adidas May Classic: Saturday notebook

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Notes and observations from Saturday of the adidas May Classic:

+ You’d be hard pressed to find a better 2013 AAU trio than Basil Smotherman, Devin Davis Jr. and Zak Irvin. All three suit up for the Eric Gordon All-Stars and each player is loaded with potential. Irvin, who hit a game-winning shot Friday night to knock off Collin Hartman and the Indiana Elite Stars, continued his stellar play with 19 points in Cook Hall in a 62-47 win over the Ohio Basketball Club early Saturday morning. Irvin played junior varsity last season at Hamilton Southeastern and will surely join Gary Harris on the varsity next winter. He said the main reason he played JV was his strength and he’s working to improve that this summer. Davis Jr., who has a high motor and is a top-level athlete, was equally impressive and will be a sophomore at Warren Central. Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star reported on Thursday that IU offered Davis Jr. a scholarship. The 6-5 Smotherman scored just four points in the Saturday morning game I watched, but is already claiming offers from Purdue and Xavier.

+ Twins Brenton and Bryson Scott of Ft. Wayne Northrop, also members of the 2013 class, turned in solid efforts in an early Saturday win, 75-48, over the Michigan Mustangs. Bryson, the better prospect of the two, had 25 points for the Spiece Indy Heat 15’s and Brent added 14. Afterwards, Bryson said he wasn’t sure whether he’d like to play with his brother in college.

+ Cincinnati Aiken guard Aaron Thomas continues to talk about a heavy interest in Indiana. Thomas said Indiana has offered a scholarship as have DePaul, Xavier and Cincinnati. Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan and Michigan State are also interested. Thomas said he hopes to make a decision by the end of July. (Click here for video.)

+ Austin Etherington did not play Saturday and is expected to miss a few weeks due to a stress fracture in his lower back. He could return for the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions, which takes place the final weekend of May.

+ Kenny Kaminski said he plans to make a decision on July 31 and Indiana, Michigan State and Ohio State appear to be the schools to beat for the 6-8 shooter from Medina (OH). Kaminski hopes to visit Wisconsin, Arizona State and Florida before making a decision. (Click here for video.)

+ D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera had not yet visited Cook Hall when I spoke with him, but said he planned to take a look this weekend. Smith-Rivera is a strong guard who can knock down shots and create for his teammates. When asked about a timetable for a decision, the North Central guard said he was “gung-ho” about making a decision, but his parents would like him to hold off for now. Smith-Rivera plans to visit IU, Kentucky, Louisville, Xavier, Washington, Villanova, Georgetown and North Carolina. (Click here for video.)

+ Hanner Perea is a big time athlete that can finish with the best in the country. He didn’t show much of a perimeter game, but wasn’t really challenged on his way to the basket. He was also a presence on defense as he had a couple of ridiculous blocked shots. Perea said he really likes Cook Hall and he’s looking for a school that will play an up-tempo style at the next level. (Click here for video.)

+ Cody Zeller said he plans to take all five official visits before making a decision and reeled off this list of offers: Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Butler, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Wake Forest, Texas. North Carolina hasn’t offered, but is in regular contact with the Washington big man. Zeller said Indiana is “showing as much interest as they can show.” (Click here for video.)

+ Twelve schools are recruiting Jeremiah Davis and the Muncie Central guard said he won’t trim his list before making the call. Arizona State is the newest school in pursuit. Davis says he’s still enjoying the recruiting process and that IU and Etherington continue to recruit him hard. (Click here for video.)

+ Darryl Hicks, a 2013 guard from Shelby Co (KY), told Jody Demling of The Louisville Courier-Journal that his top three schools are Indiana, Cincinnati and Kentucky. Arizona recently offered a scholarship.

+ 2013 Jeffersonville guard Darryl Baker scored 28 and 34 in pool play games and said he’s close to being 100 percent. Baker has an offer from Xavier and interest from Indiana, Michigan State, Purdue and Ohio State.

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  • bluegrassHoosier

    Two quick comments….

    1. aboslutly AWESOME job with this site. As always, top notch. THANK YOU for the hard work!!

    2. Anybody that sees this talent and the response most players have when discussing IU, and still thinks CTC will not have this program back to elite just doesn't see the big picture. imo

    Those looking for the quick fix need to realize that's not going to happen. If we develop the decent level of talent we currently have and add any number of these guys, we will be right back where we all hope to be.

    Call me naive, but I am excited as ever about the future.

  • psvirsky

    Aghh!! Too many talented guys in the next couple classes to keep track of and hope for. I like knowing the options and hopefully Crean can get some of these high-level kids, but it stresses me out. Only so many spots available and who knows which kids will reach their potential. I just have a harder time “deciding” who I would want for the Hoosiers.

    My solution is to just be confident in Crean and know that there are enough talented guys that we should get a few and continue to improve. (although if I had to choose, I'd go with Jeremiah Davis, Jurken and Perea as my top 3 along with one or two of the seemingly endless supply of guards (Yogi, DSR, Baker, Hicks, etc.))

  • marsh21

    IU's 2012 class could be sick which is not to take away from a very promissing 2011 class if Thomas picks us. That kid will be strong as well.

    I'm feeling great about IU's future as we have a ton on Indiana talent looking hard at us.

    If we struggle a little this year I expect it to be the last year. We are just a couple of positions away from being a solid team.

  • HoosierChan77

    I def see us landing some of these guys… Although I beleive Perea will be 1 and done..I just hope the domino affect starts soon. Lets go pick IU!!!!!

  • GFDave

    I'm with bluegrassHoosier in thanking Alex for the great work. I just love the vids.

  • Chicagohoosiersrun

    Who saw that sick Windmill Dunk by Thomas AKA AT yesterday at Assembly hall. That kid is an Unbelievable talent. In fact The 2011 prospects considering IU seem way better than the 2010 class I'm thinking Crean should have save all the scholarships for Thomas,Etherington, Davis (the center from Chicago). What you guys think.

  • Chicagohoosiersrun

    Heres a link to Davis, the center who has huge upside.

  • LTTelamon

    Agreed. It takes some time, but we're moving in the right direction.

  • hoosierodi

    Walter Offut picked Ohio

  • shorthitter

    they willbe freshmenstarting over again

  • butwhatdoiknow

    Hanner Perea is SICK SICK SICK athletic talent – holy crap! He MUST become a Hoosier..though i’m not holding my breath. I hope he made it over to Cook Hall to see where he could be memorialized before going pro. 12’2″ vertical??? Daaaaaaaaamn……

  • butwhatdoiknow

    Too many people want the “get rich quick” instead of building WEALTH slowly…thanks CTC for doing it the right way!

  • wbellamy

    Agree 100% on both comments. I just found the blog after following Indy Star info for a couple of years. They do a good job, and glad it is here. I do not know what a #3 or #4 or #5 really is, other than big players? But know enough to bleed crimson and cream. As talented as current team is, hope Guy and Bawa have better hands than, the center from before D.J. ???George? Scared me anytime I saw the ball heading toward him. Just want a guy with softer hands who is “mean” on the court. With that we have a great team.

  • walton

    I really like the Thomas kid too…..he seemed to express more during his interview than anyone else about his strong interest in Indiana. The quote about him saying the campus felt like home was a promising one too. I could just see the kid fitting in well at IU and he would be one of those players that will play a big role soon with the soon to be departures of Creek and Co. I could definitely see him and Perea being Hoosiers.

    It's also interesting about the answers everyone gives about IU's scholarship numbers situation – no one seemed to worry about it at all (and why was that question so prevalent anyway?)

    This has nothing to do with any inside information or anything, but for some reason I just don't see JD and Zeller with a huge amount of interest in playing for IU. They have so many options too.

    Lastly and kind of like you mentioned Jerry and it is kind of concern for me personally – what kind of style of play is Crean trying to sell? It seems like he wants the running style, but with what he has now, I don't see it developing into this anytime soon ???

  • tg1438

    What do you guys think about DSR visiting McLeod at St. Benedict's?

    It kind of worries me a bit, because that seemed like such a weird firing because of the time it was done. I would hope this doesn't hurt the chances of a DSR commitment, because I really like this kid a lot. I've seen him play a few times (once as an 8th grader playing on a junior-to-be AAU team), and he is so smooth and efficient. I'd just love to see him in the candy stripes, and wouldn't want this to hurt the chances of this happening.

  • JerryCT

    1) I donot think it will taint the waters anymore than any negative recruiting against us teams do anyway

    2) why is he considering prep schools , is my biggest question

  • JerryCT

    I hope the guys that have been critical of CTC and staff now have a better appreciation for:

    1) how much ground he covers
    2) how much progress he has made in Indiana HS and the Midwest
    3) how well thought of he is among kids he is recruiting
    4) how much they like his on court style of play
    5) how much they respect his player development

    I support CTC's recruiting and have not been a criticizer of his recruits. BUT ( there is always a BUT somehwere ) I still believe the jury is out on the 4) style of play and 5) player development.

    Do you have to be from Indiana to have Indiana in your heart ? I love the Thomas kid and hope we land him ……… or I think we will be very sorry

  • Bob

    Why not Jeremiah Jones? Are we missing something here? Two AAU wins in a row for SYF. He is the starting guard. 2011 recruit. I think this kid is blowing up this spring. He is 6’4, led his high school team in scoring. Lost to Nic Moore’s Warsaw team in the regionals. I hope Crean takes a look at this kid. SYF wins AMC without Dawson? This kid Jeremiah Jones might be what IU needs.

  • walton

    yeah – that's too bad – would have been a solid addition, but I can definitely see where he is coming from with the scholarship money and what not – who could pass that up? Oh well, IU will move on.

  • GFDave

    I don't think it can be seen as anything but a detriment to our chances. The kid will be going to practice everyday with a coach who has a less than warm relationship with Crean and who will be talking about the virtues of Duke every second. That's bound to have an effect.

    DSR also mentioned Oak Hill in Virginia. I hope if he leaves NC, he goes there.

  • Taskmaster75

    I think maybe he's going there to get a better idea as to what kind of guy Crean is? That would be my guess since a prep school seems odd.

  • GFDave

    To me Cincy is sort of an Annex, if you will, for Indiana HS basketball. I'm happy to take those kids.

    You're right about Crean's recruiting. He's in an so many kids, its amazing.

    I think we'd all be happier if there were some commitments, but I think kids are holding out longer these days as they wait to see what happens to coaches and programs going into their freshman year. They don't want to have restrictive conference and NCAA rules hampering their choices. I don't blame them for that. At all.

  • Kelin Blab

    It will be interesting to see how this thing will play out with Thomas….

    +He does NOT have an offer, but will he get one before we miss out on Mo Creek's replacement
    +He really likes IU and wants to decide this summer
    +The scholarship numbers currently don't add up
    + Is he 2011 or 2012 as some rumors have him.
    + Will he go to prep school for a year

    I really like this kid, his interest, and seems like a good character guy AND a big time uknown talent

  • walton

    Just a random thought, but…… Everyone talks so much about recruiting Indiana kids and I for one am all about it as well. But just thinking about it I can see where a lot of these kids would like to go to a college out of state. Their young and they want to see what other places are like. I love IU and wouldn't give up my experiences there for anything, but if I at the time had a choice between IU and say an out of state school somewhere else – I would have heavily considered going out of state. Not everyone wants to go to a school that is just a few miles away from mom and dad.

  • Bryan

    … sounds kind of like the Kyrie Irving recruitment

  • JerryCT

    I went to Univ Colorado at first. I almost did not survive it ……… way too much fun. Returned to IU to get serious ……….. found myself hanging w Dr Kinsey ……….. moral of the story is that while alot of places sound exotic ……… they eventually become what you make of them.

  • JerryCT

    Walton- I thought Creek/Rivers were the beginning of this but :

    a) we had no depth of players who could keep up w Rivers ( according to CTC )
    b) we lost Creek

    This is why I am excited to see Olapdio and Sheehey coming in … ie fast and FASTER.

    I am hoping Jones, Hulls, CW, Elston can get caught up in the afterwash.

    I am not a fan of this style but it is what CTC wants, it is what we have, and it is beginning to fit ………… so I have adapted

  • Strummer

    To the potential recruits that want to come to I U,welcome! To those that don’t good luck to you. Indiana Fans will remember the kids that chose to play for I U. It does not matter the careers you had elsewhere, or that you were high school stars once. You will never be remembered like Steve Alford, D J White, Dean Garrett, Keith Smart, Ted Kitchel to name just a few. Indiana fans can tell you all about some of the great games these players have had. These are the stars of great tales in Indiana. Nobody remembers those in the state of Indiana that have left, and more often than not in the state they chose to play for. Legends will be the kids that come to turn this program around, kids that go elsewhere just kids that played for another team. I U wants kids that want to be Legends! That is I U basketball! I love I U basketball! Just a fan who did not even go to I U. But I live in the state of Indiana!

  • walton

    Just wanted to share your sentiments with fine job ITH continues to do.

    I am not sure how my sanity levels would be if I couldn't take some time out of my day to visit this site.

    Keep it up ITH!

  • walton

    Interesting how 50% people so far believe Guy will be a starter next season; and even more so after such a weak overall grade given to the recruiting class in the prior poll.

    I voted no because 1.) from the very little I have seen/read about him – he still seems like he needs quite a bit of work and 2.) the big men on the team last year barely saw any playing time at all. Yeah sure they weren't very good, but given that we were getting beat down in several games, you'd think they would at least be put in a little. And along with that, seeing that Indiana's chances of not making the postseason came quite quickly last season – you would think that the coaching staff would experiment a little more if they were that interested in playing these types of players. ????

  • walton

    That's what I mean – if I had the opportunity to go to Colorado – I probably would have at that point in my life because it sounded more exotic, just like you did. Some of these kids don't understand or think about the “moral of the story” right now. And since these kids didn't grow up immortalizing IU basketball like they once did, they might not find IU that exotic, where on the other side some of these kids from different states might. Not saying Indiana itself is that exotic, but kids might want to try out a different region and the Bloomington campus is pretty awesome (and best city in Indiana imo)

  • Kelin Blab

    walton I went with yes, based on who he is competing with and what I believe Crean is looking for….

    +His main competition is Pritch and Bawa, Capo is more of a 4 man.
    +He offers more of a defensive presence
    +I think Crean wants to get off the boards more this year and get the transition game started, Guy's rebounding and shot blocking could provide that
    + I think the goal is to get Christian to the 3 man and Guy can allow that to happen comfortably.

    I would love for Pritch to get some time along with Guy at the 4 man and re establish his post game he had from his freshmen year….

  • GFDave

    I voted yes because the question didn't indicate how many games were involved so I felt safe assuming that GMM would start at least a few.

  • JerryCT

    Trying to get to Btwn this Saturday to show my wife how it has changed. i agree, great town

  • JerryCT

    ( You all know what is coming …….. )

    I too voted yes for the same reasons as you GFDave. But if Guy does the same things and as well as TP he will play alot and start alot.

    Again I urge anyone with the Minn game ( 1/18 at home ) recorded on their DVR to watch the game and i-s-o-l-a-t-e on TP. It is eye opening to see him set screens to break the press, some more to start the offense, pass , defend both the high ball screen and under the basket , rebound/block out , prevent position under the hoop etc ….. no he is not my son but I would be proud to have him.

    He is probably the most active player on the floor . ( BTW – held sampson3 to 0 fg's and 0 rebs in first half )

  • hoosierpapa

    And he was one of the worst players on the floor during just about every other game last season. A Pritchard transfer would do wonders for this program.

  • millzy32

    It's kind of what the Cleveland Cavaliers do. Great in the regular season but in the playoffs when they needed half court sets vs the Celtics they were clueless.

    I also do not like this style. Is it really a style or is it AAU freelance? I guess i worked for UNLV, we'll see with Indiana.

    Is Larry Johnson Jr. out there anywhere??? Augmon Jr. ????

  • JerryCT

    RMK whacked a top seeded Tarkanain UNLV as a result. I am trying to adapt ……….but hard cuts off traffic or screens is still in my genes.

  • LTTelamon

    George Leach, shot blocker extraordinaire!

  • runelord

    I wouldn't go that far. Just because he didn't post many offensive numbers doesn't mean that he was not an asset on the court. I think that he was hosed often with a short whistle and atrocious perimeter defense from the guards…their defense really sucked. It was either give up a lay up or a dunk or hammer someone and make them earn it. I also really liked the picks that he set. There are others on the team that deserve criticism but because they can score people think they are good….their crappy defense offsets their ability to score but nobody wants to recognize that.

  • slikyslim222

    Disagree with you on this one hoosierpapa, TP was stuck in the barrel of thinking too much & then trying too hard which created a confused hacking style. This is typical of some sophomores. He will outgrow & overcome this phase and impress many of the IU faithful this next year as he plays the game he is capable of.

  • slikyslim222

    How true; & how fruitless those seeking the lottery ticket approach. Patient building and steady investing will pay big if one allows those stocks to mature. (CTC has the ship sailing in the right direction.)

  • marcusgresham

    Leach may have been the best athlete at that size I ever saw who was that mediocre on the court. He should have been unstoppable with his size, speed, and physical skills, but he, well, wasn't.

  • wbellamy

    Thanks for George Leach response. Has anyone heard any results of K. Noreen visit last weekend?

  • He didn't visit. Nor do I expect that he will.

  • He didn't visit. Nor do I expect that he will.

  • walton

    Very well said Strummer

  • wbellamy

    I like TP too. A lot of teams went to basket against us and were successful. We were not and it seemed like a lot of our team did not have the upper body strength to get job done. Even TP.Could be the freshman/sophomore physical development? i.e., we got tied up a lot more than our opponents. I agree, TP will be huge asset for IU.

  • wbellamy

    Well put Strummer. Hey, didn't Damon Bailey commit to IU when he was in 8th grade? My point being, a lot of cat and mouse games going on. This has been going on for months. If you like us and want to play here. Tell us.
    Reminds me of a couple of x girl friends of mine.

  • He didn't visit. Nor do I expect that he will.