Q & A: 2012 Medina forward Kenny Kaminski

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Medina (OH) forward Kenny Kaminski shot onto the IU recruiting radar last spring and summer as a sharpshooter that can fill it up. The 6-7, 180-pound forward helped lead Medina to a 20-3 record as a sophomore and averaged close to 17 points and seven rebounds per game.

Kaminski has scholarship offers from Indiana, Michigan State and Ohio State and Inside the Hall caught up with the 2012 forward on Tuesday for a Q & A:

On his high school season:

“We ended up 20-3, so it was really good. It was one of the best records Medina’s ever had. We ended up losing in the district championship to Avon Lake. Probably should have won the game, but they just played really well. They shot something like 67 percent and that’s hard to beat.”

On the upcoming AAU season:

“I’ll be with Indiana Elite with D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin. I played with them last year for one tournament in the Bob Gibbons and they’re a bunch of great guys and they have a great team. So Coach Adams invited me to come out for a practice, actually this last weekend and I did, and I’ve decided now that I’m going to stay with them all year.”

On his visits to Bloomington this past season and thoughts on the Indiana program:

“The main thing that really stuck out was the fanbase is incredible. I know Indiana’s been down a little bit the last couple of years, but it’s so loud in there. It tops any other school that I’ve ever been to or even seen on TV. Their atmosphere is ridiculous. The coaching is always great. I think the players work as hard as they can to get better and obviously they’ve improved since last year to this year. The campus is beautiful. I think Coach Crean is a great coach. I think he’s really going to be able to turn the program around.”

On the schools showing interest besides IU, Michigan State and Ohio State:

“Arizona State’s been pushing hard. They’re going to try to get me out for a visit over the summer. Wisconsin’s been to a lot of my high school games as well as Notre Dame. I’ve gotten letters from Florida, Michigan and Xavier.”

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  • Hoosiers1111

    Come on down Kenny! And bring your boys DSR, Perea and Jurkin with you! Could definitely do something special with those four kids

  • Hoosier76

    i was thinking when i was reading this of the possibility for all 4 guys to make there way to IU. wishful thinking i suppose, but it was truly be a sight to see. definitely be ranked higher then the 09 class

  • HoosierChan77

    Not that it matters but is KK a 3-4 star recruit? And with an offer from the Suckeyes we have little chance…..For some reason everyone wants to go there because they have a great football trad. WTF

  • Kelin Blab

    Hoosier76….I was talking to a d-1 recruit non IU recruit and one interesting thing they told me is, usually the schools that get in early are the ones that get rewarded.

    Having said that IU has been on Jurkin and Perea waaaaay early and I think offered them first, I would go out on a limb and say one if not both are coming to IU. Just my gut feeling.

  • Kelin Blab

    Kenny…if you are reading this….we go crazy for a 6 win team, a 10 win team…this is who we are, and by the time you arrive we will be a NCAA tourney team….Just think how crazy it will be for you….

  • BaseballBuc

    I agree with Jurkin and Perea. I have been following Perea and he has stayed in bloomington for almost a week. Also, said today he was going to IU open gym with DSR and the guys. Also in town today for open gym was Yogi Ferrell.

  • Hoosier76

    well hopefully your gut is right kelin. we would be off the charts athletic. if some of the higher ranked guys commit early it might convince the likes of mo or wat to stay a little longer. If wat puts on about 10 lbs of muscle and jumps rope all summer he will be quite the force as a 3. of course non stop shooting too

  • Kelin Blab

    Yeah I heard that rumor as well which apparently is true based on Crean and Yogi 'tweeting it out' today about the facility. Again, we are that cute girl that everyone thinks is nice, good personality, and with a nice body….but we are waiting for Mr. Right with a long term committment and not just a one night stand. (Not sure where the hell that analogy came from but that is how I feel now).

    I wonder if Crean would take Moore and Yogi in back to back classes?

  • marcusgresham

    Lock the doors behind them and don't let them get away!

  • BaseballBuc

    Hahaha Great Analogy!!

  • thekidinthebigsombrero

    Kelin, what are some of the recruit's twitter accounts? I'd love to follow Yogi and the boys.

    I hope these kids realize how unbelievably legendary they will be if they come help bring the Hoosiers back to the top. Kids that come to IU, work hard, and lead us back to the top will never have to buy a drink in the state of Indiana. (Once they are of legal age and have graduated, of course.)

  • Kelin Blab

    I haven't done twitter yet…but I do know….yogi, DSR, ron patterson all are on twitter along with ITH ofcourse….

  • iufan

    A co-worker of mine just told me he heard over the weekend from a friend with ties to the athletic department that Tyler Zeller was unhappy at North Carolina and was going to announce once their season ends that he is going to transfer to IU and that Cody would follow suit with a verbal commitment….anyone else heard that? Any idea if there is any truth to that rumor? That would be beyond huge for IU if that were to happen.

  • Taskmaster75

    I would absolutely love Tyler Zeller. The dude is extremely athletic, and had it not been for his injuries, would be fantastic. Give him a shot, plus, he's a 7 footer.

  • Kreigh_Smiths_Short_Shorts

    Kenny Kaminski. Sounds like a Hoosier.

  • btowniualumn

    I heard this somewhere else about a month ago. I don't really put too much weight into it, but it is interesting to hear it from separate people, on separate occasions, on separate sites with this much time in between. It would be nice, but I just don't see it. Besides, I think the talent coming in the year that he would be eligible would be as good if not better, but we have the chance to keep them, for four years as opposed to two w/ Older Zeller. We will just have to see how it plays out. To be honest, I could truly care less who CTC signs to the team as long as they perform well on the court as well as in the classroom….the wins will come from there.

  • it's Indiana

    Thanks to Twitter we know that Yogi was impressed with the new facilities. I like having that ace in the hole.

    Rabid fan base, top notch facilities, and an opportunity to make history. You'll be a star anywhere you go Kenny, but if you can bring IU back you'll be a legend!

  • Kelin Blab

    iufan…the Tyle Zeller transferring rumors have been going on for over a year…here is another one.
    1. The zeller family is unhappy Luke went to ND and didn't play much
    2. The zeller family thinks tyler is too far away from home and wants him to come back here to IU

    The Zeller rumors go on and on, and thus far have produced natta….
    I can't remember a rumor on any player (zellers, jelan kendrick, Kyri Irving) ever coming to fruitition.

  • Kelin Blab

    1. Does anyone know why I am watching the McDonalds all american game?

    2. Josh Selby was asked about why he eliminated IU and said they just weren't suitable for him, but said he wouldn't mind being part of Arizona's rebuilding process. (Do we really suck that bad or is it the weather?)

  • I have never commented here but have been on this site very often recently anyways,
    I too was wondering why I was watching the McDonalds all american game. It kills me to watch Selby, Irving, Thomas etc. and wonder how good we could be.

  • hardwoodwizard

    Yes Kelin, IU basketball is becoming irrelevant amongst the top recruits. We are treading water right now. Low end Big Ten team, losing seasons, no NBA studs from this program for decades, and the inability to land top tier talent.

    These are not very good variables when calculating the rebuilding equation of IU basketball.

    Do I need to mention that we are the 7th best recruiting team in the Big Ten right now? Yet, the IU faithful insist he is a master rcruiter.

    It may be a different sport, but our fans and alumni need to look north to South Bend to see what happens when a university makes a string of wrong hires when trying to replace a legend.

    IU basketball is not sexy to a kid from outside of the midwest. Infact, IU doesn't seem sexy to in state recruits right now. 6 and 10 wins doesn't help.

  • Kelin Blab

    Yes it can be depressing. I do give IU fans credit for continuing to support the team/program. I am a Crean supporter and give him credit for his recruiting because he bought us two impact players in Creek and Watford, three long term solid players in Hulls, Elston, and Capo. The jury is out on our 2010 class but I am happy thus far. The saga continues……….

  • Disco_Briscoe

    Hardwood is right…OSU gets good recruits b/c they get kids drafted. MSU gets recruits b/c they win. U of I is only decent b/c of Chicago. I'll ignore Purdue. But the Big Ten is struggling b/c it's not flashy/fast enough for the top talent to get recognized and get drafted. Crean needs to coach the hell out of these kids or get a stud class to keep IU out of mediocrity. Hopefully we can load up in 2011.