• HoosierMike

    I’m in grad school out in Iowa and I was in our library watching the video stream without volume trying to lip read while simultaneously refreshing ITH. Got the good news, said “YES!” out loud, left the library smiling with everyone looking at me weird. I walked into my class 10 minutes late with a huge smile on my face. This is just the good news IU has been needed. I went to IU from 2004 – 2008 and it was the time of my life, even though it was 4 of the worst years in IU hoops history. It feels like this thing is turning around…after reading hundreds of comments and many articles and allowing this thing to sink in, here are some of the comments, etc that gave me chills…

    Cody Zeller is the No. 3 trending topic worldwide on twitter.”

    “Cody Zeller the 28th most popular search on google the last hour….wow.”

    Kid on IU campus: “My whole class erupted”

    ESPN Mobile Text Update: “ESPN NCAAB – C Cody Zeller (No. 15 ESPNU 100) picks Indiana over North Carolina and Butler”

    “I’m a student and was in class when another student yelled out CODY IS A HOOSIER!!! and instantly the Cody Zeller chants started… It’s good to be a Hoosier.”

    “I’m sitting in a computer lab and there is 2 people to my right and 1 on my left, and we ALL have insidethehall.com up on our computers… this is why I LOVE IU”

    “All across the country and the Big 10, they don’t want to see this thing coming back…it is coming back”-Coach Tom Crean

  • Anonymous

    Not sure where this should be posted, but espn.com has a story saying Enes Kanter has been ruled ineligible due to his receiving $33,033 more than his necessary expenses.

    This is humorous to me as an IU fan, but it does worry me as to the impact on Guy. It appears the problem will be how much he actually received. And I wonder if this announcement means an announcement on Guy will be forthcoming.


  • WMR

    Just when i thought today couldnt go any better.

    But I hope GMM’s story ends differently.