Anya hearing the Indiana pitch from Robinson

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NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. – BeeJay Anya and Stanford Robinson are good friends and AAU teammates who talk about many things.

Indiana is one of the topics.

Robinson committed to the Hoosiers shortly after an unofficial visit in May and is trying to sway Anya to join him at Indiana.

“It’s all the time, all the time,” Anya said. “He’s just telling me to come; keep the tradition going.”

Anya told Inside the Hall at the Nike Global Challenge earlier this month that one of his five official visits will likely be to Blomington.

“I’m very interested in them,” the DeMatha center said. “I’m not sure, but I think I want to take an official visit there.”

Anya and Robinson are both 2013 prospects and teammates on Team Takeover. At the EYBL Finals at the Nike Peach Jam, Team Takeover went 3-2 to finish one game back of making it out of pool play.

Team Takeover did win its final three games, however, including a 74-51 rout against All Ohio Red on Saturday morning.

Anya averaged 8.2 points, 3.6 rebounds and 2.4 blocks in 16.8 minutes per game at the Peach Jam.

As for his recruitment, Anya said Indiana, Ohio State, Syracuse, Texas, Kansas, Georgetown, DePaul and UCLA talk with him the most.

His primary contacts with the Hoosiers are Tom Crean and assistant coach Kenny Johnson, who was hired in June and formerly led Team Takeover. Current IU players Maurice Creek and Victor Oladipo are also Team Takeover alums.

“He’s a really good guy,” Anya said of Johnson. “I’ve known him for a little while now. He knows my family very well.”

Recent conversations with Johnson and Crean are about some of the positives Anya could see if he went to Indiana, and those involve more than winning championships.

“They just say how I can be special if I was to go there,” Anya said. “They say how much better I could get working with their coaches and strength and conditioning people and how much bigger and stronger I could get.”

Wayne Staats is a sports reporter at The Augusta Chronicle, where he’s covered high school sports since August of 2010. He’s reporting this week from the Peach Jam for Inside the Hall.

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  • Now that Meeks seems like a real possibility I am kind of leaning toward him over Anya. Meeks’ extra few inches being the dfference and everytime I see his line he’s getting 12-15+ rebounds. Not sure Ive ever seen a line where Anya got 12 boards. Both can block shots both are pretty raw offensively.
    Also interesting to me that Crean, McClain, and Buckley were all watching EG 17s this weekend in Fishers. Were they there to keep after our commits? Probably, but something also tells me they are trying to come to a concensus on Hartman. Is he the guy we offered a couple years ago. He’s the obvious weak link right now in the ’13 class. Does it make sense to openly recruit over him and still try to jam him in when the numbers are already going to need some adjusting from a scholly point of view? Suffice to say, I think Hartman has to be praying Ojeleye doesnt end up committing to Indiana.

  • jack_j100

    Take the ticket and get on this train Anya, you won’t be sorry.

  • York538

    Keep it up Stan! Dominating bruiser in the middle. Gotta love that

  • Wondering why my comment was taken off……hmmmm……was it the Hartman part? It was here an hour ago! Now its gone.
    Essentially I was saying I’d take Meeks over Anya and I’d bet Hartman is praying Ojeleye doesnt pick Indiana. There’s a reason we are openly recruiting over our already committed wings when there is no space for the guys we even already have committed……..I personally think the IU staff is trying to determine if Hartman is the guy they offered a couple years ago. Right now I think we all the know the answer to that question.

  • IURob1997

    I hope he signs up that will be a great front line of Anya in the middle and Fisher at PF

  • cdog

    One would think this and CTC has certainly done everything possible to convince Anya to come to IU. But the fact is that he is only considering IU for one of his 5 official visits. If he would say that IU was for sure in his top five, I would feel more confident. Right now IU is just one of many schools that are recruiting him very hard and the kid is overwhelmed with the attention. CTC is also not sure and that is why we have 3-4 big men still being heavily recruited by IU for 2013. I don’t know what happens if one of these prospects calls CTC and accepts. There are a lot more offers than we can accept and only CTC knows how he will handle the priority of those offers.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    wow, strong words. but i see where you’re coming from. team obviously has to take precedence over any one individual. being said, i think it may be a bit early to dismiss hartman

  • Peter Skiadopoulos

    How do the scholarship offers play out when we already have 5 verbal commitments? Can schools retract offers if better recruits like Anya choose IU?

  • superhoops

    Pass. Move on to the next guy.

  • Oldguyy

    Stirring the pot a bit, I’ll admit, but is anyone else a bit worried about recruiting guys like Anya and Meeks who have not yet, and possibly can’t, control their weight? I’m not saying that they can’t change or that Crean doesn’t know a lot more about these particular guys than I do, but I’ve seen a lot of guys over the years who never do get down to their optimum weight, and consequently have injury problems and reduced effectiveness. It could be unwarrented prejudice on my part, but I worry about recruiting that type of player especially on a team that is not strongly oriented to the half court.

  • inLinE6

    We only got 4 from 2013 class so far. I guess as soon as either Anya, or Lee or Ojeleye commits we’ll shut the door. We already have Fischer and Jurkin. I’m not too worried even Zeller leaves and Anya goes elsewhere.

  • inLinE6

    I may be a little pessimistic, but our chance for Anya is less than 50%. Given all the ties and relationships with IU, and he’s still not “sure”, and only “likely” taking an official visit to Bloomington, I think we have to move on now. And CTC started to push hard on several other big kids in recent months certainly showed that he’s aware of the situation. But I don’t understand why. If you want to stay in East Coast then go Georgetown. If you consider elsewhere, is there another option better than coming to IU? Texas, Syracure and UCLA, what a joke. Avoid those trouble places!

  • Think we only have 4 verbals right now,but be careful. Your comment may be deleted if you mention any names……in short, yes, schools can retract offers until the LOI is signed. It’s a verbal contract between school and student, which means nothing. Student and/or school can bail at any time.
    And I’m not banging on the wing from Cathedral that plays for EG17s. I’m stating facts. We have no room for the additional rides, but are still putting out offers. Fact. Like it or not, say it however you want (ie “these scholly things tend to work themslves out”), it’s happening. Let’s say we take the two more and are over by 3 going into 2013-2014. If that happens I think it’s a foregone conclusion the staff expects Zeller and Oladipo are going pro. Then your senior left in the 14-15 season is Sheehey and your Juniors are Abell and Etherington. Back to being a very young team again.

  • Mooks

    I say Anya, Meeks, or Lee would be good scoops. If we get one of them its a win-win situation.

  • blazinhazin

    I would agree that his quotes don’t exactly sound like a done deal. “I’m not sure, but I think i wanna take an official visit”. Not exactly looking to sign a letter of intent to IU.

    It’s always hard to know what these guys mean. We don’t know Anya and didn’t actually hear him say it. I hope we get him, Meeks, or Lee, since we’ll likely have a void in the middle. If not, we’ll likely be playing smallball in 2013-2014. The problem likely gets solved by Lyles in 2014-15.

  • gerald

    I dont get why people are so quick to pass on Anya. The kid is a monster…watch some of his videos! His arms are insane and he has good ups for sullinger type body. In fact he looks way more athletic then soft sully. All he needs to do is clear out the lane and get boards.

  • SCHoosier

    With all the IU contacts he mentions..I think the kid is playing mind games by saying “I’m not sure”..about an official visit. His choice of course..but give me a break. “Yea..IU is one of the schools I will officially visit..but my recruiting is still wide open.” That I could buy.

  • Mel Piepho

    I don’t think that Lee is likely; he got 31 offers before he got Indiana’s offer, and has taken no visits yet. He is planning on visiting Pac-10 teams this August after he starts to narrow down his choices. I think that he’s staying on the West coast, but we’ll see soon.

  • DCHoosier

    I saw Anya play in the Nike Global Summit. Aside from being a strong player, he seems like a really great person. He was very encouraging to his team, cheered for everyone, supported the other US teams, and seemed to really be enjoying himself. He would be a great player to have.

  • MisterSlippery

    What weight do you think Zeller leaves IU at? What weight will Fisher be as a sophomore. I’m curious to see how the off-season weight training goes.

  • Mel Piepho

    I hope we get him also, because what’s the probability of getting Meeks (very close to North Carolina Univ.) or Lee, who got 31 offers before IU’s. Lee has yet to visity anyone, but is planning visits in the Pac 10 (or12?) in August. With all of the connections that Anya has with IU, he’s got to be the most likely and the most preferred, especially since he’s nice person. Maybe teen-agers aren’t the best communicators, so when Anya says he thinks he wants to visit IU, he really wants to with a high priority.

  • iufan4life10

    We’ll be playing small ball if none of them commit…?

    Jurkin, 7-0, will be a sophomore and have a year to develop under Zeller. Fischer will be a lean freshman but is still not “small” at 6-10. Perea will be 6-8 at PF and Hollowell will be able to play a little PF at time. IU might be young on the front line but not small. If we have Hollowell or Davis playing at the 5 than we will be small. I would love for one of Anya, Meeks, or Lee to commit but we will still have a solid lineup regardless.

  • iufan4life10

    It is a lot easier to mold clay when you have plenty of it. It is harder to keep adding clay to make a mold. Coach Jackson has been doing a great job with the team to add muscle and strength. I think with either Meeks or Anya, who said he wanted to go to a program that focused on that, will not have a problem dropping weight while adding strength.

  • Oldguyy

    I hope you’re right. Experience has taught us physicians to be somewhat less sanguine about that prospect than you are, however.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    To be fair, I think most elite teams are pretty young. And the impact players are usually underclassmen, because if the seniors were impact guys, they’d be pros already. There are exceptions, but you get what I’m saying.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    That seems just a bit rash…

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    I gotta admit, I at first thought he wouldn’t fit. He doesn’t seem like an open-court, coast to coast kind of guy, and when IU transitions, I feared a player like him would fall behind.

    But I’m coming around to a different opinion. He can really help initiate transition plays by just being himself under the basket and grabbing those defensive rebounds. Plus, like you said, he’s no softie. I think some people – like me – at first compared him to an internal list of criteria for the sort of big man you’d need in Crean’s offense, but misidentified what should go on that list to begin with, so thus downgraded him. Like I said, I think it’s a mistake. The backcourt and wing can take care of the transition just fine, plus Zeller will already give you one big man who can run the floor. So what if you then have to pull up in the face of good transition defense? It won’t be every opponent who could stop you, plus with a tandem of Zeller and Anya, that’d be a huge mound of interior play to have to account for in such sets. The team can use another big body on the inside to run the half court part of their offense anyway; sometimes, it feels too much like they’re just standing on the perimeter and waiting for holes to develop, and that’s what you get when you’ve got so many more guards and wing-type forwards than true post men. With Anya there along with Zeller, you’d have a true interior presence who can handle offensive rebounds, plus you’d have a decent sized guy who could screen for the driving player. And this is before any of the rest of his play under the basket.

    So yeah, long story short: I think too many people did like me and didn’t think too deeply about it. Sometimes you just have to re-examine your thoughts to see if they’re correct.

  • FreeAgentID

    Come to the Hoosiers you two!

  • Hoosier Student

    You had me until “…and Oladipo are going pro.” I love him as much as the next guy, but pro?