Oh, what a day

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Inside the Hall, it appears, has survived the decision of Cody Zeller to commit and then sign a Letter of Intent with Indiana.

In an effort to deliver a compact way to navigate all of the day’s coverage, here’s an all-inclusive link buffet. We’ll keep it pinned at the top for the time being. Navigate away, friends:

+ Korman: Cody Zeller to IU: What it all means
+ Video: Zeller makes the call: It’s Indiana
+ Audio: Cody Zeller press conference
+ Video: Zeller discusses decision to attend IU
+ It’s Indiana for Cody Zeller
+ Tom Crean talks Cody Zeller and Austin Etherington
+ Video: Crean on national signing day
+ Hoosier Scoop Audio: Crean discusses the 2011 class
+ Hoosier Scoop Audio: Tim Buckley discusses the 2011 class
+ Hoosier Scoop Audio: Bennie Seltzer discusses the 2011 class
+ Hoosier Scoop Audio: Steve McClain discusses the 2011 class

+ Scholarship numbers following Etherington, Zeller LOI’s

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks to all for all of your work today! I’ve spend about 20 hours on this site today, but time well spent!

  • SeattleHoosier

    Alex and team – thank you so much for keeping us posted. Being from Seattle, I never would have heard the depth of the coverage you provided.

  • No problem. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.

  • Diesel

    Fun to listen to CTC finally get to talk about Austin and Cody. It’s been a great day, a lot of time on the site but finally taking the time to comment.

  • Just wanted to say thanks and great work to Alex and the entire ITH crew! Like the rest of the out of town fans, this site has really helped me reconnect much more with IU Basketball.

  • hoosiers-n-ohio

    Just wanted to say thanks and great work to Alex and the entire ITH crew! Thanks for the live coverage you provided.

    Washington Court House,Ohio

  • HoosierMike

    I have yet to get a comment posted but just wanted to say that this site has been my homepage for years. It is amazing, and the coverage of this recruitment has been nothing short of top notch. I am proud to be a Hoosier fan and just want to thank everyone that works for this site because it is run at a level that wont be reached.

  • Rivers2Creek… Splash!

    Tomorrow’s going to be kind of a let down, unless… Yogi? Gary? Hollowell?

  • HoosierDavey

    I find it interesting that Cody emphasized that CTC is a great X and O’s coach, which is one of the reasons he liked IU. Many IU fans have criticized that part of CTC’s game. Good to see that players don’t feel that way about him. I think the ability with the Xs and Os will shine through much more once the talent increases on the team.

  • dwayne

    And don’t forget, Enes Kanter is ineligible to play the whole year. And of course, Calapari is fighting it.

  • Onceafink

    Thanks for providing the great news and wow, I’m really pumped up. A few days ago I commented about Martha the Mop Lady making the floor shine, well you guys are the polish that she uses! Many thanks from a Hoosier Hoop a Hallick. Sorry, that word isn’t in the dictionary!

  • Anonymous

    The point is, Crean is a great “X and O’s” guy, but for the past 2 years he’s basically only been able to operate with “x and o’s”. Pretty soon the “X and O’s” for whom he’ll be scripting will be bold-faced, italicized, and in calligraphy–makes an hellacious difference.

  • Indiana Red

    If now isn’t a good time to donate to ITH’s cause, I don’t know when is. How you guys maintain paying jobs in times like this is amazing. Thanks for being all over the Zeller news, I’m headed to Paypal.

  • Thanks, Red. Much appreciated.

  • Clinton Mills

    Thanks for all the great coverage ITH. You guys do a tremendous job. I rely on this site for all my IU Bball news. Keep up the good work.

  • Joshua Haltom

    Alright, so now that we all know things are beginning to turn around, we need a fan base like none other. I know that we have the largest student section in the country and all really like IU but I am saying that we don’t be flaky. If IU is down to a less than qualified opponent, don’t holler about Crean being fired or about one of our players. This is our team and lets support them with our cheers and our comments!!!! ITS IU BABY!

  • Marsh21

    off topic but did anyone see the comments by hollowell in the indy star? he stated if schools want him they will make space available and he’s going forward as planned with official visits next year before making a decision.

    he’s either not that thrilled with IU or has a entitlement mentality. those comments to me are from someone who could care less about one specific school or another.

    hey hollowell this is just a guess but don’t hold your breath on that available space because it’s not going to be there at iu. good luck going out of state with your courting as its obvious you liked to be told how great you are.

  • Anonymous

    geesz Marsh – where’s the negativity coming from – we should all still be in celebrating mood – i wouldn’t make assumptions about him from some brief article.

  • Marsh21

    I’m not too negative but for these kids to say if a school wants him they will make space available seems a bit arrogant and presumptuous. it also lacks logic if he’s familiar with the scholarship numbers

    Once yogi commits then we will have one oversign which will be reserved for harris. game over