• Danny

    Perea threw down a NASTY dunk today…would love to see an Oladipo – Perea Dunk Contest in a couple years……..

  • Kelin Blab

    Interesting that Kamenski is deciding early….for 2012
    Aaron Thomas says he is deciding at the end of the summer…

    Could be two nice pickups for IU. I read Davis is considering waiting til his school year ends.

  • marsh21

    It certainly appeared by the smiles that D'Vauntes likes Crean and IU a lot. Hopefully he comes to IU! Yes, there will be some recruiting news for IU this summer it appears, which is good. Boy, Davis would be nice but it he likes IU he holds it pretty close to himself.

  • GFDave

    Wow, I am so impressed with DSR. What great presence and poise. Great smile and good hearted nature. Obviously ready to be a leader and handle the pressures of the B10. I like it that he wants to major in business and that his parents are involved. I think both those factors bode well for IU.

    Kaminski seems like a good kid as does Perea.

    A 2012 class of DSR, Patterson Perea and Jurkin would be top 5 and its not impossible to think it could happen. Hell, it might be likely.

    This wall-to-wall coverage provided by all the media outlets is just insane. The intertubes are just amazing.

  • mmarsden

    That was nice to see. Plus, he mentioned majoring in business being important to him. Doubt any other place he is looking at will be better than Kelley. Must say, I'd be a little surprised if he didn't pick IU

  • mmarsden

    As in, after his senior year? I was surprised Kaminski is deciding this soon, too. I kinda got the impression he was an Ohio St lean. Would that be fair to say?

  • Kelin Blab

    I echo your sentiments….
    I remember the days a kid would go to a BC camp in the summer and that was it….now AAU has taken over the world. The interesting thing is all of these kids play together……

  • jamesh322

    Just got back the watching some of the games at the AMC, every IU fan should go check a game if you have the chance

    Hanner Perea really stuck out to me with the 6' 8″ body and Dwight Howard built.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I remember Crean tweeting last week about IU's Kelly School of Business being nationally ranked (#15 or something?) and how proud Crean was about that … I wonder if that was clever (in a good way) of bragging to DSR about his options at IU…?

    So if DSR sees himself as a PG at the next level, what does that mean for the JDavis commitment?

  • marsh21

    Well I think DSR is 12 and Davis is 11 so it would be another year without a top point guard but if DSR would commit I could live with that as VJIII would be a senior and Hulls a Junior next year and they could hold it down until DSR got there. I wouldn't recruit another point in 11 if DSR commits unless Davis wants to come.

  • Kelin Blab

    Davis…not sure what davis meant or after which season…..

    I have always thought kamenski was an IU lean,it probaly helps he plays with Indiana Elite

  • Kelin Blab

    marsh21 I agree, and would only consider a pure pure pt guard but not another combo guard. I am of the belief JD nor DSR will never be your assist guy point guard but more combo guards which is fine ….I think Hulls is safe for now…

  • Taskmaster75

    If we stayed up for hours over Moses Abraham, think of the events for these recruits :P.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    And, if you haven't already seen this, he has Dwight Howard-esque hops:

  • g_bo

    Watching Perea on youtube just convinced me that he could be the biggest pick up for IU in the next 3 years..I like Davis and Thomas too but was impressed with Perea and his finishing ability at the rim…the video didnt show much else though can he do anything else but dunk? The good news though is that good news isn't to far away>>HOPEFULLY

  • tg1438

    After watching the videos, I have come to the conclusion that I would be happy when any mix of these players. I keep throwing groups around in my head that I want, but everything I hear or see about the main group of potential recruits in 11 and 12 just changes my mind. Hell lets find a way to sign all 6 guys from the videos.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Perea said he wants to work on his ball-handling ability (in the ITH video, he states that he thinks Tom Crean could help him develop the dribble-drive aspect of his game). And I agree that Perea could be the biggest signing b/c he's got top 1% athletic ability. There's no doubt that he has the athleticism and the build to be an NBA player. If he threw down some huge dunks, we know we would get on ESPN (b/c that's pretty much all that stupid network shows).

  • bucky

    Asking politely: how good is Perea? I've seen the video, and he looks great. I've read from others that he's really a high level project – lots of potential, but very raw.

    So I ask the cringe question: what is he ranked? (Yes, I understand rankings aren't everything. They're not nothing, either.)

    Again, I'm asking politely – not bashing at all. I hope he's great, and comes to IU. I'm just trying to get a handle on how good he is, and I've read conflicting reports. Help or opinions from those who know will be appreciated.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I haven't seen him play, but here's what I can tell you:

    Rivals hasn't ranked the 2012 class yet, and they've only given stars to about 10 guys. Scout doesn't have their '12 rankings up either, but they've given him 3 stars (not sure that means much b/c DSR, Ron Patterson, Peter Jurkin, and AJ Hammons are also given 3 stars by Scout … and I'm pretty sure all of them will be at least 4-star recruits by this time next year).

    One way to gauge a player is based on who is scouting/offering the player, and even though Perea is only considering IU and Baylor, Rivals also said that UNC had “high” interest in Perea. Also keep in mind that he just finished his sophomore [basketball] season, so there's more than 2 years left (counting the summer before his frosh year at college) for improvement.

  • psvirsky

    Moreover, to me it felt like Crean's Marquette 3-guard teams involved 3 guys that could play both 1 and 2. Maybe not exactly combo guards b/c they were smaller, but still the idea that any could bring the ball up, drive, shoot, etc. Judging by the guys we have and the guys we're recruiting, it seems like we could hopefully end up with 4-6 interchangeable guards by 2012.

  • psvirsky

    Completely agree. As long as we can get at least a couple of these kids (and if we're lucky, three or four), IU should be right back on track as a top level program.

  • bucky

    Thanks, IUfan.

  • hammer

    Excellent job Guys!