Report: Kenny Kaminski picks Michigan State

  • 07/31/2010 12:32 pm in

The speculation that has been building for weeks was correct: Medina (OH) forward Kenny Kaminski will take his game to East Lansing.

Evan Daniels of reports, via a source, that Kaminski has given a verbal commitment to Tom Izzo and Michigan State.

The 6-7, 180-pound forward helped lead Medina to a 20-3 record as a sophomore and averaged close to 17 points and seven rebounds per game.

Kaminski chose Michigan State over Indiana, Ohio State and Wisconsin.


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  • BaseballBuc

    Good luck to Kaminski. MSU is getting a hell of a player. Hopefully one of these days will be our day, but until then already one player off the recruiting board for 2012.

  • Kelin Blab

    Again IU in the conversation, have to be getting close. Good solid player, plenty of 2012 options still on the board.

  • jgongora86

    It was too be expected. I'm getting sick and tired of being rejected so much. Nothing against Crean, I'm just tired of it.

  • kylehornsbyrules

    I didnt want him to commit anyway, we have far better options and we need to be saving our scholarships for more talented players.

  • hoosierfan2

    I agree, I think he's a solid player but 2012 has so many big time players that it's not a big deal we didn't land him.

  • Luke72

    This should be no suprise. One less spot for MSU to take a prospect that would be a fit for us. Kaminski is a tough kid that we'll all be tired of seeing by his senior year. Even though Coach Crean is coming from MSU roots would really like to see him an IU style where defense comes to the fore again. Been awhile since I've seen a major program that goes after the D for the whole game. This could happen! Go IU!!

  • fergrad

    no big loss. wasn't a high priority compared to the instate guys and others such as Perea in 2012.

  • Scott

    Have to say that most of us thought this was going to be the case. Even though it is tough to see a good player who is considering IU go elsewhere (especially when good recruiting news feels overdue) feel confident that 2012 is going to work out in our favor. We have too many kids in this class that we are in good standing with and have been a factor in their basketball career early enough that we will land a great group. Landing another solid player for 2011 will get the dominoes falling…cough, cough CZ. Anyway best of luck to Kenny.

  • vslice

    We didn't want this one. When we start missing on Ron Patterson, DSR, Yoggi, Zeller, Perea, and others I will start to worry. Until then though, everything is fine. We only have a few spots to fill here anyway. We really didn't want him taking one of them. He will be a great player in two or three years.

  • Outoftheloop

    I second your opinion.

  • Diesel

    Interesting tidbit on Demling's blog about Aaron Thomas….we knew IU had cooled on him, looks like the feeling is mutual. He doesn't list us in his top 5, interesting to see Purdue's name in there.

    Also, kick Kaminski off Indiana Elite. Alright, I really didn't mean that. Obviously not a big surprise, update the 2012 board and let's move forward. C'mon CZ, Buss, Yogi, Perea and Jurkin, and the rest of the crew.

  • Seemed like a really nice player, he picked a great program and coach to play for. Hopefully the dominoes will start falling soon.

  • My opinion on Kenny K is kind of the same as when Carlino de-committed. I think we can and will do better. If we don't, then I'll consider it a miss or a loss. Not saying they aren't good players, but I think we're in with guys that are better in both classes, now CTC just has to land them, easier said than done I guess.

  • Diesel

    I have been waiting for some time for CTC to do another twitter run. It's been several weeks since he has posted much of anything, but it appears another weak and biased effort by the Stars Rabjohns and Neddenriep were enough to do it.

  • Kelin Blab

    I wonder when he would unload also as well. Good for him. Kyle does a good job with 'actual knowledge and facts' in recruiting, Rabjohns ignores those things and just starts typing, which is why I never read his stuff. Crean seems to be willing to defend his program to anyone and I love it.

  • GFDave

    I like it that coach has an unfiltered outlet to us. He can type/say whatever he wants and we aren't beholden to anybody to interpret what he met or edit it out. That is a powerful tool and one of the myriad ways new media has changed everything. This site being another example. Well done coach.

  • Azur Allen

    i like your thing about it being like the carlino decommitment. initially i was sad to see carlino go, but in hindsight, with the much higher ranked players in 11 and 12 and limited schollys….that decommit may have been a blessing. that said….kaminski stings a bit more cuz we have to face him for 4 years under a good coach

  • marcusgresham

    I'm sure some day Kaminski will hit about 4 threes in an MSU/IU game and make me eat these words, but I don't consider this a terrible thing. I've seen him listed as a banger/PF-type, but I see he's 6'7″ 180, which I don't exactly find physically imposing. Sure, you can never have too many good shooters, but I'd prefer my post players to spend a bit more time in the weight room and at the dinner table.

  • Diesel

    They have a very similar player heading there this year – Fort Wayne's Russel Byrd.

  • Final Four

    Sounds like a lot of sour grapes on this one.