Film Session: Zeller’s first half

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Indiana’s offense was firing on all cylinders in the first half against Purdue on Sunday night, scoring 49 points on 1.37 points per possession.

A look at five plays with heavy Cody Zeller involvement in the latest edition of Film Session.


Jordan Hulls swings the ball to Christian Watford:

Zeller comes over in what appears to be an attempt to set a ball screen:

But Zeller quickly slips the screen on Travis Carroll, who anticipates and starts hedging:

From here it’s an easy pass to Zeller:

Who’s able to rise over Lewis Jackson easily for a dunk:



Watford grabs a rebound and quickly outlets to Hulls:

Hulls passes it ahead of the defense to Zeller, a spot he’s often found himself in this year on the break:

Zeller catches:

And is swarmed by Purdue:

He passes out of four defenders to Will Sheehey:

Sheehey is fouled on a missed bucket and made one of two free throws:



Zeller looks for the ball on the left block:

But gets fronted by D.J. Byrd:

As Verdell Jones passes to Watford, Zeller gets some separation on a push:

Watford makes a quick pass:

Zeller is able to sneak in a bucket for two points:



Matt Roth gives Zeller an entry pass:

Byrd doubles down on him:

Zeller dribbles out to get a better view of his options:

Roth is wide open, and Zeller throw a cross-court pass:

Roth rises, fires and hits:

As Gary Williams notes on the call, this is not a play a lot of big men can make. But Zeller can.



Zeller begins to set a high ball screen for Hulls:

Caroll hedges for a bit and Jackson doesn’t pick up Zeller. This leave him alone as Ryne Smith runs by Zeller to pick up Roth beyond the arc:

Zeller catches the pass from Hulls:

And it’s another high-percentage look in the form of a dunk for the Big Ten’s Freshman of the Year:


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