Film Session: Minnesota’s run

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II. On Minnesota’s next possession, Eliason sets a ball screen for Ahanmisi:


He ends up not taking it and heads down to the corner. As he attempts to pass the ball to Eliason, Hulls tips the ball in the air and Will Sheehey, sensing a ball up for grabs, makes a move to the action:


But Ahanmisi recovers it and taps it to Eliason. Sheehey, who had started to head down the court, must stop and retreat back to defense:


With Indiana’s defense out of balance, Eliason fires it over to Coleman on the left wing:


Coleman passes down to Williams Jr., and with Hulls, Sheehey and Zeller all under the top of the key and in the middle of the lane, this leaves Ahanmisi open on the right wing:


Zeller is able to close out on him:


But this leaves some mismatches down low. Eliason is now posting up Hulls. The smaller Remy Abell now has Williams Jr. calling for the ball on him. The ball is swung up top to Coleman and he sees Eliason:


He passes into Eliason and he scores, picking up a foul from Abell and a score at the line after to boot:


The near turnover lead to some mismatches here, and Minnesota took advantage.


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  • Earl Scheib

    Here’s some info on the sixth year senior who was all over Cody Tues night. Interesting how we have Academic All Americans versus guys like this. Not to cast aspersions on any young man who may have made some unfortunate choices, mind you…

    “Mbakwe was arrested in April of 2009 for felony assault after a
    woman identified him through a photo as the man who had attacked her
    outside the apartment complex where they both lived. According to the
    woman, Mbakwe tried to pull down her pants and then punched her twice,
    fracturing bones in her face. Mbakwe missed the 2009-10 season at
    Minnesota while the case was ongoing, but in the summer of 2010 enrolled
    in a pre-trial program which would drop the charges once he completed
    the conditions.”

  • As much as I agree with you and love that IU’s players have better character, all is forgotten with a 21 and 12 night.

  • Earl Scheib

    I hear you 100% MI….the guy owned us in the paint. I am still upset about it. Credit Mbakwe with a fierce game. He just out-muscled us, pure and simple. That’s my only fear with this team — that we are too finesse-oriented and not bullish enough down low. (Solution: more Elston?) When Zeller and Wat are on, we’re damn near unbeatable. To only lose by 4 with their mediocre performances speaks volumes I guess. The plays here show how we let it happen. I’m not worried. CZ and Wat will be back and better than ever.

  • Here’s the deal, the issue was not defense, it was that MN went on a 10-2 run where IU had to take their hit and sustain efficient offense…this is precisely what happened with Butler, WI, ILL and now MN


    CZ is more likely to struggle in this type of game than any other type of game. He seems to get thrown off his game to a certain degree when the other team is allowed to play him real physical. I know he is a 7 footer and all but it would be nice for him to jump and attempt to block a shot or least force the shooter to alter it enough that it is a miss. This isn’t intended to be a, man Zeller just sucks on D, but rather an observation of an approach that he takes to defending a shooter a lot of the time and how the other teams seem to usually have more success defending him if they are allowed to play him more physically than usual. These clips just go to show too that no matter how much a team improves their defense, and we are greatly improved over last year’s defense, there is always something that they can get better at and when they do it will show.

  • Geoff_85

    The coaches won’t let Zeller play physical D. Not even a little bit. They are too afraid he’s going to get into foul trouble. I don’t know whether I agree or not, but that’s my observation.

  • Geoff_85

    I am still freakin pissed about this game. I had to avoid ESPN and insidethehall (unfortunately) for two days to keep my cool. Indiana was not able to sustain a decent lead in a close loss, yet again. I honestly thought once they got that 8 point lead that they had the game in the bag. Rebounding aside, Indiana has to avoid scoreless strectches late in games. Sometimes they become a little stagnant – and I mean a little – down the stretch on the road. We’ve seen it in numerous road games (Northwestern, Illannoy, MN, and the game vs Butler on a neutral court where the Butler fans were plenty loud). I’m going to finish by saying this: MN doesn’t stand a chance in the NCAA Tournament. Real referees won’t allow them to play that physical, and when they aren’t allowed to play that physical, they’re going to lose. There is zero chance they make it to the Sweet 16. The Big Ten is shortchanging their teams by allowing play that is that physical. Typically, I’m kind of old school when it comes to physicality, but I believe it’s going to cost teams like MN come NCAA Tournament time. Not that I care MN. I hope they don’t win another game quite honestly. Mbakwe punding his chest. Good grief I wish Zeller would have gotten out in transition and got a huge dunk on the other end after that display.

  • PDXHoosier

    CTC recruited and coached this guy at Marquette his freshman year, right? I have to assume he would be off the team after such an incident, if he played for us.