Perea helps lead La Lumiere to 13-game win streak

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Throughout the season, Inside the Hall will keep you posted on how 2011 signees Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller, IU’s eight verbal commitments and other notable prospects with interest in the Hoosiers, are performing at their respective schools.

You can send us stats or results for this report at [email protected]. Here’s our latest update:


+ Austin Etherington (Hamilton Heights): Thirty-two points in an 84-66 win over Madison-Grant on Feb. 10. Etherington surpassed 1,000 career points in the win. He was also a guest on the ITH Podcast early last week.

+ Cody Zeller (Washington): After being named a McDonald’s All-American, Zeller had 27 points, six rebounds, two assists and a block in a 72-39 win at Owen Valley on Feb. 10. HD video of the game is available here.


+ Hanner Perea (La Porte La Lumiere): Twelve points in a 81-38 win over the Howe School on Feb. 8. With Tom Crean in attendance, scored 11 points and grabbed seven rebounds in a 75-60 win at Gary Lew Wallace on Feb. 10. Fifteen points in a 74-38 win over Gary Roosevelt on Feb. 12.

+ Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell (Park Tudor): Seventeen points in a 51-38 win over Indianapolis Scecina on Feb. 10.

+ Peter Jurkin (United Faith Christian Academy, NC): Out until sometime in February with a stress fracture, according to The Charlotte Observer.

+ Ron Patterson (Broad Ripple): Twenty-eight points (surpassing 1,000 for his career) in a 67-58 win over Indianapolis Manual on Feb. 10. Eleven points in a 74-45 win over Beech Grove on Feb. 12.

2012 CLASS

+ Gary Harris (Hamilton Southeastern): Eighteen points in a 63-58 win at Carmel on Feb. 9.

+ Jeremy Hollowell (Lawrence Central): Twenty-three points in a 60-51 loss at Franklin Central on Feb. 8. Twenty-one points in a 66-61 win at Warren Central on Feb. 10. Sixteen points in a 63-46 win at Mt. Vernon (Fortville) on Feb. 12.

+ Mitch McGary (Brewster Academy): Twenty points and 11 rebounds in a 126-70 win over Lee Academy on Feb. 9. Was not listed among the leading scorers in a 72-69 win over the New Hampton School on Feb. 11.


+ Collin Hartman (Indianapolis Cathedral): Nine points and 11 rebounds in a 57-49 win at Indianapolis Roncalli on Feb. 10. Five points in a 78-55 win at Heritage Christian on Feb. 12.

+ Devin Davis Jr. (Warren Central): Twenty-seven points and 11 rebounds in a 66-61 loss to Lawrence Central on Feb. 10. Eight points and 12 rebounds in a 66-57 loss at Bloomington South on Feb. 12.

2013 CLASS

+ Basil Smotherman (Heritage Christian): Eighteen points in a 48-47 win over Covenant Christian on Feb. 8. Eleven points in a 72-54 win over Fall Creek Academy on Feb. 10. Eleven points in a 78-55 loss to Indianapolis Cathedral on Feb. 12.

+ Darryl Baker (Jeffersonville): Twenty-two points, nine rebounds, four steals and two assists in a 92-62 win over Jennings County on Feb. 10.

+ Mark Williams (Cleveland Benedictine): Sixteen points in a 73-58 win over Bedford on Feb. 8. Benedictine fell to Walsh Jesuit, 56-53, on Feb. 11, but no individual stats were available.

+ Zak Irvin (Hamilton Southeastern): Six points in a 63-58 win at Carmel on Feb. 9.


+ James Blackmon Jr. (Ft. Wayne Luers): Thirteen points in a 88-82 loss at Ft. Wayne Canterbury on Feb. 10.

+ Trey Lyles (Indianapolis Tech): Eighteen points in a 76-70 win at Indianapolis Chatard on Feb. 9. Nineteen points, eight rebounds, two blocks and two steals in a 62-47 win over Baptist Academy on Feb. 11 at Conseco Fieldhouse.

2014 CLASS

+ Ernie Duncan (Evansville Harrison): Twenty-four points (4-of-4 on two’s, 4-of-4 on three’s and 4-of-4 on FT’s) in an 88-68 win over Evansville Reitz on Feb. 10.

+ Jaquan Lyle (Evansville Bosse): Thirteen points and seven rebounds in a 81-73 overtime loss to Castle on Feb. 10.

+ Jaraan Lands (Brownsburg): Nine points in a 61-45 loss to Harrison (West Lafayette) on Feb. 10.

+ P.J. Thompson (Brebeuf Jesuit): Fourteen points in a 54-52 loss at Indianapolis Northwest on Feb. 10.

+ Trevon Bluiett (Park Tudor): Eight points in a 51-38 win over Indianapolis Scecina on Feb. 10.

(Note: 2013 prospect Darryl Hicks, who has an offer, is sitting out this season at Louisville Trinity due to KHSAA transfer rules.)

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  • Anonymous

    I cannot wait to see a press with Oladipo, Sheehey, Yogi, and Perea

  • Anonymous

    It would be absolutely disgusting. Adding Hollowell or Harris to it could make it potentially illegal, due to downright unfairness.

  • MillaRed

    We’re going to be loaded. It’s great to have these guys in the funnel.

    Blackmon is human. Only 13 pts.

    Davis is on fire. Must be completely healthy.

    Looking forward to see how Jurkin does on the AAU circuit.

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to seeing Jurkin on both feet; just hope that stress fracture isn’t a bad omen. Have to think, he’s going to be at the back of that press at times—congratulations, you just beat our four monster defenders; your reward: shoot over this guy!

  • Don’t forget Ron Patterson is also a very good athlete.

  • GFDave

    Updated scoring averages

    2011 Etherington–18.3
    2011 Zeller–25.1
    2012 Perea–12.4
    2012 Ferrell–16.6
    2012 Jurkin–9.0
    2012 Patterson–19.4
    2012 Harris–17.5
    2012 Hollowell–18.7
    2012 McGary–14.2
    2013 Hartman–11.3
    2013 Davis–16.5
    2013 Smotherman–13.5
    2013 Baker–13.1
    2013 Williams–15.7
    2013 Irvin–11.2
    2014 Blackmon–22.3
    2014 Lyles –18.3
    2014 Duncan–18.6
    2014 Lyle–18.1
    2014 Lands–11.7
    2014 Thompson–12.7
    2014 Bluiett–13.1

  • He’s arguably the best defender of all of the recruits currently committed.

  • kentuckyHOOSIER

    I still like Patterson as probally the most complete player . So he and austin each just surpassed the 1000 mark . Thats great and congrats to both , but patterson is a junior playing in Indy !!! He is an exciting player !!!!

  • Hoosier in Nash

    I really hope we can land Ernie Duncan. I’ve played multiple pick up games with him and the kid can flat shoot. He also will never be out worked, he’s the definition of a gym rat.

  • Absolutely.

  • Anonymous

    Guffins pop-up ad when I clicked on the link to view comments for this thread from the homepage – just fyi

  • superhoops

    Perea needs to improve his overall game and learn to play a full game. I’ve been to two games when he played in S. Bend and not overly impressed. His athletic ability is definitely there and he showed it when he had a monster jam and a couple high flying rebounds. But in the SB Riley game he was mailing it it for all the first half and didn’t really begin playing till the second half where he scored all but 2 of his points. They were down at half by about 10 at Riley and came back to win. Most of his points were around the basket with one from about 15 ft. out. Similar outing at the SB St. Josephs game. I believe he only had 10 points in that game. For someone in the top 30 recruits in his class, I expected more. I know he will have another summer and full season to work on things and I hope he becomes a more complete player. Just my 2 cents and I realize I can’t judge it all on two games.

  • Anonymous

    Off topic but… seem to be someone able to remember just about all the details on everything so I’m wondering if you know who off of the ’76 team has their championship ring up for sale on Ebay. Seen the tweet at the top right of this site and took a look at it. The guy that has it for sale says it belongs to one of the players, size 12 & half. He listed all of the players that got one and I would say that you could eliminate several of the names. Thought you or somebody might have heard who it belonged to. It says item location is Kansas but don’t know if that is where the guy that is selling is at or if who it belongs to is in Kansas.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)


  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    Alex, I won’t have these made without your consent since I used the logo from here. What do you think? Anyone interested in going in on having these made???

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)
  • Luke72

    All these kids are great but a really believe that Patterson is the difference maker. He’s as tough as they come! Something IU is really missing!!

  • Haha! That is awesome thanks for sharing.

  • defendtherock

    Milla has to have a shirt that says…”Nuns love Bullwinkle”

  • Andrew

    I was also at both those games, and I don’t disagree with your assessment. But I have to add one little point…his teammates rarely pass him the ball. They’re so undisciplined and turn the ball over so often, the fans in BTown will more than likely come away disappointed Saturday. I can hear the bitching already: “This guy’s a top-10 recruit???”

  • No shirts that have ITH and a players name can or will be authorized by us. It’s a compliance issue.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)
  • Proud Cubs/Cowboys/IU Fan

    Um… no. Let’s be somewhat realistic here guys.

  • Kelin Blab

    Going to Gary Harris, Zack Irvin v Teague tomorrow…will keep you kids posted.

  • Kelin Blab

    Ernie Duncan is a PG or SG? He gives me a bigger version of Hulls vibe.. Very crafty with the ball, don’t leave him open either.

  • Kelin Blab

    I love the weber shirt

  • Kelin Blab

    That is the consistent word with Patterson tough. I have seen him make coaches take out the guy he was guarding because the could not get open…strong, arms, and good footwork.

  • Anonymous

    As a guy with connections to Canterbury, I saw him play against Luers, and he played very well, but Luers didn’t have anybody that could keep him off the glass size-wise, and his physicality just dominated from there. I’d like him, but with Davis and Hartman coming in, I don’t know where he would play honestly.

    Also watched Blackmon, who really didn’t do much, but didn’t force the ball like most freshman of his hype do, which I was impressed with.

  • Anonymous


    I know that high school scoring averages do not translate very well to college potential scoring but I find it interesting to look at the high school scoring averages of the next two IU class and assume as college freshmen they will average only 25% of what they did in high school. If they do average just 25% of high school output and then you compare that number to the scoring averages of the college classes they will be replacing, you have to feel good about the future.

  • Anonymous

    I meant to put his name in there and don’t know how I forgot it. That was the first thing I noticed when I saw video of him is that was an absolute beast on defense.

  • N71

    Saw Hartman play last night. VERY good player as a soph. He’s listed at 6′ 6″ but is very long and is probably still growing. I’d compare him to Mike Dunleavy perhaps, kind of good at everything, even defense. Can shoot from way out, drive, dribble, pass, rebound, block shots…good student…I didn’t see a weakness. Maybe he could have a quicker shot if I had to find something. He’s on a very good team as well so he’s not having to do everything but looks like he could if asked. Two more years of development and growth, wow…he will be a force.

  • Plane1972

    Thanks for the review, N71. You know, the Internet is a marvelous tool for die-hards like us, but I miss the old days when we didn’t know so much about our forthcoming recruits. Makes for very long seasons waiting on their arrival. I think Patterson has me most excited, as well.

  • MillaRed

    That’s on my boxers dude.

  • MillaRed

    How about Jerry loves Diesel? Who cares? I want my shirt man!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that Perea was recruited for his scoring ability. I think his main positives are his rebounding and shot blocking abilities. Obviously, we’d prefer that every recruit would be well-rounded, but that isn’t possible. Considering the other scorers we will have in ’12, I don’t think we need more than garbage points and putbacks from him. If he can be a beast on the boards, I think that will be plenty good enough.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly, it’s not like we have an abundance of quality rebounding and shot blocking / altering right now and those two areas are probably where we need help the most. From what I have seen and read he runs the floor like a freakin’ deer which is also something that we don’t have a lot of right now. His offensive game can be brought along a little bit at at time and hey, there might be an upside to his game on the offensive end not being real polished in that it might enable us to keep him around for an extra year.

  • Andrew

    Very true, great points Calbert and Mike. His length, ability to get up and down the court, and obviously his athleticism will allow him to make a living on stick backs alone. Plus IU hasn’t exactly been a good defensive team recently…sure would be nice if he can play consistently tough post D.

  • defendtherock

    I spit water all over my computer in the middle of a test I was giving today at school. That is hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    He’s just posting their current HS scoring averages, not predicting what they’ll do in college.

    I’d like to know rebounding and assist averages, too. That’s where we need help.

  • MillaRed

    Fair enough. Dave, go ahead and gather that data please. Steals and blocks would be nice too. Can you actually print these out and mail them to us as well? Would be nice reading on Sunday’s. Thanks Dave. You’re the best!

  • Anonymous

    AE @ Northwestern Tuesday night: 20 pts, 4-10 (0-4 3pt), 12-16 FTs. Scored 10 pts off of FTs in the 4th qtr. Eleven boards. HH won 50-40.

    Northwestern is 7-10 or 7-11, and their tallest player is 6’3″. NW tried to slow the game down, and it seemed to really frustrate both Etheringtons. AE actually shot fairly well when he took a shot in rhythm, but he forced quite a few shots, imo. FWIW.

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t slamming him. Where do you get that from? I didn’t insult him. I just posted his line and said I thought he forced some of his shots, which he did. I thought he played fine, and when he shot within the flow of the offense, he looked good. I don’t discount his 20 points. He scored 12 of them from the line, but they all count.

    He is a very good FT shooter, and making that many in the 4th is fantastic. I wasn’t impressed with him clanking that uncontested layup with less than 5 seconds left in the game, which was nothing more than him trying to pad his stats, though.

    Northwestern wasn’t dirty, and they definitely weren’t “classless.” They played physically. AE was physical with NW’s players too. I have no issue with the physical nature out of either team last night. The Big Ten is going to be far more physical than the MIC.

  • Anonymous

    If I didn’t know any better, I would say you must be related to AE considering how personally you take anything less than accolades and praise for AE.

    NW’s AD, Armstrong, did not reprimand anyone on the floor. I’d like to know where you get that type of information. Coach Gish ripped the kid who intentionally fouled Small. The kid came out.

    I have NEVER ripped AE for anything. I have said I don’t think he will be a consistent contributor next season, because he won’t be able to make the rotation. I don’t see who at the 2/3 he takes minutes from. That isn’t “ripping” a kid and berating him. That is my opinion, and it isn’t worth much so far as AE, CTC and IU are concerned.

    I have also stated repeatedly that I hope I am wrong and he tears it up at IU.

    I have grown pretty weary of this argument. You think AE is the 2nd coming of Steve Alford, and I think he will struggle to earn significant minutes next year. If you read the mods’ opinions, they more closely resemble mine. I am not the only one who thinks this way. Once again, I hope I am wrong and you are right.