• N71

    Great players no doubt, would enjoy either one or both coming to IU. After 112 years and 5 national championships I’ve cobbled a crude theory that mother nature is also an IU fan but she invented the golden ratio as well. She therefore needs a certain number of in-state players versus out of state guys to allow the team to be competitive but maintain the bond the program has with its fan base. This year’s class is a particular joy being in-state or having ties to Indiana but if we are allowed 13 players then the ratio would say it’s 8 to 5. As long as we have 8 in-state guys on the roster we are good to go. This year, if we project Creek for another red shirt year and Peter as international or out of state then we’re at 8. This then clears us for another National Championship…its the way things are meant to be.

  • HoosierTrav

    Pinson is going to develop into a monster. I think hes a dukie or a tar heel at the end of the day.

  • rbhagwat

    wow theo is going to be one hell of a player. would definitely love to see him with an IU jersey on

  • SirEric

    Pinson is an absolute BALLER. He is so skilled already. Please get him to bloomington. That spin move reminds me of Vic.

  • 888

    Creek cant redshirt twice. They can ask for an extra year because of the two half years he lost but this year will count period. In a perfect world wed get every Indiana kid we wanted to come here but I think most want to play elsewhere. Hopefully attitudes change quickly but until they do the DC area is gonna provide alot of our talent. Theres to many scandolous dude in hoops that keep kids away from schools that dont pay up. We all know who the leader of the pack is and if the NCAA was legit hed be parkin cars somewhere.

  • hoosierdaddy3

    You can get two medical redshirt years.