The Inside the Hall Mailbag: August 12

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060513jcxcThe Inside the Hall Mailbag is a collection of questions tweeted to us via Twitter (@Justin_Albers or @insidethehall) and sent to us via our Facebook page. Submit your questions and we’ll answer as many as we can.

@jaktucke writes: Do you think CTC needs to adjust his strategy toward recruiting, esp regarding early offers? #iubb #ITHMailbag

There’s been a lot of discussion about this since Blackmon Jr.’s decommitment, but quite frankly, I don’t think he needs to adjust anything. The simple fact is if you want to be a player on some of the nation’s top recruits, you need to start early on some of them. Coaching staffs go into it with the mindset that some early offers will pan out and some won’t. That’s just how it is. Some kids will undoubtedly become stagnant in their development due to the early attention, and others will continue to work. Just because Trey Lyles and James Blackmon Jr. decommitted after making early commitments early doesn’t mean Crean and his staff did anything wrong or should change their approach going forward. It happens. If Eron Gordon commits tomorrow, I don’t think anyone’s going to complain.

The “how early is too early” discussion is one we’ll continue to have down the road because the recruiting process is going to continue to start earlier and earlier. By definition, the NCAA considers seventh and eighth graders recruitable prospects. — Justin Albers

@NoahWhyde writes: No chance at Blackmon?

I won’t say no chance, but it’s definitely a long shot. Less than 24 hours after James Blackmon Jr. announced his decision to reopen his recruitment, he had an offer from John Calipari and Kentucky. His father played there, and I think there’s a good chance he’ll end up in Lexington. Plus, it seems Indiana is moving on from Blackmon Jr., given their pitch to Brooklyn guard Isaiah Whitehead. — Justin Albers

@All_Hoosiers writes: What are #iubb’s realistic chances to land Whitehead? Any prediction on what the 2014 recruiting class will look like?

Even though they’re getting in late, the Hoosiers are a factor in Whitehead’s recruitment. He hadn’t ever heard from Indiana coach Tom Crean before getting a phone call on Friday, but the two talked for almost an hour and Whitehead has significant interest in the program. He plans to take an official visit to Bloomington next month. Whitehead is the type of kid that definitely noticed the Hoosiers put two players in the top four of June’s NBA Draft. Getting to the NBA is his No. 1 priority for selecting a college, so I think Indiana will be a major player with him.

As far as what the 2014 recruiting class will look like, that’s a little harder to answer. I do think Indiana is in great shape with big man Michael Humphrey and guard Robert Johnson. Indiana also seems to be in good shape with guys like Quentin Snider, Whitehead and LeRon Black, who will reportedly visit next month. I see it as a three-player class. — Justin Albers

@JenGawne writes: Is it (recruiting) this much of a roller coaster every year?

Not this much of a roller coaster because you don’t always have a decommitment, but ups and downs are typical of the recruiting trail. That’s just how it is. You’re going to win some and lose some. — Justin Albers

@Rich_Park writes: What are the odds we get Stephen Zimmerman? Haven’t seen his name thrown around IU recruiting discussions.

It’s still really early in the game for Zimmerman, especially as it pertains to Indiana. The Hoosiers didn’t offer until July, and he continues to be suited by many of the nation’s top programs. Indiana’s development of Cody Zeller should help with the pursuit of Zimmerman, but it’s far too early in the process to give any sort of accurate odds on the Hoosiers landing him. — Justin Albers

@hoopstrainer writes: It seems combo guard is a priority. Who is the priority for 2014? Exum, Johnson, Whitehead, or other?

I don’t know that there’s any one “priority” in the 2014 class. Exum is a priority, but his stock in the 2014 NBA Draft is rising. At this point, I’ll say Robert Johnson is the Hoosiers’ guard priority. He will take a visit to Bloomington in less than two weeks. — Justin Albers

@jusgolds writes: Any idea when the schedule will be released?

Watch for it sometime later in August once the Big Ten schedule is released. Indiana plans to release the rest of its’ non-conference games at that time. — Justin Albers

@scottybower writes: Which IUBB targets have said when they would announce?

That’s a hard one to answer because you never quite know when a kid will commit. He may say one thing, be blown away by a visit, and then change his timetable. Troy Williams was that way last year. With that said, Whitehead, Johnson, Snider and Humphrey have all said they plan to decide by November. Exum will likely take a little longer, if he decides to attend college. — Justin Albers

@JasonGBrewer writes: Do you think fan posts on social media really has any impact (positive or negative) on recruits?

I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think it has a major impact. Attention from fans on Twitter, positive or negative, may be a small factor at times — Indiana recruits always mention the fans — but I doubt that’s one of the major things they consider when making their decision. — Justin Albers

@FireJoelOsteen writes: With Blackmon out, Ahmed Hill should be more interested in IU, but the offer to Whitehead suggests he is not. Thoughts?

Great point. We hadn’t heard much about him lately, so I got in touch with Hill on Sunday afternoon. He said he still hears from Indiana, but not as much as before. He had previously mentioned Indiana as one of the four schools pursuing him the hardest. Hill said Crean texted him after Blackmon Jr. decommitted to ask if he was still serious about the Hoosiers. His response: “Of course. Since day one.”

He told me he doesn’t yet know if he will take a visit to Bloomington, but didn’t know Whitehead had been offered. My guess is Crean and his staff have been intrigued by Whitehead’s strong summer and he has passed Hill on their wish list. Just a guess, but that’s my take. — Justin Albers

HoosierAsh (forum subscriber) writes: What are the chances of IU getting seriously involved with Bryant McIntosh from Greensburg and is IU recruiting Tucker Blackwell at all at this point?

Indiana has contacted McIntosh, but have not yet offered him a scholarship. I think he’s probably a guy they wait on to see how things develop at this point, but the Hoosiers would be a major player in his recruitment if they do offer. — Justin Albers

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  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    If we want to start winning (and stop losing) recruiting battles for Indiana players against pUKe then we need opportunities to beat them on the court. That means getting them back on the schedule and playing them each season. C’mon IU do what you have to do to get us playing them again.

  • Hoosierchumley

    Didnt see any mention of Goodluck in any of the recruiting questions. What’s the scoop on him?

  • slojoe

    IU is the early favorite, but quite a bit can happen, yet.

  • Joe B

    I wouldn’t blame Blackmon going to UK, due to his dad going there.. but really just wish that would’ve been the first choice he made, not the second. I just hope Lyles doesn’t join him there.. that would really twist that knife in the back a full turn or two..

  • floorburn

    Obviously we may miss the biggest benefits that Lyles and Blackmon could provide to IUBB if they don’t commit. However, I believe they were our first highly ranked recruits to commit to Crean before Zeller or the Movement committed. Just having them giving us the verbal may have helped convince more recent commits that Crean had the program headed in the right direction.

  • Justin Albers

    Not much to update there. Indiana is in the mix, but he doesn’t seem close to making a decision.

  • Townie12

    Getting the feeling Goodluck is a long shot. Besides, we already have Goodluck, his name is Hanner Perea. I’d rather have LeRon Black – a scorer….

  • HoosierTrav

    I think we all get too caught up in recruiting during the summer. Its natural bc its the only news that’s generated (unless you’re UNC and you have Hairston to thank). We shouldn’t be concerned too much about this class. Our 2013 class is so deep and talented that we can survive a lackluster recruiting year. Not to mention that they seem to be really clicking. I follow them on twitter and they constantly talk about how they cant wait to get back together. I’m noticing a very special bond with these guys.Even if we only land Okonoboh, I still say 2014 is a success. Then we can get really aggressive with the 2015 & 2016 classes. Trey Lyles and Blackmon didnt want to play for us.. Simple….. I’m over it. One thing all of us and these entitled brats need to understand is; we dont need them! Its getting to the point that our program can ONCE AGAIN reach its tentacles across the country and grab kids that “get it”. We all want to win with Indiana kids but do we want to go as far as saying we’d rather take Indiana kids regardless of their passion towards IU? Guys like the 2013 class get it. I dont give a s**t if they’re from Timbuktu…. If they cant wait to put the candy stripes on, then i cant wait to root for em. Guys like Blackmon and Lyles will fade away in the BBN. Hell….. The UK fans are hoping Blackmon holds off on committing to them bc they want higher profile guys to committ. They think his name is LARRY BLACKMON!!!!!!!!! I can t be mad about Blackmon wanting to follow his fathers footsteps but he did this in an exceptionally slimy way.

  • David James Downey

    Based on Indiana rejecting UK’s offer to play in Indianapolis on a neutral court in a two year contract and then attempting to negotiate (pressure is more accurate) with UK through the media, I don’t believe the series will resume in the near future. This is a real shame because I love the game and the rivalry. It is a tremendous game worthy of a NCAA Tournament atmosphere every year. Too bad IU was unwilling to agree to that.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Indiana wants to play a home and home series with an elite opponent. Kentucky wants to play on a neutral court. I’m not saying one is right and the other is wrong but the schools want fundamentally different things and neither is willing negotiate. It’s unfortunate but that’s the way it is. Indiana (and Kentucky) fans should probably move on because asking for it to come back is likely wasted breath.

  • David James Downey

    I think that is fair. If you are like me you have fond memories of those games and lament the end of the series. Great games. Usually close contests with heroes emerging to carry the day at the buzzer–like Watford. I was taken aback that both Fred Glass and Tom Crean, a year after the negotiations collapsed, mention UK when discussing next year’s schedule. Does anyone know if there were attempts to renew the series this summer?
    With conference expansion, the 28 game regular season cap (not counting exempt holiday tournaments), and the allure of neutral court games, I think it will be difficult to schedule elite teams for a home and home series. If for no other reason by definition, elite teams are are few and far between.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I have no idea whether or not there were attempts made this summer. I would imagine there was at least a phone call made but I think both schools understand they are far apart and neither one is budging. I don’t necessary agree with Indiana’s hardcore stance but I do believe college basketball is at its best when it occurs on campus and inside of a passionate home arena. That being said, scheduling the way Tom Crean and Fred Glass want to (at least one elite out-of-conference home game every season) is proving much more difficult than I think either one of them expected and it probably won’t be getting any easier moving forward.

  • HoosierTrav

    We tried to compromise with neutral and home and home. Cal wouldnt compromise. Only his way.

  • Jennifer G

    pUKe didn’t show an interest in Blackmon until the kid became the BEAST scorer that he is…

  • SCHoosier

    So U are the main recruiter of one of the schools that has been on Whitehead for months. Now..u hear IU has contacted him and the kid shocks you by immediately making the Hoosiers one of his official visits. Do u 1) put all the pressure on the player to close the deal with you now and try to short circuit his IU visit 2) Be cool..make sure he is committed to visiting your school and may the best pitch win or 3) say screw’em and offer James Blackmon? I mean..folks..this is a tough business.

  • Kyl470

    I agree. Talent is talent and I don’t care if the kid is from Indiana, Europe, or Asia. I still believe that this class will only be 2 players because that’s all the scholarships IU will have free. I don’t think anyone will be going pro early so unless someone transfers there will only be two to give. If IU ends up getting 2 top 75 players that to me would be a perfectly good class. I mean if IU gets Johnson or Whitehead instead of Blackmon that isn’t so bad. Who knows either of those two guys could turn out to be better than Blackmon.

  • HoosierTrav

    In a perfect world….We sign Exum, Okonoboh, and Johnson…Vonleh comes back and we are oversigned by one. This is much easier to “work out” than being oversigned by 3.

  • David James Downey

    Looking at UK’s home schedule last year, I felt like the season ticket holders did not get the ideal routine on investment without 1 of UofL, UNC, or IU coming to Rupp. UK has addressed that issue and with a year off has UofL and UNC at home on alternate years. Last year the SEC increased the number of conference games to be played. This reduced UK’s ability to schedule non-conference home games and an extra road game with the 28 game cap negatively impacts the revenue lossed from not having another home game. The neutral court scenario allows both schools tthe chance to have 20,000 or so fans attend the game and by splitting the revenue both teams make out as if they held a home game. Plus with Indy ithere is the expereince playing in a dome in a tournament like atmosphere. The four year deal IU offered at some point last year is fair but the financial concerns of losing a home game revenue . It is a shame. I wish IU well in getting a series with big time program set up. I also enjoyed our dialogue.

  • Tucson Hoosier

    Great question regarding the impact of users of social media toward recruits. I would guess that recruits read these sites. Thoughts?

  • Rie

    We may be fine and will not need them, but we should be real in that Blackmon is a stud and we would be better with him coming here. Lyles does seem to have an attitude that I don’t mind IU passing on, and obviously, Crean saw it and stopped recruiting him.

    James, on the other hand, still appears to be in Crean’s sights, so I disagree that “he did this in an exceptionally slimy way”. If it were that bad, we would completely abandon our efforts in trying to get him here, which it does not appear we have. We may not like how this turned out, but I believe James has conducted himself fine, and if any blame should be put on someone, it is his father. Having gone through the process himself, he should have known how quick things change and guarded his eighth grade son from doing anything too hastily. Regardless, he made his decision and hopefully he finds his way back, if it is what IU and James want.

  • Ole Man

    Too harsh with the name calling; totally unnecessary. Makes your post into a rant rather than a “read”.

  • Ole Man

    Cannot like this post enough. Well said.

  • Ole Man

    True; but the kid doesn’t see it that way.

  • Ole Man

    David…glad that our team is so much more interesting than your team, thus causing you to troll here.
    And rewriting history doesn’t change your lie.

  • David James Downey

    I am here because I found it interesting that IU’s AD and head coach when discussing its own schedule referenced UK a year after the series was not renewed. That speaks to just how interested your administration is with our program.
    I do try and follow our rivals–consider it respect.
    Troll? Lie? We have different perspectives on the chain of events and certainly on the outcome of any game between our schools. I can even see that a four year deal combining home and neutral courts sounds fair.
    But there is no lie in SEC expansion impacting our schedule. There is no lie that home and home schedules will every other take a way a home game. And there is no lie that financially a neutral court game allowing each school 20,000 seats is the equivalent of a home game for both schools. While you may disagree with my views, my comments were made in the spirit of a healthy dialogue. I can’t help it if my perspective threatens your view of the situation. And I thank it is a shame that you consider a sharing a differnt opinion as trolling.

  • Rie

    I think some may, but it should have no bearing on their decision. What people post on a website or in social media is very different from the “experience” they have when being recruited. I mean, negative postings on a site will not change the power of Assembly Hall, the beauty of our campus (and women), our ability to develop players, or the prominence of Cook Hall. If a recruit did let any form of social media weigh in the decision they make, they need better people advising them or need to reevaluate what matters to them.

  • CreanFaithful

    I’m not sure how much it impacts the recruits, but they definitely read the comments sent their way. For instance, I’ve seen Troy Williams retweet fan comments directed at him. Also, Blackmon responded to some negative comments after the decommit. So I think it can be both positive and negative. Doubtful that it changes their perceptions much as all fan bases are going to have a combination of respectful/disrespectful posters.

  • HoosierTrav

    I meant it to be a rant. I dont think calling some guys entitled brats was too harsh. People have said much worse.

  • hoosier1158

    So why do all these “great” recruits commit to UK? If you are a top 20 player you can attend Podunk University and still get to the NBA. I haven’t seen any great coaching down there. I’m guessing there must be some other reason.

  • AKA Hoosier Daddy

    I for one believe that JBsr is slimy as posted for one does he get the Marion job unless his son commits to IU…HMMM and during JBJ injury who was there to help him out…HMMM also does JBsr use IU for a stage to get what he wants for his son and humiliate the coaching staff at IU?..HMMM that to me is SLIMY!! so I say very well said and posted.We all can blame JBsr for whatever reason but it is JBJ’s decision and maybe just maybe it has been a well thought out plan to get pUKe attention in the first place I mean it is what it is..RIGHT So move on Indiana the boats quit rocking and definatly not sunk we have a great 2013 class I just hope CTC and staff get the killer instinct in them this year because we lacked that last year…..GO IU

  • Michael R

    As crazy as it sounds, Blackmon decommitting could be a blessing in disguise. It was long perceived that Blackmon and Trey Lyles wanted to play together, now they can play together at UK. IU can get back on board with concentrating on Exum, Whitehead, Johnson, Hill to fill the Blackmon void, but the reality is that IU will be really good without any of them. Recruits will see how this group gels and want to jump on board. IU can offer a starting spot at SG to recruits and it won’t be a hard sell. What if Exum commits, do we really even care that UK grabs Blackmon and Trey Lyles? I say that IU doubles down on Exum, grabs Whitehead, Johnson or Hill in the process and we don’t need anyone else. By start of 2014 this team is scary deep, young and talented (regardless of the 2014 class).

  • Rie

    Who sounds like an entitled brat more than a fan who is mad at a teenager for doing something in their best interest?
    Look, I am not happy either, but just looking at James’ situation rationally does not leave a lot of room for such a harsh criticism. I would refer you back to my original response to this comment. What our staff does in response to these things is very telling in the way the fan base should react/respond.

  • HoosierTrav

    Crean didnt pass on Lyles bc of the attitude. He passed bc there his father was asking for a job and shopping his son under his nose. Crean says he is still pursuing Blackmon but he’s pursuing others with more vigor. I think he sees whats going on here like most of us do. Would we be better with him re committing? Of course! Do we need him? Absolutely NOT! I agree that his father should be taking most of the blame. But to literally do an interview with a Fox news station here in Fort Wayne 2 days before decommitting and raving about why he loved IU so much and how he knew it was the right fit…. then decommit? Dont tell me that the decommitt wasnt planned out before the interview. Is that what you would advise your son to do? The dishonesty after the July eval period was slimy and a way to mitigate the damage he would receive from the fan base. Now he put us in a serious pinch while”doing whats best for him”. Kids like Theo Pinson did us a favor by announcing sooner rather than later, so that we could pursue other options. The should have let us know a long time ago. You dont decide to reopen in August and decide by November, if you didnt A: KNow you were recommitting or B: Know exactly where you are going.

  • David James Downey

    If you can do more than guess, Mark Emmert and what remains of his enforcement staff would love to hear from you. The NCAA doubled its staff of investigators for men’s basketball when Emmert took over. Can you guess who that was designed to catch? Your comments indicate you think we are dirty. You are not alone. Prove it. I will put our complinace team against anyone’s staff. And if you can get Archie Goodwin to the NBA in the first round in one year and if you can get Julius Mays an NBA tryout and then an overseas contract in one year and provide the exposure, training facilities and national stage to market your brand for a year or two, there is not much need to offer under the table incentives to play at UK.
    The players really like Cal. We have an alumni game on September 9 at Rupp. You should come.

  • HoosierTrav

    Sure… The staff is moving on by offering different guys. Spending nights on the phone with different guys rather than Blackmon. You guys can throw your support his way all you want but its clear to me that he has been a bold faced liar and put our program in an ugly situation. You can call me a brat all you want but i refuse to look highly on someone who disregards the best interest of those who were loyal to them during a time when they didnt have to. I dont get on twitter and bash the kid. I get on a forum and voice my frustration. I wouldn’t be visiting this site too much if you cant handle seeing a rant or two.

  • Rie

    Just ignore the people who are throwing hate your way, and thank you for being civil and levelheaded here. Some people are overly passionate.

    They commit because the national exposure is good, they are surrounded with players who are going through the same experience as they are, and they will have an overinflated value in the NBA draft.

  • Tucson Hoosier

    Yeah, I noticed Troy Williams mother posted on ITH before… which I think is cool as heck by the way. It’s great to have a forum to be able to share with so many IU brethren. I just wonder how far some of these posts go toward impacting recruits. Probably not much, like you say, but It is an interesting thought.

  • AKA Hoosier Daddy

    I think your post is dead on and not harsh at all cause the fans have the right to be mad or disappointed don’t they? So I say very well said rant or read it could have been a lot worse I do believe you toned it down perfectly!! Well done..

  • HoosierTrav

    Who’s calling names now? You cant call me out for nam calling then call someone names on the EXACT SAME THREAD! Lol. Come on man. I dont think he said anything to warrant your name calling either. He was actually the first polite UK fan I’ve seen in a while. Hypocrite much?

  • AKA Hoosier Daddy

    Another excellent point keep em coming also I hope JBJ goes to pUKe I mean with the insight we have don’t you think that pay pal cal and JBsr deserve each other?

  • Rie

    Of course they are offering other guys, they just lost a committed player. No one is throwing support his way either. I don’t mind reading the fact that you have voiced frustration, nor do I see anywhere I said I do. I don’t even care if you hate the kid and don’t look highly on him. As I stated, I am not happy with the decision either. It seems like you don’t even read what I type. We are just trying to temper the irrational conspiracy-theory laden post.

    Your line of thinking is flawed because you see the kids making decisions in relation to the universities, where it is really the other way around. You really think Pinson was doing us a favor when he committed early? You don’t think he did it for himself and his timetable? Obviously, you and AKA are very confused with how the recruiting process works.

  • Ole Man

    What insight do you have? I’m sure that ITH has a lot more insight than you and would post it here.
    Geez! You and Trav need to lighten up/light one up/ or throw a few back and chill.

  • Ole Man

    Now this, gets my up vote. Good comment.

  • hoosier1158

    I didn’t imply anything. You answered my question.

  • David James Downey

    What were you guessing was the reason? I doubt it was the fact that we have such pretty uniforms or you have a great respect for our Patterson School of Government.
    After being called a liar and a troll by another poster I did consider you comment about recruits–which was not the focus of this portion of the thread–to imply something inappropriate at UK. If I misjudged your comment, then I am mistaken.
    And I did answer your question. We are clean. If we were not clean, with the NCAA doubling its compliance team in men’s basketball, there is no doubt we would have been hit with a sanction. And again if you know something, by all means…prove it.
    Why do players want to play at IU, Duke, UNC, Kansas, UCLA or UK? Free education and being a part of great basketball programs that might in turn allow them to secure a job in their chosen field.
    Over the years UK has been blessed with many homegrown Hoosier talents. Kyle Macy and Louie Dampier and most recently Julius Mays to name a few. We owe the Hoosier State a debt of gratitude for producing such wonderful players who have added to our storied program’s history.
    Generally speaking I don’t think a young man can go wrong by picking any of the big time schools. Some do seem to be more beneficial long term than others.
    No doubt IU being able to have to players drafted in the lottery (second and fifth I think?) will help pave the way for more elite players to consider wearing the cand stripes down the road.

  • Mooks

    Honestly, Im thankful for the players we have today, They will help our recruiting in the long run.

    Everyone has forgotten about Noah Vonleh. We all know we got on Troy Williams really late and didn’t commit until October. But didn’t Vonleh commit in very late October or early November? It was definitely after Troy. We can get Whitehead, I like the way he plays.

    Honestly a class of Isaiah Whitehead and Ahmed Hill would be a true blessing.
    Isaiah is very multi-deminsional and Ahmed Hill is a pure scorer. We need guards badly. Both of these players are not one and done, but definitely NBA material which is what Indiana looks for and what fits up best.

    Goodluck Okonoboh would be a blessing to get also if we expand to a 3 member class, but Im having the feeling he is breaking away from IU. (1. In an interview he claimed that he would “Love to play with a scorer like Blackmon Jr.”) (2. If he was to arrive on campus he would already have to battle Hanner Perea and Luke Fischer, which makes it 3 players realistically fighting for the Center position.) (3. Duke is in dire need of forwards and centers which would suit Goodluck if he wants to start immediatly as a freshman.) I know Goodluck has work to do offensively and im throwing all these factors out here, but I would love to have someone who has attitude like Goodluck, I mean I’ve seen pictures of Goodluck on the internet…….I can not imagine him being under JeNay Jackson… your talking about a 6’10” potentially 235-40 pound high flying blocking/rebounding machine. Now does anyone want to compete with that? We already got that in Noah Vonleh, another would be amazing for the 2014-2015 school year.

  • plane1972

    I love that. There’s a great ITH handle in there somewhere: TroysMamasWatchin

  • AZIU71

    Although CTC apparently told Blackmon we still want you and Blackmon says he still is considering IU, forget it that ship has sailed. One thing I like about Crean, you don’t want to be here no problem we are moving on enter Mr.Whitehead.

  • EweGenieTerror

    Playing the game at Lucas Oil just opens the door for Cal to use it as a recruiting tool for Indiana based recruits. Cal does not get the same pathway if forced to play in Bloomington. I applaud Crean and Glass to stick to their guns and not give UK that opportunity.

  • MattMan

    Let me get this straight. We’re Indiana University. A legendary basketball school. We’re coming off a season where we were ranked #1 three different times and for more of the year than any other team. We also are coming off an outright Big Ten title in a very difficult Big Ten year. We have back to back sweet 16 trips. The program has tons of momentum and energy nationally. We had tons of awesome nationally televised games. Tom Crean has proven he can develop players with the best of them, if not better with guys like Victor Oladipo and Dwayne Wade. He is a relentless recruiter. We just had 2 guys drafted in the top 5 of the NBA draft. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    All of this and we can’t keep in state talent? All of this and we’re not reeling in recruits? All of this and we’re dishing out offers like water and nobody is committing? What am I missing?