Last year’s team didn’t always handle the pressure of the giant expectations all that well. If they fall back a bit in the rankings this season and play the role of an underdog, maybe they’ll just surprise some people again.


· The evolution of Yogi Ferrell
· What kind of season will Sheehey have?
· Will Indiana have a stronger bench?

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    Damn, I probably seen you last night & didn’t even know it was unclekerfuffle. Like marcusgresham, born in Salem & lived around that area all of my life.

    Oh yea, totally agree with your comment. Like you, I’m not a season ticket holder either and have thought long and hard about making it a weekend thing and taking in an away game or two.

  • Kyl470

    1. Make the NCAA Tourney.
    2. Win 20+ Games
    3. Above .500 Record in Big 10
    4. Improve throughout the season.
    5. Beat Purdue.


    Yea, just meant that a lot of fans, some IU fans as well as fans of other teams, would tend to see us as, ” a one lucky season wonder “, if the scenario I described happened, whether it was justified or not. I think most IU fans will consider the year before last, more or less, an average, to slightly above average year once the rebuilding process is 100 % done and I think most would attach the word pretty or some other adjective to show that they thought last season was a well above average year right now. Either way I consider the last two seasons to be a success ( even if it didn’t sound like I did).


    Would add, ” and pUKe ” to number 5 any year that we play them in the future.

  • nwin iu fan

    Absolutely agree with those comments although college bb was down we had enough to win it all last yr

  • nwin iu fan

    I hope your right about this his in game coaching is goofy he’s all over the place no composure substitution patterns are bizzarre in my opinion hard to get rythym going crean constantly wants to push the ball his personality reflects his style of play but I will say this he’s recruited some great kids that have done great in classroom love oli.jordy cody wat

  • nwun iu fan

    1. Uwe Blab 2.Bawa 3.Jurkin 4.T. Jobe

  • WisconHoosier

    I really like your #4. Show progress. Grow. Play better in the second half of the season than the first, and in the second half of games.

    I’ll add: play to your potential, not to the level of your opponent. Remember that you’re Indiana University basketball players. Don’t take anything from anyone.

    When you get a 10 point lead, make it 18 points.

    If you get an 18 point lead, make it 30.

  • Maxey

    Happy birthday Remy!

  • 502hoohoo

    Last year it should have been easy. We were destroying other teams halfway through the year, and we were clearly the best team in college basketball. You have to capitalize when those years come along, because they are far a few between.
    I can deal with the occasional recruiting miss, but something is wrong when you start consistently missing on in state talent. I only see one common denominator.

  • callison32

    Along with making the making the tournament and beating Purdue, I’d like to see a lot of production from our freshmen for us to remain hopeful for the future.

  • bkmaynard

    This team is going to be a hole lot better than everyone is expecting. We have everything necessary to win in a big way. Our inside game is gong to be hard to match up against. The lenght of this team is incredable. Will, Yogi and Hanner will show the Freshmen how to work to the max and live up to the hype. If Austen and Peter are healthy and can contribute, then look out because we will be 13 men deep. No one on this team are slouches so the practices should be intense and that will make everyone better.

  • ufo3

    6. Beat Wisconsin
    7. Beat Syracuse

  • ufo3

    Michigan went to the National Championship game after finishing 5th in the rugged B1G.
    Where we finish in the B1G does not matter when it comes to the NCAA Tournament.
    IU just needs to keep improving all season, get into the NCAA Tournament, and get hot, putting it all together to make a deep NCAA Tournament run.
    That is how I view as the main goal for the season.
    IU will be more athletic than last season, but less experienced or seasoned.
    I expect greatness from IU basketball now, going forward every season.
    Coach Crean has rebuilt the program from the ashes, now we should reload every season, and compete for a National Championship.
    It’s Indiana.

  • Red Ramaker

    Reference points:

    1989 – 7 incoming freshmen with high expectations – went 18-11 (8-10)

    2011 – (Before Cody) 12 -20 (3 -15)

    I think 1989 is a good comparison – big incoming class with a lot of “potential” – slightly disappointed fans inflated expectations
    It won’t be as bad as 2011 when a bunch of out-manned players fought hard but just didn’t have enough to compete in B1G

    2013-14 should be close to 1989 – a bunch of talented players trying to learn how to play at the next level – they may look awesome some games and stumble in others (inexperienced)

    we have a stronger base – more confidence – more talent – more depth – high expectations

  • semohoosier

    Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside watching that. When another team brings your team up every home game u know you’re doing something right.


    LOL……u crack me up.

  • Ole Man

    Aside from Vonleh, we have no established inside game; and he isn’t established, yet. And rebounds will be hard to come by. We need breakouts from Troy and Hanner to develop the inside game you’re talking about. I expect Fisher will have a solid, but not spectacular season as he adjusts to the B1G.

  • Ole Man

    Bull hockey. We were a final four team last year in that we had the talent and the experience. But, for whatever reason, we didn’t get over the hump.
    And stop dissing last year’s players for goodness sakes! They led us back to the promised land; but like Moses, couldn’t cross over into it. Really, really tired of that baseless argument. Your MAC player comparison almost made me vomit. You really have no idea what you’re talking about!

  • Ole Man

    We’re losing in states to MI, MSU, Louis, OSU, and sometimes KY. And it shouldn’t be that way.

  • Ole Man

    And except for OSU, I could see him starting some games for the other teams.

  • Ole Man

    Please post some stats demonstrating how our non-con hurt us.

  • unclekerfuffle

    Mike, it sounds like the makings of an Animal House-like road trip

  • unclekerfuffle

    Marcus, in Washington County the odds are pretty good of being born either in a bar or a church. Those seem to be the two most common establishments in the county

  • deebo

    Exactly what I think. I will excuse losing in sweet 16 zone was unbeatable for our team,but losing in state kids that have been commited for 3 years inexcusable.

  • deebo

    Yes we did. We ran into a matchup nightmare.

  • nwin iu fan

    Tell me who what top ten team in the country jordy would have started for the kid had a good career @ Iu and improved a lot but was limited great shooter in my opinion a good college player mac player who knows , ill give the kid make of credit helped turn the program around definitely a HOOSIER proud of jordy we need kids of his [email protected] Iu

  • OhioHoosier

    Especially for a young Michigan roster or a Minnesota team that needed someone to stretch the defense like none other.

  • hoosierstateofmind

    excellent. Here was the list I had in my head.
    1) Make the NCAA Tourney
    2) Win 20 + games
    3) finish in the top 4 of the big ten
    4) Lose no more than 2 home games
    5) Beat purdue

    I love the fact we agree on so many, especially #5. People from out of state and the national media don’t give these games enough credit. Indiana/purdue games are the most exciting games because it seems the players on both teams know how much those games mean to the fan base.

  • marcusgresham

    Pretty sure it wasn’t a bar since my parents were both under 20 when I was born. lol
    Odds are, though, we & IU Mike are probably related.

  • hardcore_hoosier

    With this young of a team the end result could go a number of ways. I expect far more ups and downs than the past two seasons. Losing some we expect to win while winning some we expect to lose more so than most seasons. Ultimately should see them make the tourney but at this point it’s too hard to tell if they will make any noise. The development of the Soph class and impact we get from the Frosh is what their success hinges on.

    But what matters is that this will be a fun team to watch mature. This will be a tremendous group of athletes that will provide some fun highlights and memorable moments. Plenty of playing time for underclassmen which will set us up for a big run as one of the best in the country the following season.

    Here are my predictions:
    -20+ wins and NCAA berth
    -Yogi and Will make Big 10 first or second team

    -Vonleh is Big 10 freshman of the year
    -Troy Williams and Hanner put kids on a poster
    -One of the funnest groups to watch we’ve seen!

  • Ole Man

    Let’s see, in no particular order, schools where he would have probably seen starts:
    Purdue, Neb, Minn, Iowa, IL, PSU.
    He was good enough to start for Indiana as well.
    Are you saying that IU was a weak sister team in the B1G?
    Keep on digging your hole.
    Jordy had all the intangibles, leadership, etc.; improved on defense; and was a big time 3 point shooter, plus deadly at the line.
    Sir, you are obviously no judge of talent.

  • Bruce

    you need to add hp as someone not making any impact

  • Bruce

    They are playing overseas! get real. Hulls, Watford are not athletic and would probably not start for any big10 team

  • Bruce

    you are way off base ole man. We did not have the talent. JH could not guard anyone. CW was only good on trailing, wide open 3pointers and at the ft line. This has nothing to do about “dissing” but a realistic assessment of their talent. Watford had no chance at the NBA. I agree the ctc is not the best x and o guy. That is my only complaint with him.

  • Bruce

    leave hp out of the discussion total project

  • Ole Man

    Sorry, not off base. You really are only spouting “sports writers” opinions. Again, your judgement of talent and how it is used on various teams is sorely lacking.
    CW, aside from his scoring, also was a better than average defensive player, and pulled down over 6 boards a game.

    And you are dissing.
    You must think you know more about coaching a team than Coach Crean does.

    And I sincerely doubt you’d know a good TEAM if it was in your face.

  • Ole Man

    See the list I wrote above of B1G schools they would have started for.
    GIve it up Bruce. You don’t know more than Coach Crean.
    You want to hate on Hulls and Wat for some reason.
    And it’s becoming obvious.

  • Ole Man

    You’re wasting your time with this guy and his mouthpiece, Bruce. I’m beginning to suspect his brother Bruce is a troll and not an IU fan.
    He can’t accept the obvious and let it go.

  • Bruce

    Huge IU fan. Attended IU 74-78. Witnessed great BB! I guess you are right and all the NBA gm’s and scouts just can’t recognize all that talent that jh and cw possess. Again, it’s nothing personal. Both players represented the university well.

  • nwin iu fan

    Read my comments top ten teams again we can go over this he wouldn’t start for any top ten teamsn pu Penn st Nebraska ya he would start for besides I would of rather seen jordy and Oli start with wat Sheehey and zeller and yes they were a final 4 team let’s see how these next 4-5 yrs playout we need to get to a final 4 preferably win it all win a couple more big ten chmps looks like we have alot of talent not sure about in game coaching,we will see and another thing are non conf schedule sucked it was pathetic don’t need statistics to show it hurt us watch how we played @ end of yr sure didn’t help ius my opinion hes scared to play tough teams early in the yr how about some in state matcups or tough road gms bunch of cupcakes its a joke



  • plane1972

    “Consistently missing out”? Yes we’ve missed on plenty of guys from Indiana, but we landed Cody, Yogi, Hanner and Hollowell – four of the five targets in state at the time (Gary Harris being the other one). Hard to say Crean misses out consistently on in-state talent.

  • plane1972

    Here’s how easy it is to recruit your in-state talent. Over the last four years here are the numbers of guys in the top 50 who commit to an in-state school:

    2013: 17 of 50 (only 2 of the top 10)
    2012: 16 of 50 (only 3 of the top 10)
    2011: 17 of 50 (0 in top 10)
    2010: 20 of 50 (only 3 of top 10)

    So, even in the best year only 40% of the best recruits stay in their home state. You have to accept that fact and appreciate the in-roads Crean has made in other great talent markets, and stop with the nitpicking on his recruiting. He’s tearing it up!

  • Ole Man

    71-74, myself. GMs and scouts are about the NBA, not college basketball. No one is talking about what they may accomplish as pros.
    It’s about could they excel at CBB. And they did.
    End of discussion on my part.

  • Ole Man

    I’m not sure what you said because you didn’t use periods or punctuation and break it into anything intelligible.

  • Ole Man

    Crean has gotten Jordy and Zeller, #1s, since he’s been here. The state of Indiana has 3 former Mr. Basketballs playing in the state of MI. It has two B1G all stars playing at OSU.
    Just sayin’.
    But your post is good, none-the-less.
    Don’t know where you dug up the figures, but most excellent.
    We need to get one every year; given who we are.