Kentucky Hoopfest: Kenny Kaminski

  • 07/11/2010 9:33 pm in

A trio of Big Ten coaches — Bo Ryan, Tom Crean and Tom Izzo — were on hand Sunday at the Kentucky Hoopfest to watch 2012 Medina (OH) forward Kenny Kaminski. The 6-8, 210-pound forward from Indiana Elite Team Indiana talked to Inside the Hall about the first week of the open evaluation period and his upcoming decision on where he’ll attend college:

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  • GFDave

    Man things seem to change at the speed of light, not just with this kid, but with the whole recruiting scene this July.

    But with KK I thought it was between IU and MSU. Then Wisky got involved. Now O$U.

    You can't tell the players without a program, so I'm glad to have ITH Hall around to do the heavy lifting in that regard.

  • BaseballBuc

    I think it would be a mistake if he went to OSU. He just doesn't seem to fit. Unfortunately he would probably be a perfect fit for Wisconsin. Someone tell me if we have a chance or ever had a chance with him. I'm just not sure.

  • Kelin Blab

    I didn't know he played football. Out of OSU, IU, Wisc, MSU….I would think it is between OSU and IU. What IU has in its favor is the relationship with Indiana Elite.


    Playing football also can be a good thing but it can be a bad thing too. On one hand it shows maybe a little more toughness than maybe I thought he had but on the flipside of that is if he was to come to IU and got hurt playing football that would really suck. I'm guessing with his weight and height he is probably playing wide receiver. Hopefully the football coach isn't sending him across the middle too often cause those linebackers just love to see those ribs exposed when they go up for the high ones. At least the big picture will become somewhat cleared by July 31 sounds like. I'm with BaseballBuc on this one I think he would probably be a really good fit at Wisky and with him adding them to the mix as close as he did to his decision date may mean that is what Bo pointed out to him and he sees it that way too. Right now I can't decide if that is good thing or a bad thing. He is really playing it close to the vest as I have a hard time believing he doesn't have a pretty good idea where he is going to go just 2 weeks away from his self imposed deadline. Oh what I would give for one of us ITH'ers to be a mouse in Crean's pocket and hear excatly what he is saying to each kid and what the IU coaches are saying when no one else is around and it is just them.

  • hoosierfan2

    I like KK, but I think there's a lot of better players in front of him that I'd rather have. Plus he seems like an undersized 4, IU needs some bangers in the post, not 3 point shooters.

  • CrazyJoeDavola12

    I think it's between IU and MSU, with an edge to the Spartans

  • Jshull

    I sense that KK has some leadership potential. He relates in the interview that he sat down with his teammates at half-time to get them refocused in a game that the game out flat. They were able to come back in the 2d half and win.

  • Seems to jive with what I'm hearing.

  • Uncle Joey

    KK has size, a high motor, and a very nice jumpshot. He can rebound the basketball and hit the 3. He moves well and has a high basketball IQ. There is no way that we shouldn't be excited about the possibility of adding a kid like him. I doubt we could get FOUR 2012 recruits that are better than he is.

    I say bring him on.

  • dale11

    He looks like a badger.

  • Kelin Blab

    I read on here Alex and a couple of others think Kaminski is an MSU lean, with IU having a shot. Can anyone tell me, ONE player that we have offered, that is an IU lean. If I had to choose one it would be Zeller.

  • Ron Patterson.

  • mmarsden

    It is probably IU and MSU. I remember an interview where he said his top 3 were those two and OSU. Seemed to give a slight edge to MSU and didn't appear to like OSU as much since it is more of a football school.

  • BaseballBuc

    I'd say Austin Etherington

  • Uncle Joey

    Eric Gordon

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I hope so!!!

  • kristheboss

    are you serious with this answer Alex? I love Pattersons game, I've always loved someone that can play defense, run the court, dunk in defense's face, then dunk again. He's the most explosive athlete in the 2012 class it'd be program changing to see him in the cream & crimson.

  • Yeah, I'm serious.

  • Taskmaster75

    Still sucks that he got drafted into a black hole of anonymity in the LA Clippers.

  • Priorcubs

    high motor? moves well? have u seen him in person? he stands around 3pt line just spotting up waiting for a pass….and his set shot is decent at best

  • Outoftheloop

    Patterson, Perea and Yogi in 2012; A Thomas and Moore in 2011; Etherington is a given.

  • Diesel

    Alex, why do people say this about Buss? I hear that alot, but I've never heard why. Has he said he is an IU lean, sources say that, etc?