• Kelin Blab

    The JD love affair continues. He is as good as teague keeping his thoughts pretty quiet. I do think he is enjoying the process quite a bit.

    Thomas, Davis, Etherington, Zeller

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    That's a fantastic recruiting class, but I feel like getting my hopes too high for JD to commit to IU is only going to make it hurt more if he chooses somewhere else. At least IU is “near the top” of the 12 schools that have offered him… but that could simply mean that we're 4th.

  • it seems this 2011 class is gonna be the death of me. Zeller won't make a decision till the day before he leaves for school it seems and Davis has been so up and down. First it was rumored he was ready to commit to IU then he says no and now my negative side is saying MSU is creeping past us but maybe thats just me being a negative Nancy.
    i always say I am getting tired of the same old recruiting talk but it gets us through this boring time of Spring and Summer

  • Kelin Blab

    Agree 100% memphishoosier…..however, I remind myself of the offseason topics of the past few years…

    + Are phone calls a big deal?
    + Deandre Thomas is down to 315
    + I heard Eric Gordon was in bloomington buying books at the bookstore
    + Will Alford get an interview
    + Why are we talking to Lon Kruger
    + Will they at least call Calipari?

    So for that matter I will take the recruits gleaming about IU,then potentially ripping our hearts out as we come to terms with Juco players being commonplace at IU……(I have a feeling this will all change by 8/1/2010)

  • haha yeah i forgot about those days….or did i just try to block them out?

    care to share some insight as to the change by 8/1/10?

  • Kelin Blab

    Well Kaminski and Aaron Thomas say they both are planning to make decisions by 7/31…

  • GFDave

    I like the idea for sure, but where will 3 schollies come from? I can think of two that would be alright with me, but 3 is an awful lot.

  • Kelin Blab

    Dave I can think of 4 easy….depending on the class….
    – 2 from 2008
    – 2 from 2009

    A couple of them would be tough but to upgrade in talent I could live with it. Other options are also sending a kid to prep school for a year…..

  • marsh21

    If Crean is going to make a move with anyone from the 08 class he better do it now to give them two full years left. I'm assuming TP and Roth in 08 or Bawa and Capo in 09?

    If no transfers happen this year Crean is very limited as to what he can do from an ethical for the 08 class.

  • Kelin Blab

    Marsh21, my other thoughts were….do what you can in 2011, sign two guys….and be prepared to sign 4 maybe 5 in 2012.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Yeah, if four kids transferred and we signed all four of the kids you mentioned, we'd be in another crunch for 2012, and I think it would be harder to push more kids out the door (because it's already been done, and because the kids from the '09 class have a higher level of talent). And it would be crazy, but what if some of the '12 kids committed to IU before JD and Zeller? (The answer to that question doesn't necessarily matter, but it would certainly make things more interesting than they already are.)

    (Marsh21: I had the exact same 4 in mind)

  • Kelin Blab

    If I look at 2012 class…..the top 3 are DSR, Perea, and (Patterson, Harris, Yogi). We get 3 of these it would be great and I think the scholly numbers would work out. Also the wild cards are Christian and Mo going pro….

    So ultimately we know we ain't gettin everyone….the twist and turns will begin if some of the 2012 guys committ early, if Thomas pulls the trigger for IU first…..

  • psvirsky

    Re: “near the top” comment –> it seemed like he was actually saying something better but pulled back. Here is what he said: “Yeah they're definitely at the, uh, near the top of the list”

    Obviously I'm reading way more into it than necessary, but it sounded like he was going to say IU was at the top of the list before making the vaguer statement. He's done a good job keeping his thoughts quiet as Kelin says, but hopefully this little slip-up comes from his thoughts towards IU (and not just a random non-fruedian slip-up)

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Ha ha, I *totally* picked up on that too, but I attributed it to a 17-yr-old kid watching a basketball game while being interviewed by 3 or 4 guys … which means maybe he wasn't paying too much attention to what he was saying and had a little slip up–which is what you're saying–or maybe he was just sort of talking and mixed up his words…? I'm afraid if I get my hopes too high on him going to IU that I'll be disappointed. Plus, I think he seems like he wants to wait it out, so we may have to endure this until November.

  • psvirsky

    Yeah yeah I know. And I agree that lately I've only been disappointed when I get excited about specific players. I'm trying to keep my excitement to a general level – as in, there are tons of really good players we seem close on and as long as we get a couple, we should be in great shape. Obviously we couldn't take all these kids so hopefully we get a few and they end up being the better ones.

  • GFDave

    I was thinking maybe up to 3.

  • HOOsierDaddy

    all your comments make me feel confident again that we are landing Davis but i still think that we have lost him to MSU and this whole scholly ordeal better be worked out cause i dont want to have a recruit say “hey i would have gone there if they would just offered me” hint Thomas…i would like to see pritchard gone aswell as bawa do to lack of production.

    my dream class is
    Moore-although unlikely

    Thomas (ive heard he has trouble with grades on this site earlier this year and i can see him reclassifying into this class by going to prep school)

    and did anyone else see that Elston was there? hopefully some help as a recruiter!!!!!!!

  • Kelin Blab

    I picked up on that as well….he did a good job of catching himself

  • marcusgresham

    I don't want it to happen, but I have a feeling Creek probably took that injury as sign to get to the NBA as soon as possible, so that could be one. (Of course, if the NBA has a strike next year, then no one who has any sense is declaring early.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    From his interview over at IndyStar, when asked about IU:
    “They're definitely at the top, one of the top three. Michigan State is another one. I'd say those two schools are at the top of my list.''