Kentucky Hoopfest: Matt Costello

  • 07/11/2010 4:02 pm in

One of the latest 2012 prospects to pick up an IU offer is Bay City (MI) forward Matt Costello. The 6-8, 210-pound Costello, who plays for Dorian’s Pride, talked to Inside the Hall after a 16-point effort in front of Indiana assistant coach Tim Buckley on Sunday at the Kentucky Hoopfest:

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  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Like the size, no nothing about the player, but have to think that all of these sudden out of state offers are in part to urge these Indiana kids to choose IU or get left out?

    Maybe, just a thought.

  • OhioHoosier

    I feel like Tom Crean is handing out scholarships like crazy. I understand getting in early with kids but it kind of feels desperate. I guess we can't be too picky until we start winning but I'm hoping at some point Coach Crean will be more selective in who he offers.

  • BaseballBuc

    I think he knows it's a make or break class for him. The 2012 class is loaded, if we don't get a top 50 class then I think a lot of people will be asking questions about where our program is headed. If we just offer the best kids in the class or the state, we could end up with nothing.

  • BaseballBuc

    Alex and ITH members thanks for all the on the road recruiting work. I'm loving all these videos of these prospects. Keep them coming!

    I did some digging up on this kid and couldn't find any highlights, but did find a nice article about him. As a sophomore he averaged 16.7 pts. 12 reb. 3.4 blocks and 3 assists. Here is the article.

  • Diesel

    Something about this kid is easy to like. Very candid, understands his weaknesses, plays hard, calls the coaches crazy intense. Would like to see some on court footage.

  • Great job on all the interviews. Would he be similar to Elston in terms of skills?

  • Kelin Blab

    Good interview and thanks Alex for keeping up with all of this stuff. The recruiting board will have to be a website in itself at some point.

    I like what I hear about Matt and from Matt. All the kids IU recruits cannot be kids to build around but build with. Someone has to rebound, take charges, and make put backs. I know it may seem like IU is offering everyone but this will thin out, this class is two years away and this is the way it is done and has always been done….the difference is the internet makes the information available so we know about it more now….Sorry Prince.

  • GFDave

    Maybe this means that Crean has given up on Kaminski. This kid would seem to be a substitute for him.

    I liked the interview, he seems like a good kid. I like that he also was/is coached by his dad. That coach's kid knowledge seems to come through in his stat line.

    I went to the link that BaseballBuc provided and there is a picture of this kid. You can tell that he can easily put on more weight through strength training. Might become a solid 4 spot player.

    I will say this, we really need to land some of the higher profile kids in 2012. To include a kid like this in that class is ok, but we need some star power too. Big time.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    KK is 6'7″, 180, while Costello is 6'8″, 210 … it's been said elsewhere, but I think KK is a small forward and Costello is a power forward–a smaller PF at 6'8″, but maybe he can put on an inch and 10-20 pounds, which would make him a replica of Elston.

  • Priorcubs

    No way KK is 180…weighs more than that…i would say 210…..also there is no way he could play SF..

  • GFDave

    He is listed as being around 200, depending on the source.

  • marcusgresham

    Don't know if it's the look, or just a feeling, but I'm getting a Lance Stemler type vibe on Costello.

    I don't know if he's got the same level of ability, but given his own admission that he runs his mouth and the discussion of the game getting chippy, I think he'll be a Brian Cardinalesque guy in that you'll love him if he's on your team and you'd like to pull the trigger and empty all the nails in a Paslode on him if he's on the other bench.


    Great analogy. Never heard that one but it's a damn good one espicially if one has ever used a Paslode.

  • Kelin Blab

    I am thinking Crean's pitch to recruits is getting better as many of them mention the IU Tradition. Secondly I think when it comes to in state schools like PU, Crean/IU is in a better position given the Creek class. I coach can say IU has sucked it's past two seasons, but by the time Zeller arrives for example IU's upperclassmen are better than what PU, ND, and other midwest schools have to offer. In other words, the playing field evens out or tilts in IU's favor. Does a kid like Costello or Buss want to go and play with Travis Carroll or play with a Watford, Elston, Hulls…..

    We are on our way people….


    If I had not skimmed over the yahoo news highlights earlier I would not have gotten the, Sorry Prince, thing at the last. He is almost as strange as D1 bball recruiting is at times.


    Alex, great job on all the recruiting info, videos and interviews. This is what it must be like to have a personal assistant whose only job it is is to keep track of all of the players IU is after and moniter what they are doing, what they are saying and how they are playing.

    A loud and full Assembly Hall type of thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Mike. Appreciate it.

    Just a general note, but if you're able to support ITH with a donation, it is appreciated. It will go a long way for us being able to continue doing this type of coverage since we're not subscription based.

  • Somewhat similar, probably not as good of a shooter from the perimeter. Definitely similar in terms of intensity and energy. I loved Costello's willingness to get in there and mix things up. He was welcoming contact.

  • No problem. Thanks for the support.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Somebody fed me the wrong stats … 210 is fantastic.

  • Matt shows how the coaches aren't the only ones making evaluations about their future prospects in July: on IU's coaches “they're intense, they work hard, they're crazy…” Good look, Matt.

  • Scottdnvll

    At the Adidas Invite, Matt played tough. He has strength, high motor, gets up and down the court really well. He battles everybody! Somebody said that he seemed like a power forward and I believe that is where he belongs. He played well in the two games that I saw at the Adidas Invite.

  • Stbforuk

    Kid lived in Ky about 3 years but don't think he is interested, but Calipari needs to meet him and his family.