Film Session: Trouble defending the 3-ball

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After Indiana’s loss to Wisconsin on Saturday, Tom Crean took to Twitter.

“We didn’t take advantage of some opportunities today,” he wrote. “To[o] many costly turnovers and over helping. We gave up to[o] many 3’s because of it. In the last 10 games we have held the opponents to 29% from 3. Today we overhelped on drives and it caught us. We will get that corrected.”

Victor Olapido also told reporters Sunday that “little things like communication” needed to be corrected after watching the film from the Hoosiers’ loss to Wisconsin.

With this in mind, a look at four 3-point attempts from the Badgers where the aforementioned comments told the tale on Indiana’s defense in the latest edition of Film Session:

I. Off an Indiana turnover, Frank Kaminsky sets a ball screen for Ben Brust:


Cody Zeller, who didn’t come up to the perimeter with Kamisky, gets a body in front of Brust with Yogi Ferrell helping:


With Zeller cutting Brust off and him unable to get a shot up, Oladipo makes the curious decision to overhelp on the drive and comes down into the lane:


With Oladipo now double-teaming Brust, Kaminsky is wide open up top:


With no one closing out or helping, Kaminsky gets a wide open 3-point attempt:


He actually missed the shot, but this was some serious overhelping from Oladipo, and it allowed for a clean open look for Wisconsin.


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  • oregoniu

    IU moving slow on defense, Wisc moving the ball intelligently. That is usually IU’s game

  • jaypay23

    What about the bad passing? I am very concerned with the the way Indiana was trying to pass into Zeller. The passes were behind him and he was being double teamed. I thought we were out coached and never made any adjustments through out the game.

  • Steve Mc brian

    Sounds like you feel that Coach Crean and all of his assistants should be fired.

  • Cullen

    One correction- the last three was made by Dekker not Brust

  • I’m stunned we struggled to defend the three. Just stunned (Insert sarcastic tone).

  • BobbyI

    So the players were making bad passes and this leads to “out coached”? When will they ever give it a rest?

  • Hoo Hoo Hound dog

    I am sick to my stomach about losing 12 in a row to Wisconsin. But you have to appreciate their sound fundamental basketball.

  • jaypay23

    I like coach Crean and his work ethic. I just think in the Wisconsin game he did not coach well. Why would I want him fired? He’s the best coach we have had since Knight. I did not see any adjustments at the half and it is just irritating to get beat bye a less talented team.

  • jaypay23

    When will who give it a rest? NUT!

  • SCHoosier

    How about working on our inbound plays..they have sucked all season and basically we get nothing out of them but a possessions if we are lucky. Can’t defend one either.